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How To Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to MA6 OTA

gsiii_jellybean_2This video will show you how to update to the latest official software on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III. This is the exact same as if you were to receive the OTA (over the air) update on your device, without the wait! This update is referred to as the MA6 update and will update your S3 to Android 4.1.2. You must be on LJ7 to install this update. Fixes from this update are listed below. Hopefully this video will help out.

Update zip:

How to install stock recovery:


MA6 update includes:

  • Misc bug fixes
  • Voicemail application update
  • SMS 3-digit support



Source: Sprint

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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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39 Responses to How To Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to MA6 OTA

  1. Jason Haines says:

    Thanks for the tip great way to end my night seems little quicker as well no so laggy

  2. Mike Wade says:

    Tim you are always on the front end of these updates… thanks again!

  3. Gerold says:

    Thanks Tim! Love how I can now capture a pic from my vids! You’re awesome!

  4. DieselPig says:

    Worked,Stock recovery/Rooted Fully Bloated for me .BUT,Could not force the update on my lighter stock rom with many of the system files removed. Does not allow side loading. Thanks for your good work here.

  5. Chris Sheets says:

    Worked on my stock rooted GSIII. Thanks again Tim!

  6. Mookiemoo says:

    could not update. I have stock rom rooted, but it kept aborting the update. not sure why, it kept saying error, side load package

  7. Mookiemoo says:

    how can i avoid getting the sideload package error

  8. Update worked great! Thanks, Tim. Unfortunately with the update the ability is lost to change the PRL.

  9. BGuILtY718 says:

    Nice; but I’ll stick with Wicked Sensations for now. Do you have any idea when or if Sprint will ever get the 4.2 Premium Suite update?

  10. Joe Gomez says:

    same here, how can i avoid getting the sideload package error

  11. Jody Treft says:

    Stock, no root and worked fine on wifes phone.

  12. Jody Treft says:

    Stock rooted on my phone. Used CWM. Installed ok.

  13. Reed Hipp says:

    Rooted, stock recovery; worked just fine.

  14. Update worked but then App Updates stopped working. I had to delete my Google Account and re-register. This has happened before outside of an Android update so this may have just been coincidence.

  15. Bob Cagle says:

    So I am still on LG2. How do I get to LJ7?

  16. ChumbleSpuzz says:

    Anyone else having problems setting a live wallpaper? Static wallpapers load just fine, but live ones are never set after selecting them. Rooted with CWM recovery.

    Edit: NM. Wiping the app and dalvik cache fixed it.

  17. biggerguysf says:

    Hey Tim, is there a really compelling reason why I should update to this version?

  18. Tyson says:

    Used CWM, and rooted. Worked perfectly. Gratzi!

  19. DrKrUnK says:

    I updated manually to this, and now I’m getting another ota update notification, which I’m assuming is Mb1? Do you have a manual update file for that?

  20. biggerguysf says:

    Followed the instructions in the vid for my stock rooted GS3 with CWM Renamed the zip file to update and successfully completed the updated with CWM. After rebooting the phone updated again with a downloaded update MB1. That completed successfully as well. The only problem is that I lost root after the first update.
    Will attempt to get it back now and report back.

  21. biggerguysf says:

    Was able to successfully re-root per Tim’s video instructions the same way I did a few months back when I first rooted. So at the end of this update process, I’m running MB1 on my GS3 with root access and CWM Currently making a backup just in case… 😉

  22. Seth says:

    Hey Qbking, months ago I used your manual update to jellybean, Im totally stock, but haven’t got anything ota since. Does the manual installation screw up future ota updates?

  23. cliff shemeley says:

    I am stock rooted LJ7 and it failed. I tried to re-download the file and it still failed. Any other options?

  24. Luvy LV The Voice Murray says:

    it didnt work for me.. rooted and CWM recovery ,,. it failed

  25. Vedo says:

    Thanks for the update, I was able to do it using just the phone, downloaded it over wifi, moved it to my sd using astro file manager. Did the same when you released the jellybean video.

  26. I have a stock rooted GS3, and the OTA update keeps reminding me to intall, does anyone know if I will loose root if I do the update? Also I have the WiFi tether TrevE, has anyone tested that to see if that works with the new update?

    • Mihai Ski says:

      i have the same exact issue. i actually tried letting it install but every time it would fail. i’ve been searching the net, and even posted on his facebook page for help how to install the update while rooted, or what are the steps to unroot the phone, update, then root it back… no answers yet….. i can’t loose my wifi treve mod because that’s my only source of internet at home.

      • There’s an unroot video I used so that i could get rid of that stupid notification that wouldn’t go away, and just do OTA. I personally ended up having to reset my phone and reinstall all of the OTA updates so my phone would shut up. Lesson learned: once rooted on my GS3 stay rooted.

  27. birdeballer says:

    Rooted and installed the zip using CWM Recovery

  28. Praful Patel says:

    I just updated with rooted phone and stock (?) recovery. I had TWRP recovery, but followed the video guide to install stock recovery. I am placing a ? as when I was in recovery it states CWM based recovery and then, during the update the text was on the bottom rather than on the top as seen on the video. Anyway, update was successful and the phone does show —MA6. Thank you QBKing77.

  29. Robert Dumesnil says:

    It does work on rooted S3 as well. Thank you very much.

  30. Justin says:

    So I tried it, didn’t work with CWM (for me) so I flashed stock recovery, still didn’t work, side load error. Flashed back to stuck which ended up getting stuck at the samsung screen, so ended up having to wipe my whole phone. I didn’t have any luck, but I am suspect I have a crap phone, it randomly rebooted before I rooted it. So that was just my experience. Thanks for the video, it was helpful just didn’t work for me.

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