Published on March 12th, 2013 | by Tim Schofield

Alleged Video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaks

Even more leaks are coming as the day of the Samsung Galaxy S IV unveiling gets closer. This time a video on YouTube has surfaced showing off the device. The device shown in the video correlates with the images that leaked yesterday. Samsung also tweeted an image teasing us of the Galaxy S4, and the shape of the phone in the video seems to correlate with the image (see below).

What do you think? Does this confirm what the Galaxy S IV will look like?


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8 Responses to Alleged Video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaks

  1. PHPracing says:

    it looks like thats thicker than the note 2

  2. Nomaan S says:

    Looks like Note 2.

  3. the1tonyking says:

    Definitely look thick. I dont see the concave on the back i was hoping to or i kind of like the idea of front facing.speakers

  4. Nickson says:

    It looks like I have reason to keep my Note 2 for another year.

  5. doesn’t look very different.

  6. Terence Smith says:

    Hope it’s just a dummy case, but it looks really believable. I’m gonna get one.

  7. Barry says:

    Wish it had a better speaker. This one looks even worse than the S3. Why not put it on the front for better youtube and video experience? I hate having to cup the back speaker just to kind of hear the video. I don’t think this is a real S4 Looks different than the Official pic from samsung.

  8. Carlos Colon says:

    People dont doubt this device. Its still on its first steps let it be its just a prototype

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