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How to Root the LG G3

This video will show you how to root the LG G3. This will work for every variant EXCEPT the Verizon and Sprint model. If you’re on Verizon you need to use IOroot, and if you are on Sprint there is no root method yet.

This method uses PurpleDrake made by thecubed. IF the script doesn’t finish automatically, I show how to do it manually. If you need to finish it manually, you will need to install ADB on your PC by using this video HERE.

How to Root the LG G3:

If on T-Mobile, use this DOWNLOAD

If on any other variant, use the DOWNLOAD

Models this works on:
ATT (D850) – 10D
TMO (D851) – 10C
KOR (F400L) – 10A/B
KOR (F400S) – 10A/B
KOR (F400K) – 10A/B
ALL (D855) – 10A/B/C
ALL (D855) – 10E/F/G/I
ALL (D855K) – 10D
CAN (D852) – 10A/B
BRA (D855P) 10A

Here is the manual code to enter in the command prompt. Must have ADB installed on PC to do this.

adb reboot --bnr_recovery
adb push ./assets/start_restore /temp/start_restore
adb push ./assets/permaroot.bin /temp/start_restore
adb reboot

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