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Weekly Poll: If Android wasn’t a choice, which mobile OS would you use?

android-just-say-noI am very interested to see the results of this weeks “weekly poll.” If you were not allowed to have an Android phone, which mobile OS would you choose? There are other popular phone operating systems out there such as iOS (iphone), Blackberry, and Windows Phone. You may even choose that none of these would suit you. We will see which comes on top next week! Leave a comment and let me know why you chose the OS you did.


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Tim Schofield is the owner of QbKing77.com and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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30 Responses to Weekly Poll: If Android wasn’t a choice, which mobile OS would you use?

  1. Fahad Beg says:

    I’ve used iOS so i wouldn’t mind going back

  2. Like this for Ubuntu……Didn’t add it Tim 🙁

  3. Richard says:

    The lesser of the other evils

  4. Matt says:

    Rewriting registry values with regedit was kind of fun on my old Mogul. I don’t even know if you can still do this with the new WinMo phones, but I’d go back to them if I had to.

  5. iOS of course, even though they have been acting like hoes recently you cant doubt they were legit before android became big

  6. Drew Sanders says:

    I would honestly bet that if Android was not in play, WebOS would still be around, and that would be what I was using. I also think a lot of people that checked Windows would really be on BlackBerry, from a feature standpoint, it is much closer to Android than Windows.

  7. I would say windows for now for the ability to have a larger phone, keyboard, expandable memory. (all the things that you can get with android that you cant with iOS basically …

  8. runner4doe says:

    I would like Ubutu. Why didn’t you have that on the list m

  9. QbHelper says:

    I would go with Windows. I could not stand the Blackberry OS, and I use Windows machines so it would be easier to sync. Plus, I hate apple.

  10. Mark Coorough says:

    WebOS could have been great… so sad.

  11. I really like what Blackberry is doing, but do to the fact that I have never used it, I cannot use it. So I would go with Windows Phone 8 because I think it is very fluid and very well put together. Also I think that Apple IOS is just plain boring so I can’t use that.

  12. misael says:

    I like the new os on blackberry more than ios and Windows

  13. WOW! I see so many people saying WIndows Phone. I would have voted the same but since i saw these ads, i kinda hate them: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us However, i think iOS would be better because you get all the apps you get on android and even more, and with a 5 min jailbreak you could get some of the customisations you get in android (even if it slows your already slow iPhone down even more). But also, i can’t see myself buying an iPhone.

  14. dude says:

    None of the above. I would not be tied to a locked down proprietary OS. It would have to be something opensource with a lot of freedom. I had some hope in Meego until it abandoned. Now I’m putting my hope on Firefox or Ubuntu mobile OS.

  15. Windows or whichever one QBKing77 supported.

  16. I had a Blackberry for years and loved it. I would still have one if they had not became stagnant. I love my Android but I am very interested in the new Blackberry. I would not buy Apple because all they are is a fashion statement. I have not been impressed with the Windows phones I have been exposed to as well.

  17. netzzil says:

    WebOS anyone? My palm + N7 = all I ever need!

  18. i would go IOS with JAILBREAK which is the only way i would ever have an IOS product, its actually pretty cool.

  19. ItAintYouItsMe says:

    I’d go for WebOS but it’s not an option.

  20. flame8kdg says:

    Id pick a windows phone because it has many features i would benifit from. Specifically because i have windows 8 in my laptop

  21. Ian Flanagan says:

    I would chose Ubuntu, but its not out yet so I would try blackberry.

  22. v1adg says:

    I wouldn’t have a smart phone if Android was not available. Android was my first and probably will be my last, unless Ubuntu or Firefox os really improve.

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