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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Official Android 4.1.2 Multi-Window Update MD4

It is finally here, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Is now receiving the official Android 4.1.2 Multi-Window Update MD4. This official update will be pushed to devices over the next week. For those of you that do not want to wait, I will be posting a how to manually update below. The official OTA (over the air) update file is also linked below.

According to Sprint, here are the full list of changes in this update:

  • Home screen security fix
  • Multi-view: Split Screen multitasking support
  • Camera feature and gallery enhancements
  • Addition of Paper Artist
  • Bulk SMS Enhancements

Let me know what you think of this update and of multi-window!
Official MD4


How to Manually Update:



MD4 full review (MD4 and MC3 have the same new features):



IF on something OTHER than MB1, you can follow these instructions and use the files linked to below:


MD4 odin one click:

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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • Nimbus

    Any word on what the Home screen security fix is all about?

    • There was a way around the lock screen with some sort of weird glitch. The trick worked with the note 2.

      • Nimbus

        Oh Ok thanks!!

  • How do I install?

  • How large is this file supposed to be? im not sure if the download keeps crashing or if the download is complete. Is it only like 34mb?

  • any difference between this and the MC3 that you showed a couple weeks ago?

    • jaime

      I think it runs A LOT smoother man…

    • Scott Krieger, Jr.

      Yes, battery life way better on MD4…otherwise seems to be very similar/the same as MC3

  • jay

    I posted in the mc3 thread but I think this post will be more active. Can someone please help a technologically illiterate person out. I downloaded the CM3 as per qbkings instructions. I would like to check out the sprint ota to see if it is better. I am not rooted and was wondering if I would still get the update because I am using the leaked CM3. Also, if I do get the new ota MD4 would I have to delete the CM3 first. Also, would I be using more space on my phone by not deleing cm3 before getting the update? thanks

  • Yet another brilliant update brought to us by QBKing77. Thanks again Tim.

  • jonn

    how can i install the update?

  • Felipe123

    Is it safe to update if you are on MC3?

    • jonn

      im on mc3 and i got an error when i tried to install it. im guessing we have to be on mb1 in order to install it since sprint didnt have the mc3 upgrade

  • jaime

    are you able to update to this if your on the MC3 and rooted??

  • jaime

    it says that there is an error with the update…. im on mc3 and rooted with team epic and thats all….. but no go

  • Felipe13

    For all that update to MC3, Upgrade the same way you did before for MC3.

  • Ryan Gross

    Everything you need is at XDA Developers at this link. You use Odin and the MD4 tar file for stock or rooted and you are all set. It takes about 5-8 minutes to complete, but it works fine. I just got done from updating mine and it works fine.

  • jaime

    Damn man it worked PERFECT through the odinoneclick at the xda forum from Felipe13 & Ryan…. Mine all works awesome as well… VERY easy to download the exe. file and run it!!

  • Denval Wilson Jr.

    Is it possible to update while rooted and using custom recovery, or is our just a stock update???

    • jaime

      no you have to go the the xdaforum in these comments.. download the EXE. keep user data file, and extract it to gain access to odin one click and than put your phone in download mode and run the odin from the md4 file you just extracted…. I was on the MC3 and did it that way and am now on MD4 and it seems like my battery is lasting a lot longer and phone runner a lot smoother!!!

      • Guest

        I agree, my phone battery life is lasting a lot longer under MD4 than it did on MC3. Def noticing a huge difference in that department!

      • Scott Krieger, Jr.

        I agree, my phone battery life is lasting a lot longer under MD4 than it did on MC3. Def noticing a huge difference in that department!

  • All i did was download it stright frm my phone and went into recovery mode im not rooted and just installed and rocks perfect thanks Tim!!!!!

  • Joel

    Anyones group messaging work?

  • shawn brooks

    how do i update my phone from this zip guys

  • In case your waiting for the how to. Just download the file above, rename it to and place it on your external storage. Turn phone off and on using the three key combo go into recovery, not Download. Then update via external storage option. Then you’ll be rocking the MD4. HAPPY DAYS. Like always thanks Tim for all you do.

