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Rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Dimensions Leak

The Galaxy S8 has yet to be announced, but leaks have pointed towards this device looking very slick. Seems like Samsung is going to include very little bezels and have the front of the device be mostly display. With that being said some dimensions of the Galaxy S8 have leaked showing off how little the bezels might actually be. Keep in mind this is a rumor and nothing is guaranteed.

Next to the Galaxy S7 you’ll notice the display is much larger. It also looks like Samsung is sticking with the bottom speaker grill – it’d be great if they used the earpiece as a stereo speaker as well. Let me know your thoughts!


Source: GSMArena

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3 Responses to Rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Dimensions Leak

  1. Soundjudgment says:

    Looks as if they are holding off on the Type-C connector as well.

  2. Andrew P. says:

    I think the S8 plus dimensions look great. I’ve handled an S7 Edge and it always felt too tall for the width (or too narrow for the height, to out it another way). I guess we’ll see more rumors coming out that will either confirm or conflict with this information!

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