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Root the Samsung Galaxy Note II

This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root your Samsung Galaxy Note II. This will give you full root access and will also potentially show you how to install a custom recovery (if you would like it). Any questions, just ask below.


How to root:



Free Hotspot:

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About the Author

Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • Note 2

    Hello. I followed the videos including the rooting method on my T-mobile Note 2. But the tethering app said “Tethering started with errors. Please see “Show log.” The wifi image turned to yellow color, but I do not see two meters at the bottom. Please, someone help me.

  • My settings for rooted ATT Galaxy Note 2 on H2O wireless … … And H2O says it does not work on OS 4.0+.. LOL I say 4G is GREAT!

  • namyarb3

    I have updated to 4.1.2
    Sprint phone.
    Do I need to wait for an updated toolbox?

    • qbking77

      No, just use the latest option and it will work

      • Just for clarification when you say latest option do you mean the one that read build JRo03c ALjC? number 42 in Note 2 toolkit v3.0.0.

  • Rizu Chishti

    Hi I have 4.1.1 already rooted, is there anyway I can get update 4.1.2 without unrooting phone?
    I saw your video on unrooting and you stated all data will be wiped, I don’t wanna lose any data, can you please advise best options?

    • Chuck

      I’m wondering the same thing. If I click to install the update, it boots into TWRP and then I have no Idea what to do other than reboot to system and not get the update.

  • sstrunks72

    when will the 4.1.2 be available to root?

    • AndroidJunkie

      You can still root following this method, you just may or may not get TWRP. I was able to follow the instructions and get a standard root so I could restore from Titanium.

  • David

    hey qbking how can i root with 4.1.2 sph-L900? i unrooted my phone so i could update and now im just wondering how to root back again.

  • Ryan

    yes, i have the same question as Michael Belis regarding which lastest verision to use. I have updated to 4.1.2 on a Sprint SPH-L900. running build JZO54K. Do I use option 41, 42 or 13? from the toolkit?




  • vittorio

    Hey qbking77 wanted to know if you got a new way to root with the new update that just rolled out

  • JhookS

    what model should i use if I have sprint 4.1.2 and build JZO54K.L900VPAMA7?
    International GSM or LTE? or anyone of the sprint models?

  • Victor

    Hey guys! Thank you for your cooperation! I just root my SGN2 using this amazing video! Thanks a lot

  • RSPC

    Just a FYI for anyone interested,
    I used option 42 and it worked just fine with update 4.1.2 installed:)

  • mike

    How am I supposed to do all this without an internet connection on my computer?

  • Jason

    When i check for an update on the Note II toolkit it tells me there is a toolkit V4, and that it is only has automatic updates for donated users. I like the software, and would like to try the new version, but i cannot figure out how to donate. If someone could lead me in the right direction it would be great.

  • Candymmann

    Hey I just rooted my note 2 by sprint but it just keeps restarting over and over what should I docs

  • Masked

    I rooted my Sprint Note 2 with the above video prior to the MA7 update release. I am trying desperately to update to MA7 from LJC, primarily to get the ota pop-up to go away. Everywhere I read, ie XDA etc., tells me multiple different ways to update. Some say unroot, some say things I don’t even understand about kernels and modems… Can you do a walkthrough on how to update from LJC to MA7 on a rooted Galaxy Note 2?

  • benjamin

    hello… I push the start tethering and it says starting “with errors” and I look and it says “activating wifi interface failed, setting up ad-hoc setting essid and channel” what do I do?

  • Vaulted

    Hi, I have sprint sph 900 build# amc2 do I choose # 92 from tool kit

  • Steve

    Can one root their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using a Mac? I’ver heard yes and no.

  • Add Mahmoud

    Hello. Thanks for the very easy way of showing all that, BUT , I’m stuck on “waiting for USB debugging to be enabled” I did it 2 times, the 1st time the debugging was not turned on, but I made sure to turn it on the 2ed time… Help please, I’m stuck in here. I want to add that even though my phone drivers are installed and recognized , but I don’t see my device Nor my inner flash drive AS part of recognized drives that I can access through my laptop. I know this is not normal, cause all the previous phones were getting accessed by any computer. And cause I noticed this problems, I did say “YES” on installing the drivers all over again, I was hoping that it would fix being recognized as a drive. HELP :o)
    I wanted to write u in detail , so u will have a better idea about the situation. THANX

  • JIEE

    which one is for JZO54K.L90VPAMC2?

  • Mercedes Gonzalez

    First thank you for posting this video so far I am all over it, the only question I have is for the version, On
    the toolkit it has a version 4.1.1 and mine is 4.1.2. can I still use the 4.1.1 version?

  • salasd

    everything is working just fine but it is not showing AndriodTether on my laptop I tried all your methods any help would be much appreciated

  • dre

    what if your running 4.3?

  • Rallaster

    The download files on XDA have been removed from the thread. Can you update your links to to proper location to procure said files? Thanks!

  • Rallaster

    For anyone looking for the new DL location for the SGNII files. 🙂

  • DaMarcus Bell

    can I use this method on my sprint note 2 with 4.3?

  • DaMarcus Bell

    I need the how to for 4.3 any suggestions?

  • Michelle

    The download link has been removed………..

  • Bob

    looking for some help here. I rooted at 4.3 and then unrooted cause I had to switch carriers. went over to sprint. tried to reroot using cf autoroot. no go. superuser closes and says need to update binaries. tried that nothing. keep getting knox notification about going into system. is there a different way to root this thing. been looking for a way to manually install. nothing on xda that I found. help please.

  • herman

    are you going to show how to root the new 4.4.2 note 2

  • Johnson

    Before odin is suppose to come up my toolkit does nothing when it says waiting for usb debug. I know I have it selected and ready to go. Tried skipping it and going straight into download mode with the suggested file for my device and now it load pass the name of the device when turned on. How can I get my phone back to a functional state?

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