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Published on June 29th, 2012 | by Tim Schofield


Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III


This video will show you the latest and easiest method to unroot or unbrick your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III! The method SHOULD be the same for other variants of the Galaxy S III… Just make sure you download the correct tar! Data and internal storage will not be touched, but if you have any problems, you might have to wipe data. Any questions, just ask! Hopefully this video has helped! Be sure to subscribe.




Other Galaxy S III variants:



Reset Custom Binary Flash Counter on Samsung Galaxy S III with TriangleAway


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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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85 Responses to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III

  1. JimmyCap says:

    Would have been nice to know that we need to reset the customer binary flash counter BEFORE we restore to stock. Grrr…

  2. xxx says:

    credit sextape! 😉

  3. princesa says:

    my galaxy s3 is rooted and it keeps freezing when I’m in a text messages and then restarts itself. Would the root be causing this?

  4. E says:

    My carrier is Cspire. I was able to use the Sprint method to root my phone. I would like to update to the new Jelly Bean, but can’t because of CWM. I would like to unroot my phone and install the stock recovery. Can I use the method above to do this? Since I used the Sprint ‘root’ method (although I have Cspire), can I use the Sprint tar file?

  5. Carlos says:

    Hi Tim how can i do this on a mac ?? i have to take my phone to sprint store and i need to unroot it if can you please help me, thank you

  6. Twiin says:

    Did this now my phone is stuck on the samsung logo

  7. Johnny B says:

    I clicked on the links in the unroot video, the one labeled use this tar for Sprint only gives me an error message when downloaded, and the other one that says SprintUSA only gives me a network error when I click on the download button. When the tar file does download, it is labeled Combination and not KEIS as in the video.

  8. Gabriel Turner says:

    question : my SG3 SPH-L710 i think might be hard bricked meaning I can’t get the device in to Odin or Download mode do u have any suggestions ?

  9. zack bachtel says:

    Hi. i used the file in the links but my phone is now in a boot loop. any way to fix this i have tried to redownload the files but both sites wont allow me to do so. i have a cracked touchscreen and the only thing i can do is go into download mode. Thank you

  10. Matt McCoy says:

    my gs3 is stuck at the samsung loading screen. ive tried to going into the stock recovery but it just loads into the power up anumation.

  11. James B says:

    After doing this I can’t get any data. It says “No signal found for mobile networks” when i load browser and i get Error:(Code: 601)Connection Error when trying to update profile or PRL…

  12. silkk81 says:

    OK I downloaded the file everything works only problem I’m having is it saying no sim card sprint galaxy 3 don’t have nor require a sim card

  13. dante says:

    hey man i have korean gs3 what can i do to unbrick?

  14. Naaman says:

    is the sprint file the tar file

  15. dude says:

    I really think you should change the tar file for Sprint Stock files. I would suggest this one: since this is what the phone ships out with

  16. ed says:

    gah! it did a factory reset automatically and i lost everything. ah well. thanks for the video, your site is great.

  17. Joe says:

    Worked after I used the newer tar. But it still hasn’t taken the 4.1.2 update. How can I force the update now that it’s unrooted?

  18. rocketep3 says:

    I noticed that the Triangle away doesn’t change the ‘System Status’ in download mode back to ‘Offical’, it still says ‘custom’, so that’s going to tip off the tech that it’s been flashed. just an FYI
    The question is, does this all get reset when the factory reset is used? if it does, then that would be the thing to do if you have to take it back to the store or manufacturer.

  19. jwshade says:

    Completed steps to unroot with Odin 3.07 and the tar file you linked. I think it might be soft bricked. Stuck on Samsung screen when booting. Try to go to recovery mode and gets stuck on “Downloading”. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • GUest says:

      did you get an answer? same thing happened to mine i tried doing the steps again i even did factory reset but it still gets stuck on samsung screen

      • jwshade says:

        Never found a fix. Had to go back to root to make phone work again

        • ALuna83 says:

          When your done unrooting and you cannot get pass the “Samsung Screen” take the battery out of your phone Push “Valume UP” + “Home Botton” then “Power Botton”. Once your phone is in “Android System Recovery” use “Valume Down” to go to “Wipe Date/Factory Reset” hit “Power Botton” to select. Then go to “Yes”. When your done go to “Reboot System Now”. The first time will take a little longer then normal but you will be fine.

          • BandMissionary says:

            thank you so much! I was on the verge of death cuz my child tried to root my phone!! U and qbking are gods!!!

  20. Debora says:

    Stuck on samsung screen

  21. superballer13 says:

    how do u install the triangle away apk

    • jimbob says:

      wow, really?

      • jimbobeatsdick says:

        For those that are just starting to get into custom mods and rooting QBKing’s website is perfect. Sadly, it attracts dicks such as your self. Grow up. Go to another forum where dicks such as yourself can jerk each other off and be happy. Its people like you that make the world a shitty place to live in. Superballer, great question and keep asking about areas that your unsure about. Pay no mind to trolls like jimbob who degrade those for their willingness to learn.

