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Google Now Widget Coming Soon?

Thanks to the official Google support page, an image of a Google Now widget has shown up. It looks like the widget will display a summary of current Google Now cards. I’m curious to know if this widget will beĀ re-sizableĀ and include more information depending on the size. Personally, I’m excited for this update and hope it comes very soon! What do you think… Will you use this widget?


gnow widget











It’s available! Here is a full review:

Source: Google Support

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7 Responses to Google Now Widget Coming Soon?

  1. JR Escobar says:

    Nice, I want it now:

  2. Matt Veltkamp says:

    I will never say no to more options

  3. Michael Schiska says:

    I’ll give it a try! Google widgets are good to have!

  4. Mike Carr says:

    Can’t hurt .I don’t use it to often but with a good widget I might.. Use it all the time…

  5. John Nall says:

    Would definitely use this especially on my lock screen.

  6. QbHelper says:

    If it is re sizable and you can you can choose WHICH cards are displayed, then hell yeah I would use it. I have like 5 cards that are open on Google Now, only 2-3 I would really care for.


  7. GK13 says:

    It looks good

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