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[UPDATED] How to Root the LG G3

I have put together an updated video showing how to root the LG G3. This method will work for all variants of the LG G3 including Sprint.

This will use an app called Stump Root to root the device. Just download the APK file, install the app and run it!

How to Root the LG G3 – Latest:


StumpRoot Download (SOURCE)

Shoutout to IOMonster – jcase – Autoprime – PlayfulGod – Team Codefire 

Supported Models:

ATT (D850) – 10D
TMO (D851) – 10C
VZW (VS985) – 10B
SPR (LS990) – ZV4
KOR (F400L) – 10A/B
KOR (F400S) – 10A/B
KOR (F400K) – 10A/B
ALL (D855) – 10A/B/C
ALL (D855) – 10E/F/G/I
ALL (D855K) – 10D
CAN (D852) – 10B/C
BRA (D855P) 10A

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  1. Pilus says:

    Hi Tim, I’ve got a problem when I’m trying to start to Grind in the Stumproot software.. It says that my “device is patched” and I believe it does not rooting my phone. Can you please help.. My devise is D855 version.. Thanks.

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