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Android L (Lollipop?) on the Samsung Galaxy S5!

An early build of Android L on the Samsung Galaxy S5 has surfaced and there is even a video to show it off! Keep in mind that this is just an alpha build and things can be updated in the future.

In my opinion it doesn’t look all that bad. There are some things that I hope they change in the official build, but so far they’re doing pretty well. It’s interesting that they included so much white on a device that has an amoled display which will save battery when black is used. ALSO, it’s important to note that at the end of the video, the leaker goes to a text written by him stating that it is Android L (Lollipop) on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Take this with a grain of salt, especially considering the page with all the Android “treats” has no sign of a lollipop or lemon meringue pie for that matter.

Check out the video and pictures and let me know what you think!


3uHfzig Screenshot_2014-09-30-20-29-19 Screenshot_2014-09-30-20-31-08 Screenshot_2014-09-30-20-32-40 Screenshot_2014-09-30-20-33-53 Screenshot_2014-09-30-20-40-421 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-06-401 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-08-211 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-09-09 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-09-34 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-10-33 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-11-24 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-12-03 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-16-31 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-17-52 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-18-49 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-19-32 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-22-58 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-24-05 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-24-59 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-24-111 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-42-30 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-43-10 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-47-39 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-55-19 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-57-50 Screenshot_2014-09-30-21-58-44oll

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