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Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images!

Well, as most devices do these days.. the Galaxy Note 4 now has some leaked images. Some pretty interesting features have shown from these images. IF these images are the actual device, you will see that Samsung has decided to stick with a home button along with capacitive buttons still. I was hoping they would make the shift to on screen buttons, but that is not the case. Of course there is still a stylus included in the device that will help you utilize the rumored 5.7″ screen.

The Note 4 will include a Snapdragon 805 quad core processor. This processor allows for 4K UHD playback… Not sure if the Note 4 will include this. The back on the Note 4 is also looking to be different, although I still feel like thy will stick to the faux leather. It looks as if they will thankfully stick with Micro USB 3.0 charging.

Regardless of if these images are real or not… I am personally pretty excited to see what will be included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (hopefully updated Touchwiz!) Source: GSMArena

samsung-galaxy-note-4-4 samsung-galaxy-note-4-3 samsung-galaxy-note-4-2 samsung-galaxy-note-4-1

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