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Is this $40 Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Any Good?

When you hear of a $40 Bluetooth Speaker, you might immediately think “There is no way that’s any good!”. Well, the folks over at MPOW beg to differ and I totally agree. This speaker is rugged, water-resistant, inexpensive, and good. Bluetooth speakers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors and I am a huge fan of a solid Bluetooth speaker. The problem is, most of the good ones come with a modest to a heavy price tag. The MPOW Armor Bluetooth speaker won’t blow any audiophiles away but for me, this thing just might be one of my favorite speakers in my house!

mpow still

A lot of my “portable speakers” don’t get very portable. They are expensive and I am too nervous to take them somewhere they might break. My current speaker for the shower sits outside the shower because I don’t want it to get wet.

With the MPOW Armor, the armor representing its IP65 splash, shock, and dust proof certification, I am no longer worried about a little water. In fact, I actually just bring this thing in the shower with me and have no problem touching it while my hands are wet. The speaker is rugged and all of the ports are covered so by a rubber port cover so none of the important stuff will get wet.

mpow port 2

Speaking of ports, not only does the armor speaker has a 3.5mm aux jack and your micro-USB charging port to juice up the speaker but it also has a USB port so you can charge your phone if you want to listen to some music but are dangerously close to killing your battery. The long lasting rechargeable battery is 1000mAh big and can provide a bit of extra power in dire situations.

mpow port 1

Other than these three ports and the 3 buttons on the front, this speaker is just a box of rugged orange goodness.

As for the speaker itself, this guy has a 5W driver & bass radiator which is actually pretty decent given how small the speaker actually is. It is important to note that the volume down, power button, volume up order that we might be used to here in the states, is not correct and actually upside down. You will notice this right away because when the speaker faces down, the surface will muffle the sound and all you will essentially hear is the sound from the bass radiator.

mpow and phone

Finally, as far as the sound and the functionality of the speaker goes, this thing really impressed me. The quality is pretty damn good, even at max volume and this little speaker provides quite a bit of bass. For those who simply listened to music from the speaker on their phones when they shower, get ready, cook, or laying in bed, this speaker will certainly be worth the price tag. Speaking of price tag, you can pick the MPOW Armor up on Amazon right now for only $30.

You really do need to judge this speaker in person to understand it’s pretty decent quality but if you want to hear a quick audio test of the speaker, check out the video above!

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