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Published on November 1st, 2012 | by Tim Schofield


Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Stock





PC Drivers: Download

Sprint MUST use this: Download

Verizon Stock TAR: Download

T-Mobile Stock Tar: Download
Odin: Download



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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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51 Responses to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Stock

  1. Alison Rubin says:

    Hi Qbking77 – some of the links above aren’t working – I know you’ve probably got some bugs with the new site, but just wanted to let you know…PC Drivers and Sprint Stock Tar, and Odin links are dead.

  2. Daewon Kim says:

    actually i locked my phone and got bricked and I can’t even connect to the pc what can i do???

  3. Helly QBKing, Any update on the Tar file for the AT&T Galaxy Note 2?

  4. Justin says:

    Hello you make great videos and I thank you for them! Do you have the .tar file for us cellular or know where I can get it?

  5. DESTINY says:


  6. Angelbane says:

    Does this also reset the flash counter thing back to 0 for warranty purposes?

  7. RJ says:

    rjmendoza36 1 second ago

    I think I unrooted my phone, I followed all the steps correctly the phone passed through Odin, BUT!!!!! when is reset is dowsnt seem as anything was changed (all app and settings were still the same) AND!! now my text messages and exchange email is not working..

    WHAT DO I DO?!!?!?!!?!? please help. THANK YOU

  8. Jack says:

    How can you flash to the stock rom but keep it rooted?

  9. Odin cant see my sprint file so I can flash it…What am I doing wrong?

  10. tay says:

    how do u unroot your note 2 without having it do a factory reset. That’s a major drawback. If i knew that to begin with I wouldn’t have rooted it.

  11. Euphorian says:

    Do you think this would work on a computer with windows xp on it?

  12. khafu says:

    I have tried to unroot and it wont work. its stuck on trying to download on the phone and on odin NAND write. what do i do?

  13. Ricky Ortega says:

    do you have a solution if the galaxy note 2 is half way flashing the stock tar and it fails???

    • Terry Freeman says:

      If you have the Sprint Galaxy Note 2, try the solution he gave me above: I downloaded the image called “SPH-L900_MA7_Rooted_Nodata.exe”, ran the executable and it has Odin with the Sprint image built-in. It worked for me when no other solution would, and I’d been trying for hours with multiple Stock ROM images that failed. If you don’t want your Note 2 rooted, just use one of the others.

  14. ryan says:

    i need some help- badly this has never happened…i was flashing stock rom from un-root video on your site and odin stopped mid instillation and its said it failed now i am in a brick i have the drivers good cored and the right files..i un-zipped everything and put it all in the same folder and then i followed the usual steps that i follow 199 times please help

    • Raul says:

      i had the same problem in the end it was the usb cable. it showed it was working but it was not good for flashing. try anothe cable or usb hub. good luck

  15. Terry Freeman says:

    I’ve tried with a variety of cables and USB ports on Windows 7, driver re-installed several times, and it keeps failing at the same place:

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Any suggestions?

  16. Malingur says:

    I cant find the international stock tar?

  17. ryan francis says:

    the ad is blocking my access to the green download link please fix

  18. bubba says:

    i clicked the Verizon link and all I find are the sprint links … please

  19. jjbigdog says:

    triangle away didnt work on my T889 note 2. it always go to 1. so i will reset to stock then that should take me to 0. first u need to make sure ur flash counter at 1.

  20. chad says:

    the link you give to unroot it makes you download a bunch of tool bars bothing like in your video

  21. JPags says:

    Hey QBKing!!! I am trying to download the TAR file for the Sprint variant, to unroot the Note 2. When I click the link it takes me to some other site and there is only 1 thing to download and when I do, its not the TAR file…. can you help me?

  22. ben says:

    the sprint link is broken wont work please help

  23. rahul says:

    is verizon stock tar is for international note 2 version??
    i want to unroot my device and my device is neither t-mobile nor sprint..
    reply asap
    i rooted my device with the help of ur rooting video now plsss help me out i realy want to unroot it

  24. MaskedLion says:

    I have tried this to update my device from LJC to MA7 and for some reason it only updates part of it, see attached… i am having a lot of freezing and auto rebooting now… what can i do to fix? thanks

  25. Erik says:

    As always thank you Tim. I unrooted so I could get the OTA updates. Is rooting going to be any different after updates are installed?