  • i follow the video did not have to wait for the over the air !! thanks bro

  • Jacob Logan

    My files changed as well. Looks like the note 2

  • Jacob Logan

    The installation process for this update is the same as it was from LJ7 to MA6 follow Tim’s video on the MA6 manual update. Everything is done the same but, don’t install this update unless your currently on MB1. Here is the link to his video

  • Aaron Quevedo


  • Giannii

    I have a rooted, otherwise stock LJ7 and am thouroughly confused about what to do. Can I simply follow the link for MD4 above and use the “keep user data” option and update, or do I have to update to MA6 first? I was holding off on updating to MA6 because I heard it causes problems, and I keep getting OTA updates on my phone. When I try to install them, they do not work, so I assume I have to install the updates manually. Is it okay for me to just use MD4 and update direct from LJ7, keeping my user data, or should I do something else?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Jhill110

    Great job Tim. Can either of these files be used to return to Stock including recovery?

  • Al Taylor

    I got mine today and am impressed. I know that I can wait for the Note3 now.

  • Gonna try it… I feel like its been so long that ill never get the OTA update. Does my phone need to be rooted.? I’m sure u said it in the video I’m just not good with tech words… lol…

  • NYHusker

    Followed your previous video about the leaked MC3, and used your video to upgrade to MD4. Overall the same, but noticing a HUGE increase in battery life. MC3 seemed to chop about 6 hours of life off my battery, MD4 seems to have put all that back, and then some. I’m on battery for 14.5 hours so far today, and still have 42% battery life remaining!

    Thanks, Tim, as always, for all you do for the tech community. Your videos are invaluable and can’t wait to see what you tell me I can do with my phone next!

  • Daffy Duck

    I have sprint galaxy s3 4.1.2 mb1 stock rooted with I could not get the md4 zip to write to my extsdcard. I could only save it to my internal sdcard. So, after trying different cables, downloading from cloud storage, everything but sticking the card into the pc. I just booted into and applied the md4 zip from the internal sd card and it worked like a charm. I did not have to use the stock recovery or the external sd card. No problems.

    • Socrates11

      Just did this too. So far no problems :knocksonwood:

  • Alex

    I keep getting:
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Can someone please help me.

    • qbking77

      Try redownloading the file

      • Alex

        I just tried to download but no difference. I googled it and a lot of people are having this issue. I don’t know why. I checked in settings but nothing mentions signature verification.

        • Alex

          got it. had to download from another pc, then rename to

          u guys rock!!! Thanks

  • Chris L.

    The update zip from MB1 to MD4 worked perfectly. As always thanks for the great work and info you provide us!

  • Ravi

    When I try to install the .zip file, I recieve the following error:

    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    I have already tried redownloading the update file and renaming the file I get the same issue.

  • Work out great! Thanks guys!

  • Can I use this update on a tmobi. Galaxy s 3?

  • How can I do the update…. this is my phones info….

  • eeterrific

    It sucks….my battery. I used to be able to get through two days, couple of calls, reading four different email accounts, some light browsing, looking at yahoo and google financials. After charging it last night, I didn’t really use it…and the battery was at 15% after 8 hours. I’d rather go back…..

  • AS

    The latest software upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3 includes a Bulk SMS Enhancement. I don’t see any differences, the factory install app still only allows you to text up to 10 numbers at a time. Can you explain the differences with the new update for the Bulk SMS Enhancement?

  • Stoney

    I can’t seem to find the file on the update from external line. I have downloaded the zip file 5 times. Tried renaming it. Doesn’t show up anywhere.

  • Mike

    I got the MD4 as an OTA update and can’t figure out how to re-root (my original “one click root” via odin fails). I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me!

    Thanks in advance!

  • bigfish2015

    I am rooted with the TrevE mod for wifi tether follwoing the other QBKing videos. I followed the video above for MD4 update and now I cant tether. Superuser cant gain root access anymore.

  • Thomas
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