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Camera Comparison: HTC One Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Here is just another comparison of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. In this article I have posted various pictures taken with both devices. You can do a camera comparison of the two and determine which you like better. Both cameras have pros and cons, but keep in mind these are just simple shots taken. It seems as though the shots taken with the HTC One look “further” away than the S4, even though they were taken in the exact same spot. You will also notice there is a difference in the way color is rendered. Both cameras were set to standard. It seems as though the HTC One did much better in low light without a flash, but the S4 seemed to do better when taking a shot in low light with a flash. Take a look at the images yourself and determine which one you like better!

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Samsung Galaxy S4                                                         HTC One








20130502_133509 IMAG0013



20130502_133516 IMAG0014



20130502_133545 IMAG0015



20130502_133601 IMAG0016



20130502_133636 IMAG0017



20130502_133704 IMAG0019





20130502_132702 IMAG0009





20130502_132248 IMAG0006



Front Facing Camera




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