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Published on February 20th, 2014 | by Tim Schofield


How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Now that Samsung has pushed out the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to just about all variants of the Galaxy S III, I have put together a how to root method for them. Thanks to K1mu for his Safe Root method.

Keep in mind this may completely void your warranty. This will NOT trigger the KNOX security flag, but it still may void the warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean:



Saferoot Zip (Source: K1mu on XDA)


Reported Successes
Here’s a list of phones and reported builds where this has been verified to work.

    • AT&T Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-I317), Android 4.3
    • AT&T Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747), MJB
    • AT&T Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337) MK2,MK6
    • AT&T Galaxy S4 zoom
    • Bell Mobility i337,MK6
    • Canadian Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M
    • Digicel (Jamaica) i9500, MK1
    • d2vzw s3 with the 4.3 update
    • Galaxy NX Camera, JDQ39
    • Galaxy Legend SCH-I200,MK2
    • Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, MK9
    • Galaxy Note 2 N7105 4.3
    • GT-I9192, MK4 (ML2 does not work)
    • Google Glass, (XRT73B), XR14
    • i605
    • International Galaxy S4, I9505: MH6, MH8, MJ5, MKE, MKF
    • I9500: MJ8, MK1
    • Kindle Fire HD
    • LG Optimus F3 – T-Mobile
    • LG Escape -P870 – ATT
    • MK4 Build Date 13.11.2013
    • Razr HD 9.30.1 OTA
    • Razr M 98.18.94,98.30.1
    • Samsung Exhilarate SGH-I577, Android 4.0.4, Build LH3
    • Samsung GT-I9192, UBUBMK4
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5513
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (GT-I9195), MJ7
    • Samsung i547, Android 4.1.2
    • Sprint Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710), MK5
    • Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini SPH-L520
    • Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720,MK2 (NA2 does NOT work)
    • Sprint Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720T), MK5
    • T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 JFLTETMO, MK2
    • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889, MK7
    • Telcel (Mexico) SGH-i337M, MK6
    • Telus Note 2 SGH-I317M
    • Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3
    • Verizon Galaxy S3 I9300 – LF2
    • Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535
    • Verizon Galaxy S3 Mini, SM-G730V, MI9
    • Verizon Galaxy S4 (SCH-i545) ME7,MJ7,MK2
    • Verizon Galaxy S4 (SCH-i545L) MG6, MK4
    • Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini SCH-I435, MK5
    • Verizon Galaxy S4 Developer Edition, I1545OYUAMDK
    • Verizon HTC One
    • Verizon SCH-I200PP, MK2
    • xt907, xt925/6 & mb866

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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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65 Responses to How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

  1. Robert says:

    Thank you! Been waiting for some GS3 updates from you, it worked great, thank you so much!

  2. Daniel says:

    I had several more prompts and steps than in your video but I was successful the first attempt to try it. I’m very happy and thanks for helping us less techie people out.

  3. Todd says:

    OMG OMG OMG Finally Ive tried so many other ways of doing this with no success thanks sooooooo much worked like a charm first time and no issues whatsoever

  4. Rob says:

    it worked , but if i ever need to unroot it what do i do

  5. cande869 says:

    I have rooted and lost the wifi teether by TrevE, On the root when i opened SU, it does not update binaries, but the root checker says it is rooted, this is an galaxy s3 by T-Mobile

  6. Kevin Day says:

    I to am having trouble getting my computer to see the wifi tether after successfully rooting with saferoot. please help. using sprint gs3 android 4.3. please help me obiwan you are my only hope.

  7. william xanamane says:

    How to Unroot the sprint galaxy S3 4.3 ?

  8. shane says:

    Not working for me when I press any key it starts and says failed right away press any key to continue and exits out

  9. Zaii Zack says:

    why i connect my phone already but my phone stildont have agree that root??

  10. Jay Hurlston says:

    Has anyone with a (SCH-i535 Verizon) tried flashing a custom ROM with success?

  11. bpaul9999 says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for this but mine hangs. I get my phone to appear and check “always accept files from this computer”, but it hangs at “sending files to device” nothing happens after that message (20+ min). Have rebooted and tried multiple times always the same result. Any suggestions?

  12. Misho Monaselidze says:

    thank you very much works

    Samsung SPH-L710 Galaxy S III sprint

  13. Guest says:

    Has anyone been able to flash custom ROM without unlocking the bootloader?

  14. coxey says:

    Worked great thank you

  15. DestructorZ6 says:

    This works on GT i9300?

