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Nexus 6 Clear Image Leaked By @evleaks

And here it is! Finally a clear image of what the Nexus 6 is going to look like running Android L. It’s crazy how similar to the Motorola Moto X (2014) it looks. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Motorola is also making the Nexus 6. Remember, this is supposed to have a HUGE 5.9″ display (Larger than the Note 4’s 5.7″ screen). To many, this is just too large. Motorola is making a smart move in my opinion since they already have an extremely similar 5.2″ display phone on the market (Moto X 2nd gen). This Nexus 6 clear image was leaked by @evleaks who had said he was done leaking things a while back.

Do you think the screen and phone size is going to be too large?




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2 Responses to Nexus 6 Clear Image Leaked By @evleaks

  1. Vinícius Sanches says:

    I’ve owned a nexus 4 for almost two years now and I’m a big fan of it. The pure android experience is just impossible to dislike. Though the nexus line has always had, in my opinion, the best options in the market, I’m afraid I won’t be a big fan of the new screen size. I mean, it’s huge! For nexus users it is undoubtedly a big shock. They should have gone with a 5.2″ display, even though there already is the moto x in the category…

  2. JR says:

    Android L looks beautiful, but the screen is just too big! 🙁

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