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Published on November 17th, 2012 | by Tim Schofield


Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

This video will show you the latest method to unroot or unbrick your Sprint Samsung Epic 4g Touch to Stock FI27 ice cream sandwich. Any questions, just ask!
Thanks for watching.

Unroot file (FL24):


Drivers (kies):


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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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69 Responses to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

  1. michael momotaro says:

    Will this work if I do this on mobile odin? the instructions in sextapes leaked firmware forums?..

  2. fgcchevy says:

    when i extract to my folder on my desktop, i get a message that the file is broken? i ran it anyway, but it did nothing to my phone? if you can hit me up on gtalk? tia

  3. Frank187 says:

    Unless I misunderstood, this unrooting process requires the stock recovery. I’m currently using the ClockwordMod Egat recovery you recommended a while back and provided a great video for (which I can’t find now). Any videos on how to get back to stock recovery and the order in which it should be done it?

  4. Ryan Dempsey says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH QBKing!!!!!! I almost thought I killed my phone!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. julian franklin says:

    So i followed your videos on how to root also on the clockword mod then i put blu kuban rom on my phone. it worked ok for about an hour then its started getting whacky. Turning on and off by itself. Sleeping by itself.but I cant power off or make it sleep on my own though like the sleep/power button has a mind of its own. I thought following this video would help but it doesnt because even when i can get to odin mode before i can plug it up its already powering back on by itself. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help i dont want to lose my phone. But my options are getting thinner. Can i go into settings and do a factory reset?

    • Ryan says:

      dude i am having the same fucking issues! Piece of shit wants to act up and is doing the EXACT same thing as yours……..that’s Samsung for you man. Shitty phones all day every day but did you get it fixed please email me at if you did.

    • CANDI says:

      Im having the same issues! I don’t know what to do to fix this help!

  6. justin peyton says:

    hope this works…….cuz some how i F something up uummmmm…i do this a lot don’t know what happened

  7. justin peyton says:

    well did not goes to added!!……then fail

  8. justinpeyton says:

    CRAP!!!!!!! looks like i am going to sprint in the morning. lol

  9. krazylbc says:

    HI QBking I’m having a problem my phone been acting up lately and sometime the power button work sometime it doesn’t. Also it usually restart itself when i try to get into odin mode. Can you please help me out?

  10. dougthemug1966 says:

    will this work with custom 127 rom? Need to go to FL24 to update new Kuban rom

  11. HALP! When I bricked my 34gt I factory reseted from holding up on the rocker and the locker and selected clear data in the menu, that didn’t unbrick ,so once i got home I went to this site and downloaded samsung kies and the fi27 unroot/unbrick. when I got everything setup and ran the oneclick program, every time the thread failed, I have down this before on another pc and it worked,but now I have tried on my friend’s pc and his version of windows is not genuine. Could that have effected it.

    • I decided to pull the usb cable out after setup connection and i put it back in and it went to initialization and the progress began, Thank God that worked because I was out of ideas.

      • tsan106 says:

        YES…Thank you! I had the exact same problem with multiple FAILS and being stuck at setup connection. Pulling the usb cable (and putting it back in) ,after Setup Connection, started the unrooting process and allowed it to pass.

  12. Can you use this method when your on fk23 build?

  13. Brian S says:

    will this method work to unroot stock FL24?

  14. ian says:

    HELP!! I have FL24 and tried to load self extracting root file through odin and it hung up on modem.bin now its a yellow triangle and says the update had problems and to connect to kies!!!

  15. Chris says:

    I was running on FI03 rooted with Blu Kuban based on FI27, and this worked perfectly. No hang-ups or issues at all.

  16. Bugman says:

    Thanks for your videos!! they are easy to fallow and have made my decision to root much easier. The next step is custom recoveries and roms, which brings me to my question. Does the unroot bring back the stock recovery? Thanks in advance for your help if you have the time.

  17. Sebastian says:

    Hello, It’s Sebastian again, I have my wife’s phone (SGS2 rooted using your method) and it is suggesting to install updates but phone does not perform because is rooted.

    What’s the best method to update? Shall I unroot using the method you are describing in this video and re-root after process is completed? Thanks

  18. jerry156 says:

    thank you so much man

  19. @qbking77 i need your help. everytime i try to connect my phone to the computer but it says that the device is not recognized and it is not the computer because ive tried on other computer. Without being able to connect it to the computer i cannot change roms or unroot my phone. I already installed the drivers and they cant find my device either please help me!!!

  20. mogli33 says:

    My S2 gets stuck on setupconnection and i couldnt unroot what do i do??? D:

  21. fgcchevy says:

    followed instructions, odin said it passed and now im stuck at the boot screen that says 4g. how can i resolve this? tia

  22. Jim says:

    How do I get the drivers to update? I installed the link for kies and tried the other things your recommended but haven’t had any luck.

  23. 1Jasper says:

    Man, I’ve rooted and un-rooted successfully with no issues; Galaxy S2 Sprint.

    I stayed rooted for about 6 months until the FI27 update notification started straight buggin at 30 minute intervals. I dealt with it for two weeks but these last two days the phone started acting sluggish to the point of sloth status. Luckily I bookmarked your page QbKing77. Attempted the un-root I did and successful I am. Thanks!

