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Root the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

How to Root the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch


GB27 Jelly Bean


Download (Rooted_NoData):


For free wifi tether on the Epic 4G Touch see here:


This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on FI27 Ice cream sandwich. Any questions, just ask!
Thanks for watching.

Root file:


This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on FI27 Ice cream sandwich. Any questions, just ask!
Thanks for watching.

Rooted Download (Will NOT reset data):

Rooted Download (WILL reset data):

How to install CWM on FI27:


How to Install A Custom Recovery:

GB27 Jelly Bean



Mobile Odin:


GB27 Recovery Tar:




This video will show you how to install AGAT Recovery (Similar to Clockworkmod or TWRP) on the Sprint Samsung Epic 4g Touch. This is for devices running Android 4.0.4 ICS FI27. This recovery is safe to flash roms! Any questions, just ask.
Thanks for watching.

Tar file:



Mobile Odin:


To see Roms and Hacks click here:


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72 Responses to Root the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

  1. dk1307 says:

    My say fl24 can i use the one that says fl27 to root my phone

  2. Worked fine with FI27 method! now how can i reek in the benefits of a rooted phone?

  3. BEARLOCO says:

    I have a question on regarding this custom rom, how would you go about returning this back to stock if needed?

    • dougthemug1966 says:

      odin back to stock FI27 them manually apply the ota FL24 update

      • Guest says:

        I flashed FL27 and it works great, thank you, my Boost phone now thinks it’s a Sprint phone and I can’t download the original boost apps to quick pay my bill. I have to use the internet… Also, It keeps trying to update to FL24, which I’d like to at least try the update, but now that I’m rooted in FL27, the FL24update will NOT complete, and it says (in red) “update aborted.” i then get to choose, reboot, wipe cache, apply from SDcard etc.. I then tell it to reboot the system and it reboots fine, BUT still in FL27. I just want to try the update, does anyone know why won’t it update after I’ve rooted?

  4. dougthemug1966 says:

    after flashing kernal thru mobile odin phone randomly reboots’

  5. dougthemug1966 says:

    was able to get back to stock, are we sure the agat tar for cwm is cool for FL24, cause phone went nuts, thru xda forum check apparently a couple others did as well

  6. I have FL24, i am wondering how i can unroot it. Any Advice?

  7. Adam says:

    The AGAT recovery listed under FL24 doesn’t work right for me. When my Epic 4G Touch boots up, it says “I9-GT900” or something like that, which is the international version?

    And also causes my radio to not work.
    Please put up the correct AGAT file.

    Please note people, that this FL24 AGAT file is for the Boost Mobile version apperently…..

  8. QB,
    AGAT Recovery doesn’t work for my SGS2E4GT. When I downloaded months ago and made a backup, it said that it worked. I just bricked my phone a few minutes ago and when I went into recovery mode, it said there’s “no files found”. I checked in the Internal SD and External SD….still nothing. Has anyone else had this issue?

  9. CTK1 says:

    Tim, I rooted a fresh out of the box FL24 and everything went great except now the Sprint visual voicemail will not download voicemails. I’ve done nothing else to the phone yet other than set up emial accts (no recovery, no apps). Any thoughts?

  10. Nick Owens says:

    I have an issue. I can’t seem to get my phone recognized by odin at all. I have tried many usb cables. I have heard that Sprint has removed the mass storage and usb functionality for this phone. Can you please help? I don’t know if there is a fix for this already, but i’m really new to this.

  11. Nick Bette says:

    Trying to get this working with FL24 and the xdadevelopers site that you link to says that for ODIN Mobile Lite you will have to install the FlashKernel manually. Do you know at what point I would have to do that? I put it on the root of the external SD card along with ODIN Mobile Lite and SXTP AGAT. Thanks!

  12. Jimbo62 says:

    Thanks so much for this video. IT WAS AWESOME… I’ve been watching a lot of your videos but this one really helped me get past a wall on my 4gT – Sprint kept throwing up its own recovery screen no matter what I did… yours worked!!! All I wanted to be able to do was create a pristine backup of my phone that I can come back to. Thanks again!

