Published on March 26th, 2015 | by Tim Schofield


Leaked Photos of Alleged LG G4 Note With a Stylus

If LG decides to release a G4 Note, they definitely won’t be credited with coming up with an original name. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the LG G4 Note will allegedly include a stylus along with a larger display. Below are some leaked photos of alleged LG G4 Note that show the Stylus in the upper left corner. Make sure to “note” that it does say not for sale, so it definitely could just be a pre production device.

Think this is the actual G4 Note?

00BC7A5C-E8B7-4BE0-9F5D-8BE3DFE34824_zpsmlvb6p8s 5D0E5C62-BB5F-430E-A81B-3351EC3983CD_zpsidmfu5uy797B1C13-A3B0-457C-839E-DB602969DC27_zps7t2jbqck EC065154-A3F5-4C83-BFCD-8DECB9942BD9_zpsphpb12azSource: Photobucket

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