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How to Manually Update to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 GB27 on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The day has finally come; you are now able to manually update to the official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 GB27 update on the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch. This is the only way to update, you are not going to receive an OTA update from Sprint. You must download and install Kies on your PC and follow the video below. Any questions, just ask. Leave a comment and let everyone know if it works!



Samsung Kies:

It has been reported to work on rooted devices with stock recovery.

If on a previous JB leak, watch my how to root on GB27 video here

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37 Responses to How to Manually Update to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 GB27 on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

  1. Luke Adams says:

    You can update without kies. Look here: .

    Just click on the downloads and it’s there.

    • Tim Marcy says:

      Thanks for the tip, Luke! I clicked on the link, downloaded the file, temporarily disabled my firewall and uploaded to my phone. The only thing I did wrong at first was to plug my USB cord into the blue 3.0 port. I unplugged my device, restarted the SimpleDownloaderTool and plugged the phone into the normal 2.0 USB port, and I had no more problems downloading. Hope this helps others! (I was afraid I might brick my phone unplugging from the 3.0 port, but it didn’t brick…the message said the file was downloading into my phone, but there was 0% progress after a half hour, both on my computer screen and no blue progress bar on my phone…until I started over with the 2.0 USB port.)

    • AppleMinions,☞,BowDown says:

      What the link? It’s sending me to a page that say page not found.

  2. Jamie Wood says:

    Any ETA (or known process) on how to root this stock update?

  3. Beraka Bland says:

    i do not see the download zip folder

  4. ernest figueroa says:

    is there a root for this?

  5. Matt Smalley says:

    will this mess with my flashed epic 4g touch s2

  6. AppleMinions,☞,BowDown says:

    Is it possible, when you do the root video, you show us how to unroot as well? When I rooted my GS2, to fk23 leaked JB, I head no idea where to go to unroot it.

  7. AppleMinions,☞,BowDown says:

    Kies does not support device upgrades running firmware fk23, leaked 4.1.2 JB.

  8. Scott Haggerty says:

    What recovery is better TWRP or CWM?

  9. Bill Jenkins says:

    I’m running cm10.1 (jb4.2.1) and I hate it. random airplane mode activation, can’t get old backups out of kies, no speed dial on the phone, crappy 4g connectivity, multimedia texting doesn’t work at all, ETCETERA. I think I just want a stock rooted rom that works. I’ll live with the bloatware. How do I downshift from what i have now to the stock sprint offering, and can it be rooted?

  10. Lyman Fulton says:

    I’m on GB08. I just went to Samsung’s web site and got a program “SimpleDownloaderTool for SPH-D710.exe” It installed and then I ran it and it upgraded my E4GT to GB27 Official release. So there is a way to do it if you are on a leaked GB ROM.

  11. Jody Treft says:

    Takes longer to install Kies than it does to update the OS.

  12. Francisco says:

    My phone had takes forever on keis connecting screen and it has usb debugging on as well help!

  13. Demetrius Montez says:

    Is there a Daydream function on the Official?

  14. Demetrius Montez says:

    is anyone having rotation trouble?

  15. I’ve been having a horrible time trying to get my phone to connect with kies. After I installed kies(supposedly successfully), I plug in my phone and it just sits and says connecting and does nothing else. I click troubleshoot connection and it reinstalls the drivers but it says the coprocessor failed to install. I’ve also reinstalled kies a few times.

  16. Paul says:

    I am currently on FI03 (rooted). Kies does not recognize this version. Do I have to flash to FI27 (via the unroot video on this site) first and will Kies be able to upgrade from there. Will this update delete all user data as I have heard happened with some builds in the past? I have backed everything up but it would be nice not to have to deal with the pain of setting everything up again. I guess I am trying to figure out the steps to get it to the point where I can safely upgrade to GB27.

  17. Nate K says:

    rwilco12 website already has the .exe file for GB27 up on his website. I used that instead of kies because I could not get it to work on my phone or my wifes. Use the nodata file to save user data.

  18. Tony The Tiger says:

    I’m GC01,Boost. Will this make me sprint,but work? CWM

  19. The problem I’ve been having is the screencapture feature. The official JB release has completely stopped this from working no matter how many different button presses I use.

  20. My update stopped at 98%. Do you have any idear?
    I gave it second try …same stopped at 98%,
    At this point, phone to recovering mode (dead battery)
    Please help ….

  21. Wayne Rooney says:

    How do you unroot the Galaxy S2 GB 28 running stock firmware (4.1.2) I used the SPH-D710VMUB_GB28_1014481_Rooted_Nodata (one click Odin-OC)

  22. Brad Goins says:

    Kies doesn’t work on Mac OS X Mountain Lion…

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  24. PreciousRage says:

    Much appreciated! I was wanting an easy update. Mine was rooted and this worked perfectly

  25. Richard says:

    I left you a lengthy message but never heard back. gb 27 update on samsung sprint epic touch galaxy 2 has been a hard pill to swallow. Slow, kills battery, one way sync with outlook, will not let you update existing calendar or task update from outlook side. It is a tough one. Should I revert back to ICS? It sounds like it can be done. I can not resolve the a full reinstall of gb27 going to resolve these issues?



  26. Cherdc says:

    My Sprint Samsung Epic 4G is stuck on Android version 2.3.6 – Gingerbread.FC09. How can I upgrade this? I don’t get the start-up screen described above.

  27. caaleb Landers says:

    My phone wont connect to the computer. It still says connect device when its already connected

  28. April says:

    Mines FL 26.. Is this gonna be a problem?

  29. Jorgedavila says:

    dude my phone isn’t 24 it’s 26 can I still do it?

  30. cynflux says:

    It is possible to apply the update without USB? data/charge port stopped working a while back. Tried to apply system update via phone, but it fails with android robot logo and yellow triangle.

  31. chris says:

    The “rwilco (SPH-D710_GB27_1014481_Rooted_Nodata.exe) file doesn’t work. There’s nothing to extract. I’ve tried redownloading it multiple times through Chrome & IE but no luck. I’ve even tried updating through Kies but there’s always a connection error when trying to read my phone. Any idea’s to why its not working?

  32. yoprincess says:

    i can not thru kies 🙁

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