  16. gene says:

    HI tim help i have tried your root For S3 GT-19300 but it failed what else can i do thanks

  17. Taff says:

    Will this work on Samsung T599 with Android ver 4.1.2 If not is it the download software that’s different or the software on the phone, or what is different? 🙂

  18. deovic says:

    how to unroot after using this method ?

  19. DCMaster says:

    it doesn’t work for me

  20. Wesley M says:

    File cannot be downloaded. xda-devs say it’s invalid on the website

  21. ivan says:

    it says files/adb is not recognized as a internal or external command, blah blah. what do i do? -_-

  22. danilos says:

    it did not work on Galaxy s3 i9305, the LTE model, but this is on android 4.3

  23. Cbastien says:

    download link is dead

  24. batmanByond19 says:

    Will this work for MK3 baseband?

  25. bob says:

    worked with Samsung SPH-L710 Galaxy S III BoostMobile

  26. Martin says:

    Hi Link to Saferoot is dead? can you upload plz?

  27. Sarah Simpson Shook says:

    what happens when it gets stuck on sending files to your device but it goes no further

  28. tensazangetsu says:

    I tried this on my galaxy s3 i535 kernel 3.0.31 but it said the “kernel was patched” and logged off. is there anyway around this?

  29. Ed says:

    will this work with the new update to 4.4.2?

  30. rosiem says:

    yep, i got the same; file won’t download, it says it’s invalid

  31. Joe Owens Sr says:

    is there any development for rooting on 4,4,2? i tried the cf auto root and still no root access…

  32. Marcus King says:

    Hi i was given a phone from a friend that he was no longer using from At&t.
    I have attempted to apply the rooting techniques I watched from your video on youtube.
    I was however unable to root my device, the promt screen would dissapear after I would press any key…I was told its because the device was lock by the service provider.
    Is there anyway around this device locking so I can use this device

  33. Rudy says:

    Thank you so much for a great instructional vid!
    By mistake though, I didn’t install busybee, but everything else installed and is running fine.
    Should I rerun the rooting process to ensure busybee is installed, or is there a way to do this separately? Will rerunning rooting cause any problem?
    Is it even a problem if busybee is not installed?

  34. BillymarioGaming Cast says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 4.2.2 how do i update it to 4.3?

  35. roy says:

    Unfortunately, rooting failed
    Kernel is Patched!
    help please!!!

  36. Zolitar Iglussey says:

    Safe root hates Sprint GIII SPH-L710 Version 4.4.2 FAILURE…

  37. Saphal says:

    Thanks man it was as easy as a piece of cake…..

  38. kert says:

    it doesn’t work on my samsung galaxy sIII, because it says that my kernel is patched? how can i fix this ?

  39. john doe says:

    Hay Tim, when i execute the command prompt I get the following message
    and I am paraphrasing. “your kernel has been patched device not
    supported” the bottom of the command that says “root failed If your
    kernel has been patched” I am paraphrasing. What is this all about?
    What is a patched kernel?
    And how do I root my phone? I am using a Galaxy s3 4.3 build number is JSS15J.I535VRUCNC1

  40. jonathan says:

    mine says my kernel is patched what does that mean

  41. rashid says:

    it didnt showed 3 objects in the file it gave me and install.bat and unroot.bat and and 2 files wtf plz helpppp

  42. Kim Lat says:

    should i unlock the bootloader first?

  43. skzeroseven says:

    It doesnt do anyhitng – sending files to your device – and it just hangs

  44. Marcematt says:

    I have a Mac….any idea where to find the drives? Will the saveroot zip work ok in my Mac? thanks

  45. TheUnknown says:

    Can you update this video to work on 4.4.2 sph-l710 or make another video on how to root the sph-l710

  46. arian says:

    Hi my computer keeps saying “Waiting for phone to appear” what should i do?

  47. Mamoon Alrameeni says:

    Thanks, it worked will from the first time
    I have at&t galaxy s3 4.3
    confirmed it was rooted using root checker
    But still i couldn’t turn on mobile hotspot, it says (mobile data is not available or invalid sim) any suggestions?

  48. HausOfCards says:

    All appeared to work OK, but I’m still stuck at Android version 4.1.2
    Straight Talk (Sprint I think) Galaxy S3, Model number SCH-S960L

  49. tigerman says:

    says I have no su binary… and su cannot install. please help

  50. Scott Glassman says:

    Can I root my GS3 with Kit Kat 4.2.2

  51. Jay says:

    My Samsung s3 says “Not registered on network” so I need your help

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