  26. cpriv says:

    Your link goes to a completely different process of unrooting. I cannot find the tar file required. I have done this before and I know your method works but my computer crashed and I lost my files. So can you please fix the link to provide the link for the SPL-900 tar. file link. It would be greatly appreciated.

  27. nemesisdarkstar says:

    QBKing, thanks for the video. How long did the initial boot up take after the factory reset? My T-Mobile Note 2 has been on the flashing SAMSUNG screen for some time now, I think I’m caught in a boot loop. Please Help!

    • nemesisdarkstar says:

      Nevermind. I fixed the problem on my own. I went into the stock recovery (volume up + home + power button) and did a factory reset/wipe data, then reboot. Started back up just fine!

      Thanks again for the video! You’re a huge help!

  28. Mike says:

    Question Sprint Galaxy Note 2 given to me with TWRP installed. However can not boot up. I placed the stock/kies image on a sd card however, when installing via TWRP error message. Phone does go into download mode however when connected to pc nothing happens. When plug into charger the batter icon shows up but no charging takes place. Any other solutions to install the stock rom?? Again PC does not recoginize the phone when connected running windows vista all drivers installed

  29. paddypm says:


    I have a note 2 N7105T from vodafone australia. I have been trying a lot of customs roms(I am almost a romholic).
    My note 2 is now stuck at the samsung boot screen. I am able to go to download mode and recovery modE. I have philz_touch_recovery installed.
    I installed stock rom through ODiN and get a “PASS” in Odin. But the note 2 get stuck at the samsung boot screen. I also installed the custom roms I have in my external Sd card through philz touch recovery and the installation is completed without any error message but still getting struck at the boot screen. Everytime I installed the Roms I have also got into the recovery mode and wiped the data, cache and dalvik.
    Please advise, if there is anythingelse I can try. As I am able to get into download/recovery mode, I hope I still have a chance to recover the note. Please advise.

  30. Joseph Bale says:

    can u help me please?

    i rooted my fone and it wont load anything??…

  31. sasenouwi says:

    anyone know who can halp me unroot my sprint note 2 i live in florida titusvile near orlando pleas let me know i realy need help i miss my phone i rooted it now it keeps on freezing at the samsung galaxy logo. i use every method that i can posibly do they fail. pleas help me. i miss seeing that screen

  32. Amanda Herron says:

    I wish I found this site before I totally bricked my phone! All the places/files and links from other sites to unroot my phone failed and my dumb ass did a shitty zip from my SD and won’t even start at all. :-/ Any suggestions anyone? I saw a vid on hooking up mini jumper like cables to the phone and computer to flash that way.

  33. Brandon Kinsey says:

    I get stuck after the sboot.bin everytime and suggestions

  34. Christopher says:

    This is totally useless if you’re an AT&T Galaxy Note 2 owner.

  35. Luis Martinez says:

    the link to download the Stock TAR for sprint is not working. can you please let me know how to get the stock tar so that i can complete your instruction to unroot my phone. thanks

  36. bosox2029 says:

    QbKing77, the link for the stock Sprint Tar is broken. Can you look into that, Pls?

  37. bosox2029 says:

    One thing I have noticed is that it’s pretty easy to root your device, however it takes an act of congress to unroot the damn thing. I am having a hard time finding a valid method with working links to successfully restore your phone to stock. This is what is preventing me from rooting my note 2

  38. Gaurav Khurana says:

    hello dear…. Unable to download SPRINT and Version Stock TAR…
    Kindly Help….

  39. Robert Norphblat Forsgren says: no longer exists. does someone have a virus free version of this?Stuck in a bootloop.

  40. michelle says:

    im trying to download tar for sprint but it bringing me to another page and i cannot find it

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