  24. i rooted my phone with a sprint root and it is originally boost mobile, how do i unroot and get back my boost mobile apps and such

  25. chropeh says:

    Is there any way to go back to stock GB by flashing a zip file? The usb port on my phone is broken so I can’t use Odin and I need to send the old phone back because I got a replacement… Please Help asap!

  26. The link to the unroot file isn’t working. Is there another place to download?

  27. Brian S says:

    I am running FL24. Will this work? Or do i need the FL24 unroot nodata located at the same souce site you mention? Need to send phone in for warranty service.

  28. BossLady says:

    I am trying to unroot my epic touch and I have followed the instructions carefully my phone is stuck on the downloading screen with the modem still in the box it has been about 20 minutes and it’s still there.. please advise I don’t know what to do..

  29. I need to unroot my epic touch FI27. The download from the link is labled FL24, will it work for my phone? If not where can I find the correct download? Thanks

  30. mike123 says:

    in the video you have FL27 but the link you pointed us to is FL24 where do i get the Odin FL27 version?

  31. JM says:

    Worked perfectly, finished in 10 minutes. I was running a custom ROM but I dumped Sprint yesterday. Cancelled my Sprint contract for $200 early termination fee. Just sold my phone for $200 on CL so I broke even! Thank you.

  32. Well Tim, you’ve helped me out in the past. Maybe you can again. My phone is stuck on the 4G screen after unrooting.

    • Nevermind. I went back and wiped a couple times. Cache and data. The whole reason for my unrooting was due to my power button malfunctioning. It does work, once in a while. I was wondering if maybe I downloaded something bad that it overwrote my button functionality. Do you have a list of all the codes for the E4GT? Also have you heard of malfunctioning power buttons? Or a virus that has been known to screw the phone up? Thanks.

  33. Ryan says:

    Hey would this work with Virgin Mobile EPic 4g touch?

  34. Ernesto Tovar says:

    The link you provide is for FL24. After I searched around for a bit I found the FI27. heres link for the FI27 unroot.

  35. Dave M says:

    Tim, Thanks for all the time you put into the videos. You and they are awesome. can I go back to ICS with this from GB27 without worrying about brick bug? Thanks again.

  36. Reggie Currie says:

    @qbking77:disqus After rooting my EP4GT on JB/GB27, I’ve not been able to get my PC or Mac to recognize my device when I connect by USB. I’ve tried several cables (eeven a BlackBerry one) but no luck. Trying to unroot to stock GB27, Help!!!

  37. nick says:

    i rooted my phone with a sprint root and it is originally boost mobile, how do i unroot and get back my boost mobile apps and such

  38. Spencer McClendon says:

    Please tell me I have not hosed my phone. I can’t get into recovery or odin, and the screen says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue please select recovery in kies and try again”. Kies doesn’t recognize my phone when connected either. Was on a GB27 build of Touched by a SGS4 going back down TSGS3 v.6. I flashed the recommended el26 with mobile odin, to make this even shorter I did everything I have done a few dozen times b4, this time it got hung on a loop, win i used one click on the pc things went wrong. Please help, as I feel you may be the only hope.

  39. FLiP145 says:

    I tried this and it gets hung up and I get KERNAL message. Any ideas how I can get passed that issue?

  40. r68dove says:

    hi, i ended up getting a yellow triangle with an exclamation point on it and therefore my phone is there anyway 2 fix this??.i was thinkin of takin it 2 a sprint store 2 see what they could do or i thought of filing it on my insurance & have them send me another phone…any advice would be welcomed..your vids are awesome btw….thnx r.dove

  41. CANDI says:

    im trying to unroot my phone and I cant figure out what im doing wrong. I have followed all the steps. my phone is going haywire on me. It locks by itself and cuts off. I cant do anything with it! HELP!

  42. John Kahrs says:

    I have tried a few times …when I get to factory reset I end up with a yellow triangle then a black screen …I can get back to the menu and try everything again but still end up with the yellow triangle then black screen

  43. NOOB says:

    I have no idea what I am doing, but followed your instructions precisely and BADA BING BADA BOOM–it works perfectly!! YOU ROCK. Thank you so much for providing this service to the community.

  44. Imart1316 says:

    After I make everything like u post it my phone doesn’t start up it stays on the 4G logo please please help

  45. pedro says:


  46. campeon32000 says:

    Does this also work if i have GB27?

  47. jay88m says:

    Hey I’ve tried this step by step and it didn’t work. Please help!

  48. John says:

    damn… I got my phone working again… my galaxy s2 even though its not my main phone… and its what I use just to play around and try new things like RPMs and that kinds of stuff, well I bricked it and I have been looking around trying to unbrick and this is the only website with video that helped me… thank you soooo much

  49. Nathan L says:


    Saved me some time!

  50. Yoprincess Hues says:

    i’m stuck on modem bin what do i do every stock rom does so help please

  51. Yoprincess Hues says:

    can anyone help me here ? i can not get it to root sticks on modem.bin?

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