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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Tim Schofield


How to Root the LG G2 (All Variants)

This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root your LG G2. Keep in mind this may void your warranty.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage this may cause. Use at your own risk.

G2 drivers:

Root files:
DOWNLOAD (Source: XDA) Thanks TheCubed!


How to Root the LG G2:

Which devices does this support?

  • AT&T G2 (D800) – D80010d
  • Verizon G2 (VS980) – VS98010B (Shipping ROM)
  • Verizon G2 (VS980) – VS98011A (OTA)
  • T-Mobile G2 (Shipping ROM)
  • KT F320k (Shipping ROM)
  • Rogers D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Bell D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Telus D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • OPEN D802 (Shipping ROM)
  • Sprint G2

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14 Responses to How to Root the LG G2 (All Variants)

  1. Steve says:

    Can we use Wifi tether after rooting Sprint LG G2?

  2. MrMcadamry . says:

    I don’t understand. There are no drivers for my Sprint LG-G2 ? Your link does not have them, and LG support says that they don’t exist for our phones model. Then how are you getting drivers???????

  3. sharps says:

    thanks great instructions just followed along with first watch and works perfect – uk model d802

  4. tropicalexplorer says:

    when will you have the root files for verizon 12B?

  5. KKazaryan says:

    Does this work with the recent Verizon update

  6. Eddie says:

    I rooted my Sprint LG G2, tried to use the tethering app and no luck whatsoever. I emailed QBKIng on this and got no response back. Does anyone have any solutions to figuring out the tether app to work with this rooted phone? Also any ideas on how to unroot back to stock.

  7. George says:

    Will you be posting a video on how to unroot?

  8. Nelson Yambó says:

    New update from Sprint unroots your phone and you can’t use this method to root. What say you QbKing77?

  9. JanneJulma says:

    Can i update OTA to kitkat when rootet?

  10. scotte2121 says:

    I clicked the download button on this page thinking I had the files I needed to root my phone, and it downloaded a bunch of crap onto my computer, locked out all my data, and caused me to have to spend a lot of time fixing it and cleaning it up. I appreciate what you’re doing for people here, but taking ads from unscrupulous assholes, designed to trick people is a pile of BS. Sorry, but you ran me away from your site.

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