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Samsung Galaxy S4
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Samsung Galaxy Note II
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Samsung Galaxy S4 
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24 Responses to Unroot & Unbrick

  1. Kamran Abbas says:

    hi guys please help me out.i mistakenly locked my htc sensation bootloader with security warning.my cell is not starting what should i do plz help me out …..

  2. kamranabbas says:

    plz plz plz tell me what to do ??????

    • RGV_LURKER says:

      read read read. These guys already put their time and effort into developing software with GUI features for you to root your phones free. At least donate and do your part by reading. No spoon feeding around here. ” Give a man some fish, and he’ll be fed for a day. teach him how to fish it will feed him and others for a lifetime.”

      • Captain killa hoe says:

        Fuck you and this site and stick your fish up your ass

      • dudders09 says:

        @RGV…. Kids these days eh? The just don’t know how good they have it. Self tought, and have a bachelors in IT. I’ve bricked a phone or two but for the most part have no issues. I’ve never once ran to a forum and demanded someone fix my issue. Most of the time the answer is already out there somewhere. These people want the answer now, they want their phone fixed now. Should have put in the hours reading, creating backups, etc.. so you are prepaired for a worst case scenario. Damn noob amateurs!….

  3. Shami Ghaith says:

    plz help … i cant find a ruu for international factory unlocked htc one m7 .. plz help

  4. Spyros Hadji says:

    hi there.
    my Android 4.1.2 XXELLA Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3 I9300 was root sometime ago-2-3 months max. (CYPRUS – EUROPE)
    i used info from page above( slighty difference is that i put on PDA CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.tar.md5 – PDA build I9300XXEMC2 )
    i also install 3D Chain fire.(when i open this app and i “granted” permitionsthe phone DIED!!)

  5. Jennifer says:

    I used your tutorial on how to unroot my sprint galaxy s3 and did everything just like you said. Now my phone won’t even turn on! What do i do please help

  6. Jakow says:

    guys can i root my phone after unroot again ??

  7. Shak Skull Fearless says:

    how to unbrick the alcatel one touch pop c3 4033a

  8. raparose says:

    My device Acer iconia A500 wasnt boot and it showing the acer logo on the screen. Any helpful sugession that might be happy for me to run my TAB. in advance thanks

  9. bernadette says:

    you dont have unroot note 3 for sprint?

  10. RAMESH says:

    hi, i have a galaxy tab 7 p1000 tablet with cyanogenmod installed in my device. when i erase my cyanogenmod files from the device and now it freezes my tablet on the samsung logo. what should i do now

  11. Sonny Jr. says:

    Hello I have a Samgung Note 3 the Sprint PCS version. I rooted it using your steps a few weeks ago. The SD card is not mounting any more and has been inconsistent since I purchased it a few weeks ago and rooted it immediately. I want to take it to the store but need to unroot it, but dont see the steps to do so on your site. When will this be available?

  12. @qbking77 I would like to see a unroot Nexus 5 video…

  13. chris says:

    We need a unroot for sprint note 3

  14. Jesse Summerlin says:

    Can you do this for a phone on “CREDO” Mobil, I believe that they are on the sprint network, but not sure if that makes a difference..

  15. Vitas says:

    Have you a Pit File for the G920F ?

  16. jannat xilany says:

    what is about my verizon htc one m7? please upload it. 🙁 i cannot unlock my bootloader..

  17. abrar mahi (arlanzotoxic) says:

    unroot for galaxy s4 verizon?

  18. Leonard Nickson says:

    ji i got stuck with HTC boot logo in my HTC Desire 626 Dual Sim (Model: 2PVG100)..
    i can’t found stock ROM for this devices.. if u know what to do to recover from this please guide me friends..

  19. kishan says:

    i have htc 610n and 616h both pice are brick cadition so can i repair this

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