  13. NemoM -- N'rn WI says:

    Just updated to the FL24 a few days ago. This helped me get root back. Thanks.

  14. mattack says:

    I’ve rooted FI27, would like to update to FL24. Can I just flash rooted FL24? Also, I use Linux and Heimdale, but I’m having trouble finding the ROM file. Anyone have a link that’s just s ZIP/MD5 and not an EXE?

  15. DuckJun Yoon says:

    I love Jelly Bean, How to Flash Roms to the Sprint Galaxy S II aka Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710)

  16. Rob says:

    FL24 (Latest) does not work properly or some how i did something wrong which i doubt. It keeps rebooting my E4GT. It will reboot my phone all the way stay on for about 1 minute and the shut off and reboot again and keeps doing this. any reason why? thanks in advance.

  17. Force Meow says:

    Smooth as silk, thanks. It wants to update to Fl24 again tho, and that slowed down the system b4, is there a way to turn off updating?

  18. Hector Gatica says:

    Ok so i rooted my boostmobile sgs2 e4gt not knowing that i would get sprint stuff. Is there a way for me to go back to boost but still keep the root?

    • Jonny Harmon says:

      I just did the same thing. Instead of the Boost logo on startup and shut down I now get the Sprint logo. Everything works fine, I’m still on the Boost network, just wondering if my S2 was fooled thinking Its on the Sprint network instead of Boost. Also wondering if It’l work on sprint now that its rooted. Maybe both?…

  19. NEED HELP! i followed the video, did everything they way instructed. After i set my AGAT recovery i rebooted they way i was told and my phone acts weird: every minute it either restarts or turns off. i might be crazy but when he is off he starts back up withought me pushing any buttons…even in recovery screen does the same thing. I am running on FL24 PLEASE HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

  20. Jonathan Olivas says:

    If I root my epic 4G touch and then i decided to unroot my epic 4G touch will i loose all my data on my phone

  21. Reggie Currie says:


    • i heard from sprint service tech that s2 will never get jellybean because s2 can barely handle ICS and that samsung will never invest more in to s2 since s4 is on horizon…..But from other hand i don’t believe those guys so i hope i will get my update pretty soon 😉

  22. nycmarz says:

    How can I get tethering to work?

  23. Ethan Close says:

    Perfect on FL24. Thank you!

  24. Kyle says:

    so does the method described under FL 24 works or does it keeps the phone rebooting? would qbking please confirm?

  25. Robert Petty says:

    anyone figure out how to get a boost phone back to factory yet? tired of this sprint crap! Also have not been able to send picture messages since….makes no since seeing how its the same network, but the only change made was rooting with this site.Please someone let me know!!

  26. Robert Petty says:

    obviously qbking77 doesn’t know because a ton of people have asked with no answer.

  27. Robert Petty says:

    used your root for my boost s2 epic. how do i go back to factory?

  28. Heebster says:

    This new root for GB27 works great, and the Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean free wifi tether (TrevE Mod) from 18 Nov post works on Samsung Epic 4G Touch jelly bean version as well. Bonus!

  29. CN says:

    QBKing77 I have a mac and have been trying to root gb27. I keep getting the boot loop. I have now reverted to the Kies version of JB but need root to get all my programs/settings back. Any thoughts. I used heimdall to install. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  30. Wayne Rooney says:

    How do you unroot the Galaxy S2 GB 28 running stock android 4.1.2 I used (odin-OC once click) SPH-D710VMUB_GB28_1014481_Rooted_Nodata

  31. JP says:

    I am trying to use the link for

    FL24 ICS and its not working anyware can i get some help

  32. gticlay says:

    Anyone have these issues with the rooted GB27 where it’s difficult to unlock the screen when charging but fine when not charging? It’s really annoying! Also, I ended up with two of the mediahub apps which is also annoying.

