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Published on October 6th, 2013 | by Tim Schofield


How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [All Variants]

This video will show you how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This will root all variants that have root exploits at the moment. Be sure to select the proper cf-auto root file below. Huge thanks to Chainfire for his fantastic root exploits.

DISCLAIMER: Root your device at your own risk. Using this root method sets current binary and system status to custom. Additionally, it will also trigger the KNOX warranty void status. The KNOX warranty status change is permanent, and a service center may deny warranty based on this flag – even if the other flags are reset correctly. The KNOX flag being tripped may also prevent certain Samsung KNOX features from working (enterprise security features).




SM-N900 (International Exynos):
SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm):

SM-N900T (T-Mobile US):
SM-N900P (Sprint):
SM-N900W8 (Canadia):

SM-N900S (Korea):

SM-N9002 (China):
SM-N9006 (China):
SM-N9008 (China):
SM-N9009 (China, untested):

AT&T and Verizon do not have root exploits yet.


To Unroot your device, see here:

Source: Chainfire

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28 Responses to How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [All Variants]

  1. barondebxl says:

    If you could provide a link for drivers that would be cool too. Many new to android and they dont know.

  2. Dennis says:

    Thank you for posting this. I want to root my new Note 3 but am waiting in hopes that someone finds a way to reset the Knox warranty-void counter. When and if they do, I will already have everything I need to root the device. 🙂

  3. Joel Oliva says:

    Where can I get a custom recovery like c.w.r. . And how can I install it ??

  4. elrey420 says:

    is knox preinstalled on the phone or do i have to download it

  5. Smitth3132 says:

    Once rooted will we be able to use the native hotspot app?

  6. captain Janahi says:

    I try to root the Note 3 but always given a message of Fail, any reason for this and how to overcome this problem, in order to root the note 3 galaxy.

  7. Emmanuel Hidalgo-Wohlleben says:

    Does this work on Mac? Sorry, new to rooting.

  8. adnan says:

    hi wich root file i have to use for n9000q? thanks.. for ur help…

  9. Kurt Germaine says:

    Excited to find out when an exploit will be found for att! I came from the epic 4g (used to have srf 1.2) with no bloatware… Can’t wait for the same on my note 3 to get the most out of it! Would love to find a way to root without tripping knox!

  10. Pahntoof says:

    When will we have an exploit for the ATT Note 3?

  11. Astagh Firullah says:

    Im hoping you read this and you can really help me out i have a international unlock note 3 ( now i got it rooted but i cant flash the kit kat and or anything on it because it dont have a download mode and when i try to put it in download mode i get “factory data” and odin doesnt see it but my computer does please help me…i follow you on everything lol Than you Astagh Firullah

  12. dan says:

    Im having trouble rooting my note 3. It is not restarting after odin passes it. What do I need to do?

  13. Martin McCain says:

    would this work on Kitkat?

  14. blake says:

    does this work on kitkat? thank you

  15. kenneth czyz says:

    Will this work nc5d

  16. Travis Easterday says:

    would love the Galaxy Note 3 AT&T root. I have found no other one than the De La Vega that gives a locked bootloader and recovery. any ideas?

  17. luis tejada says:

    Please write me back for the attempt to hack for my note 3 t mobile and the color if show always blue

  18. Chris G says:

    I found that this did not work. I ended up having my phone stuck on the screen ‘recovery is booting’. My phone software version 4.3, out of the box. Perhaps I made an error not enabling usb debugging before turning the phone off? What did work is this link: … same procedure, just different file & different version of Odin3: v1.85.

  19. jeffhanson1 says:

    Nothing here for SM-N7505 Note 3 Neo.

  20. Guest says:

    Just incase anyone has trouble with Odin not recognising their phone… Go to and make sure you have the latest version of Kies installed. After doing that, Odin then recognized my phone.

  21. bruce says:

    032215 worked my note3 4-4-4

  22. Fidel Rubio says:

    gracias , funciona exelente ..habia probado con otros tutoriales y no funcionaban

  23. jmgc9 says:

    hey which one works with a VERIZON note 3 ????

  24. ftell says:

    Hello Tim i rooted my note 3 but it is lollipop 5.0 and after rooting it i had many error messages that i down know how to solve. can you help me with this please?

  25. heron says:

    please i need file to root,
    galaxy note 3 verizon SM-N900V

  26. sid says:

    Cf auto root is not working for my sm n9005 5.0

  27. Ms.Lisa says:

    I did everything you instructed by my phone is not rebooting. This is the message at the top of the screen recovery booting recovery is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: recovery. Screen is frozen on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Please help.

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