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Poll: Which 1080p Video Recording is better, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

I have uploaded a test video from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One using the rear camera on both devices. You will have to let me know which one is better, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

Make sure to pay attention to video AND audio quality! After you vote, leave a comment and let me know why you chose which 1080p camera!


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Samsung Galaxy S4






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21 Responses to Poll: Which 1080p Video Recording is better, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

  1. Taylor Torri says:

    The Galaxy S4 definitely wins in both audio and video quality. Your voice is much louder and clearer when you’re speaking, and the wind doesn’t interfere nearly as much. Image stabilization seems to be superior on the S4, as movement doesn’t affect image quality nearly as much as on the One. With the One, it seems like movement causes some fuzziness to pop up in the image, which is especially apparent when looking at the grass throughout the video. So while I had very high hopes for the One’s camera, the S4 seems to still edge it out.

  2. Matt Veltkamp says:

    S4 blows the one out of the park in audio. Close in video, but still give the edge to the s4

  3. Danny V. says:

    Being realistic without being a fanboy of neither brand the video of the HTC One is awesome. the video of the S4 is almost as good but not quite… Then the audio on the S4 is fantastic.. the HTC One is far from the same audio quality.

    • This man speaks the truth.

    • Barry says:

      Honestly I think the S4 is slightly better. Not by a big mount but its noticeable. The focus and the up close shots are hands down S4. The color representation is S4 as well. The HTC could not focus on the tree buds and made them look dark and almost black.

      • QbHelper says:

        The HTC One also makes pictures looks more “dramatic” if you read the review on CNET you can see a splash in water looks way to much compared to same photo S4 and iPhone 5. But in video, it also looks darker like you said, and colors seem to have more blue in them.

  4. Mick Jetten says:

    I voted for the S4 for better video but Htc for the Audio just because the Htc front mounted speakers sound better especially with the built in Amps but I will be buying the S4 hands down!

    • Barry says:

      The poll was for the audio recording on video. The HTC One sounded horrid. I know your voting is based on audio playing through the phones speakers but just thought I’d let you know that you voted for the wrong reason.

  5. Josue Robles says:

    The Galaxy S4 exceeds HTC One in picture quality and sound.

  6. Terence Smith says:

    the video stabilization made the HTC One video look jittery and made me feel like i was gonna get motion sick. I think it’s a matter of taste though. the colors of the S4 look better but the One captured more detail it looks like. As for audio S4>One

  7. Thomas says:

    So I watched both in full 1080p and took screen shots when both were facing the white house, Comparing the two screen shots right next too each other, you can see a massive difference, as someone who works with a lot of video material and photoshop color grading is natural to me, so I notice the difference right away.

    As I was not there to see the real true color tones of the environment I will make these following statements on assumption of the true colors.

    The S4 is all round better, the colour is more vivid and the blues,whites and greens seem more true to me than the HTC, the HTC has a brown, yellow-ish grade to the video witch makes it seem more dull.

    The S4 has great contrast(for a phone) between the darker colors and lighter colors although there is a small blue tinge to the video.(look at the rocks and walls of the house to see what i mean)

    Sound- The S4 wins hands down, i dont even have to explain why, anyone can pick that up.

  8. mikebartnz says:

    Audio is easily the S4 and on the whole I think the S4 video is better. Looking across the water at some of the buildings the features are just more defined.

  9. I’d be curious to hear the audio quality when recording a bootleg video at a rock concert. My GS2 records decent video quality but the audio is always clipping and distorted. I’m hoping you can adjust the audio record levels on the S4.

  10. Rafael Tucen says:

    S4 has better audio quality and it looks good…….the HTC one has horrible audio compared to the S4(obviously) and it seems like the S4 has a better contrast to its colors but the HTC one looks a little bit more detailed in texture. OVERALL: I like the S4

  11. Sammy80 says:

    Image quality was similar in both to me, but I’d vote for the S4 since it has better audio quality. Also, despite having mechanical image stabilization, the HTC video was much jerkier. The electronic image stabilization on the S4 (if it was enabled) produced a steadier footage (though still jerky).

  12. MG says:

    I think the S4 video looked and sounded better. Not perfect, but against the HTC it wins. The HTC was overall a darker image and also contained a lot more wind noise.

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