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Hi! My Name is… What? Who? Jason!

Hello fans of Qbking77!  My name is Jason Ephraim, I am a friend of Tim (one of two total…he’s not very social) and I cannot wait to begin my journey here at!  You may have seen me in one of Tim’s videos on Google Glass! (seen above) …yea we aren’t gonna talk about that here.  Anyways, here’s a little bit about me – I’m 18, I’m fresh out of high school and I will be attending Binghamton University (if you live outside of NY you have probably never heard of it) for a degree in biomedical engineering.  I have a love of technology, find myself buying all the newest gadgets (as much as I can – living on a part-time budget here) and, as evident, will be using my interests in my future profession.

I have known Tim for quite some time now and over the years I have been helping him with video ideas and collecting content.  In fact, you might even remember the episodes of weekly Android news Tim did awhile ago – yeah I take full credit for that idea – as well as the content he talked about.  I also take credit for Tim getting Google Glass as I gave him my code back when invitations were scarce.  But now the goal is for us to start back up “A Week in Tech”- a weekly (hopefully- Tim tends to procrastinate) tech video, done by Tim, and corresponding article, by me, in which we discuss all things new in the consumer technology industry.  Additionally, I may not be as smart as Tim when it comes to rooting Android devices, but I am definitely addicted to learning about new tech and, as I said before, am addicted to buying a lot of it.  So I’ll probably do some reviews here too.  Since I’m getting ready for college I have a lot of tech stuff I could review for you guys.

Anyways, I can’t wait to start writing articles for you guys!  Hopefully I can keep it going for awhile while I’m in college.  Like I said, I’m not as smart as Tim but I can try to help.  Contact me on Twitter @jasoneph if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer.  See you this weekend with my first article!

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