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Android Platform Distribution – Jelly Bean Making a Charge

Google has went ahead and updated the platform distribution numbers for Android. I also like to refer to it as the “fragmentation” chart, just because it really points out how widespread the Android OS is spread out. Below is an image showing exact statistics for each Android Version. Most notable is Jelly Bean which is at 13.6% – up from 10.0% last month. Another interesting fact is that Ice Cream Sandwich actually went down. Last month it was at 29.1% and it now shows 29.0%. It seems that most mid level phones are being released with ICS, so it is hard to say why it went down. Gingerbread also went down from 47.4% a month ago, although it is still dominating the market.

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Slowly we are seeing the pie chart shift to the later Android versions, but once Google releases another Android update, it will just go back to the older versions dominating once more.
What does everyone think, should Google slow down the updates or keep them coming?


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