  22. I’m stuck on the Samsung screen any idea what to do next?

  23. papitopr52 says:

    how to unroot 4.1.2 stock rom? galaxy s3 sprint

  24. learn_2_fckn_read_people says:

    I gotta commend ya qbking77. You have a hard job with this. I guess when you offer the convience of a video people think a lil reading is uneeded because you’ll hold their hand the whole time. Great job putting up with the incompetence as the comments in your vids seem to be just that.

  25. Wow, what a bunch of trolls. I read through the entire thread and tried re flashing the tar and that did not help.I should have posted more details but I was tired I ended up with my own solution and cleared the Dalvik Cache and that did the trick. QB king thanks for all your fine info. Jimbob and Learn go back under your bridges.

    • jimbobeatsdick says:

      Agreed. They are just mad because their mothers only recently unblocked internet access and increased their bedtime.

  26. beebo says:

    Where can i get the right file for verizon?

  27. DuLa Hepp says:

    Rooted and tethering complete and working fine. My Sprint Samsung Galaxy s3 cannot connect to my local wireless network, any suggestions…

  28. papitopr52 says:

    stuck on samsung screen help please how i can return to the rom??

  29. Stevo says:

    Just tried the unroot and everything went perfect until odin rebooted the device. It just stays stuck on the Samsung screen. Did not have any issues on Odin. Said success when it was complete. Any advice on how to fix this?

  30. i cannot down the tar file. Are there any other links to download it?

  31. Charlie says:

    Stuck on Samsung Screen…

  32. rb33 says:

    when i put the kies tar file in when unrooting it keeps saying in odin that the MD5 hash value is invalid can someone help me please

  33. Matthew Gallagher says:

    Guys, if you are stuck at the Samsung screen during boot, pull the battery and boot into recovery. do a factory reset including cache. reboot and the phone will work

  34. Joe Cool says:

    I have been trying and retrying to download that file but this “” is extremely frustrating. not to mention the one out of (believe it or not) 4 times i told it to download, after waiting the hour it forces, i open the new file only to discover it is more or less empty. windows pulls up a file invalid error. is there some other file we can download and use for unroot? and hopefully from a different website and 4.1.2?

  35. Eric Williams says:

    Stuck on Samsung Screen!

  36. Eric Williams says:

    Rebooted into recovery, did a factory reset and it still sits on Samsung Screen! Help!

  37. Eric Williams says:

    Finally. After 3 times.

  38. Deezy95 says:

    I’m unrooting my SPH-L710 and put it through Odin it keeps saying MD5
    hash value is invalid any suggestions on how to fix this greatly

  39. elliott says:

    hi my samsung g3 9105 lte is rooted and romed with avatar and i have one problem when i call people it dosnt make any sound and when i pick up calls i cannot hear anything

  40. Mo says:

    everything is crashing .acore, gapps all of it. idk what to do…

  41. skeetes says:

    were do I get the new drivers when I click on the driver tab it says error 404

  42. Sam says:


    i dont have a hotfile account please tell me what file i should downlaod from here

  43. sam says:


    im looking for the L710VPBMD4 TAR file but i don’t have a hotfile account. do you know of any direct downloads? i want to UNROOT my samsung s III sprint phone

  44. paparapper1 says:

    what do you do when the samsung s3 i9300 wont turn on charge or boot …help plz with any suggestions

  45. TW says:

    The link to the drivers is broken

  46. abdn0518 says:

    hey qb sorry if i come off as whining but the website is really not good / effective. I would love if there was another link. I was downloading off that website and halfway thru my router gave out (lost connection/internet signal) , it promptly resumed working again (my router). but now when i try downloading again it says im still downloading from my first attempt even thought i canceled it and exited the browser it keeps saying Im parallel downloading ..cant download now

  47. Aaron Ashley Lewis says:

    what tar should i get with the metro pcs version, the only stock firmware i find for it is for the canada region and not U.S.

  48. Mike Bolack says:

    The driver link doesn’t work, any clue as to where else I can find it?

  49. Guest says:

    where do I get the usb drivers because none of the links works anymore. thanks

  50. ankur kaushik says:

    My phone is still showing binary counter 1 after resetting it with triangle away. Can go forward to odin mode to download official firmware

  51. Lemon says:

    Hey Man, Will you be able to update these links?

  52. Etrogann says:

    Links don’t work anymore

  53. Robert Young says:

    Can we get an updated link to this stuff?

  54. gabys says:

    the download center is down. where should I go?? please and thank you for your help!

  55. Aaron McCreery says:


  56. Brett says:

    Has there been anything developed for unrooting and resetting the counter on Sprint GS3 with 4.3 (MK3)? I was just about to use the method in your video above or the simple zip method when I found that trying that on MK3 could brick the phone. I want to unroot my phone and reset counter. Thanks

  57. David F says:

    My phoned bricked after trying to run this process to get back to stock from root. I get a failed attempt when trying to run a previous download of this file which seems to no longer be available. I want to go back to stock with the latest that is available Kit Kat…I had TWRP installed and have had nothing but issues with it…prefer Custom Recovery…any ideas?

  58. Gma_wiggly says:

    links dont work

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