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How to Manually Install Official Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This video will show you the appropriate method to install the official OTA update Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus! The latest Android version has finally come to the Sprint variant via an OTA update. This is the EXACT same thing as applying the OTA update without the waiting. No need to be rooted either. Any questions, just ask!

You can get PDAnet (Drivers) here:

To install the SDK tools click here:

The Update zip file can be downloaded here:

Command to type into the CMD prompt:

adb sideload


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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • I just did this yesterday. Couldnt explain it any easier on how to manually install it. Rockin android 4.2.1 on my nexus……..

  • jeronyoung2002

    When can we do this on the sprint s3?

  • Luis Rivera

    Great video QBKing!!!! As always and great look and feel of your website! !

  • ian

    I downloaded and installed pdanet, and downloaded and installed SDK. But when I go to open SDK Manager, it doesn’t open. I updated my java but it still won’t work :/

    • qbking77

      try and right click and run it as administrator

      • ian

        That still didn’t work. Is it possible to put the 4.2 zip file on my phone and just select to use that as the update?

  • Paul Simmons

    Any time I have needed help with my Nexuses…hmmm or would that be Nexi. Anyway, your advice has always been solid. I’ve been burned before I learned about you. You list every step in the process of what ever your guide is about. Never assuming I know the little details no matter how basic it may be to you. Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work.

  • Tim, can I use this for my S2? thanks

    • qbking77

      No you can’t

  • I keep getting an error after doing adb sideload that says more than one device and emulator?

    • qbking77

      unplug anything else from the usb ports to your pc

  • Jake

    hey i keep getting an instillation aborted error everytime its trying to install the update. “assert failed apply_patch_check emmc /dev/block/platform/omap/omap”
    something along the lines of that, any tips?

    • Alex Maxwell

      I’m getting this too, please help Tim.

  • GoGayleGo

    I also e-mailed you…do I need to load PDAnet onto the phone? During the install, it asks me to connect my phone. I’m now not sure where I am in the process.

  • Jonathan

    Tim, I have clockworkmod Recovery on my phone. There isn’t an option to select applly update from adb. What do I do?

    • qbking77

      You need stock recovery to follow this method

  • GoGayleGo

    I am stuck at the part around 4 minutes…when I do the volume and power buttons the second time, I don’t get the popup text for Android system recovery…it stays on the screen with the Android with the open stomach with red triangle with exclamation point…

  • GoGayleGo

    OK, I made it through! Thanks!

  • Ankush

    can we do this for samsung galaxy s2

  • Jorge Yanez

    I lost root access. Is there a way to root again?

    • qbking77

      yes just check my how to root section on this site 🙂

  • Alex Maxwell

    I clicked the DOWNLOAD link for the zip file but all it ever does is try to load…I never get anything, what do I do?

  • Alexander Bell

    Hey QbKing, thanks for sharing all your time.

    I tried applying the update, but after sending the sideload completed (successfully), the installation aborted with an assert:

    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“EMMC: /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc. 0/by-name/boot :…

    Installation aborted.

    Gave a cursory glance at Google, but it seemed like the most popular solution was to completely reflash, which I’d like to avoid if possible. Any ideas on how to get around this?

    Currently running what I think is stock 4.1.1, unrooted, with baseband version listed as: L700.05.V.FH05 / L700.FG01

    Thanks again!

    • Alex

      Got the same thing.

    • epiyana

      same thing here… please help us QbKing…

      • qbking77

        Your baseband needs to match up.. I’d watch my how to unroot video to get them matched up.

        • alex

          Do I just do the whole unroot process, even if I’m already unrooted, to get my baseband to match up?

        • alex

          I have a mac..

    • qbking77

      Your baseband needs to match up.. I’d watch my how to unroot video to get them matched up

  • Alex

    Hi, Tim when I open command window at the end and put all data as it on the video, it shows me “can not read “sideload”: What can be done after that because I’ve installed everything sdk, adb, pda…? Thanks for support.

  • Alex

    Hi, QbKing when I open command window at the end and put all data as it on the video, it shows me “can not read “sideload”: What can be done after that because I’ve installed everything sdk, adb, pda…? I have Galaxy nexus gsmHSPA+ with android 4.1.1 JRO03C. Thanks for support.

    • qbking77

      This is for the sprint galaxy nexus only

  • Any idea when the Sprint Galaxy S3 will be getting any updates anytime soon??

  • Andre’ MindYoBusiness

    Woo… installed it via my mac… I was so hype that I got it to work.

  • Gerard van Reekum

    Thanks Tim, looks very doable. Just one question: what is the acutal meaning of your ‘Sprint variant’ requirement? I’m in the Netherlands and have a yakjuwx G-Nex, waiting for the OTA-update. My local carrier is Vodafone, but I bought the device through a web-store and it is simlock-free. If you think your procedure should work on any yakjuwx product, I’m ready to go for it.
    Current Android version: 4.1.1
    Bootloader: PRIMELA03
    Hardware and Board: tuna
    Device: maguro
    Tell me if you want to know more details (I can run Android System Info and/or send you screenshots)

    • qbking77

      It’s for only devices purchased in the US. That specific variant will not work. Are you sure you arent getting an OTA notification?

  • uon

    my andoird just broke up…is a andoid icon with a exclamation sign in red..i dont know what to do

  • Mark Atkisson

    Thanks Tim, but has the official non-manual OTA update rolled out yet, or do I have to do this?

  • halidex

    I too am getting the “assert failed: apply_patch_check(“EMMC: /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc. 0/by-name/boot :…” error. My baseband is: L700.05 V.FC12/L700.FC12. I’ve run Wug’s Nexus Root Toolkit several times to return my phone to stock. The download file that the toolkit uses either is not actually flashing radio or is flashing a version not kosher with the 4.2.1 update file. Either way, it kinda sucks that this and the OTA has not worked for me. I did find one fix but the video is a bit hard to follow if you are a beginner: QbKing…this is my petition for your skills as a talented “how-to” video maker to update this tutorial or post a new one helping those of us over this hump.

  • xxoonxx

    error device not found sorry total noob at this im sure i got lost somewhere please help

  • Alex Maxwell

    How would I root my Sprint Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.1 using the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit? It doesnt have this version?

  • Mark Atkisson

    would it work with the verizon galaxy nexus?

  • toufic

    hi, i got he file for 4.2.2 file name : “yakju-jdq39-factory-b2ebb5f3.tat” newly released , can i follow the same steps and get this file insead of the zip to my phone? PS my phone is maguro / yakjuux version factory unlocked canadian. and currently its on 4.1.1. so would it work ? or jus forget about it and wait for the OTA if its gonna come one day ?

  • Right when it says Verifying update pckg… It goes to Installation Aborted

  • I’m trying to update to 4.2.1 on my galaxy nexus but its giving rom manager and not the stock one what do i do?

  • Simmy

    I have a question, very important. Ive tried to root many times. It said everything was successful so I tried to use wifi tether but cant. My version is still 4.1.1. I have a t999 tmobile s3.

  • sam

    Do you need a PC in order to upgrade to the 4.2 for the galaxy nexus? Can I just download the link to the fone and follow the rest of the steps?

  • Rich Moha

    hello if anyone can told me how i can update android to last version in ZTE V8110 I can Update my Android because it blocked by CIM Card Company .. am tried all available method on Internet but i don’t know how… your video is same to be like the method i am looking for so if you know how i can do that please tell me it’s my email [email protected] and i will be near from comments here .. thnxs a lot

  • Ash
  • Mash Mashkoor


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