  33. kevin says:

    I just did this root process and it goes through that entire process all the way through the reboot but then when I go to check for the superuser it is not there….any suggestions?

  34. alberto Chavez says:

    will this work on the boost epic 4g touch

  35. Reggie Regg says:

    how do you unroot to stock GB27

  36. jay says:

    Can I factory reset my samsung galaxy s2 sprint? I’ve been doing alot of research on rooting and i came across a link that states not to factory reset or risk bricking the phone

  37. Bill says:

    I followed the directions for the FL24 and it showed I had successfully completed the root but when I click on the Root Checker it says in red**Due to security concerns, Google bans applications from providing root access **Will not root this device. Will verify proper root installation. Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this and how to get around it or am I just doing something wrong?

  38. Johnny says:

    How do I root on gb28 pleaseee we reply…

  39. chuck says:

    Tim, thank you! What a great explainer you are, and all of these downloads worked exactly as you showed on the video. Wow, that is no easy accomplishment, although you made it look easy. I’m gonna go watch your other stuff now!

  40. david says:

    when attempting to download the recovery for FL24 it says the page will not load. What can i do to get rid of my factory sprint rom…

  41. mike says:

    do i need to have an external sd card or can i just use my device’s internal memory?

  42. pr1nyc1 says:

    Your link to the forum for the GB27 root is not valid.

  43. Andre Duhan says:

    the dl link under the Sprint Galaxy s2 epic touch dl link takes you yo a blank page. PLEASE HELP IVE BEEN NEEEDING YOUR HELP SO BAD ON A COUPLE THINGS AND YOU ARE SO AWESOME.IF YOU CAN GIVE ME THE RIGHT LINK AND ID LIKE TO ALSO TRY AND MAKE IT FASTER AND DL THE BLACK ROM? IS THAT A GOOD rom? I THINK IT LOOKS NEAT.pppppllllllleeeeaaaasssseeeeee someone give me the right link I wanna do this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Andre says:

    I need the working GB27 version rooting link that wont erase any data

  45. Andre says:

    someone please help

  46. Andre says:

    the one above is a blank page

  47. Andre says:

    someone please provide the correct link to download the SPRINT Samsung GALAXY S II Epic Touch, in order4 for me to root my phone through odin without removing or backing up any data?????????????THE LINK ABOVE GOES TO A BLANK PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iLL OWE SOMEONE JUST SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE YO!!!!!

  48. Andre says:

    QbKing77 Please send me the correct link as all are dead for my GB27 S II epic touch with Sprint

  49. Andre says:

    QbKing77………………………. PLEASE were getting dead links Ive been waiting till today to root my phone and now I cant please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Tim Crispi says:


  51. Rajma says:

    I just root a Galaxy 4g epic and still cant use my celphone as a hotspot. Could any one help me if there is a way to.get the hotspot activated. It say you don’t have hotspot please contact your network provider (sprint).

    • Tim Crispi says:

      Hotspot on your phone would have to be activated by your carrier to use the feature. Now there is a work around. You can go to the google play store and look for either barnacle wifi tether or foxfi wifi. barnacle wifi tether is completely free but your phone has to have root access for it to work, foxfi your phone don’t need root access and it works great but if you don’t purchase the full version of the app then it will only allow about 5 or so minutes before you have to shut it down and restart the app to get back on like with it. Foxfi also has several other features like wifi hotspot, wifi usb tether which is a lot faster connection from the phone then the hotspot connection and it supports Bluetooth wifi if you are able to use that as well. it works great with the full version of the app. I use it on my on Galaxy s3 T-Mobile phone running on Metropcs service. I have to use the usb tether cause my phone blocks the wifi tether cause I don’t have the service for it but it runs great using the usb tether. Also with foxfi you will have to download an app to your pc and install it. Look for pdanet in google play store, I forgot, its foxfi and pdanet in 1 app and it should give you a link to download what you need to install on the pc end for it to work with you phone. Hope this helps

  52. yoprincess says:

    the jelly bean one doesnt go to website?

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