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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by Tim Schofield


How to Root the LG G3 on Android 5.0 Lollipop (All Variants)

There is now a one click script to root the LG G3 whether you are on Android 4.4 Kitkat or Android 5.0 Lollipop. It has also been confirmed working on all variants. If you need help, please refer to the video linked below. Note that in the video I am running Kitkat but it will work on both Kitkat and Lollipop!

Developer Unjustified Dev put together a script to root the LG G3 and avicohh put it into a one click script.

How to Root the LG G3 on Android 5.0 Lollipop:

Drivers and One click script

Install drivers on PC, check USB debugging on the LG G3, plug device into PC, run the one click script, ROOTED!

If you want to install TWRP, see here:

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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • orsidoc

    what about mac?

    • ElvisMarmaduke

      Yeah, it seems there’s all kinds of ways to do it on Windows, but not Mac, even though some of the windows methods come with files labeled “linux” and “mac”
      Would be nice to know what to do with those. Or what commands things like “Send_Command.exe” actually do, so i can just do them myself

    • redyeller

      why, don’t you have an iphone to play with?

  • Yan Aung Soe

    I’m stucked at the Firmware Update and it doesn’t continue. Help?

    • Jeffery Wong

      same here, any solution?

      • Jeramie33

        Do you know of a way I can root my at&t lg g3 without a PC?

        • visu

          no, only possible with towel root from what I know, and that isn’t available for lg g3

  • Jeramie33

    Is there a way to use this method without a PC?

  • coleman free

    it just keeps looking for the serial, did i do something wrong?

  • omicronpi9

    Superphone LG g3:
    Have made the following enhancements:
    1. 128gb sd class 10 card
    2. Mobile signal enhancement sticker.
    3. 7500 mah battery, and extended cover
    4. Leather round view flip cover stuck onto extended cover.
    5. Debating to root the phone extend ram by 1gb by using Roehsoft ramextender coz 4 months left for warranty

  • Brian Jones

    TIM HELP I am on lollipop trying everything with Zero luck uninstalled & reinstalled lg drivers & I keep getting missing Lg Serial port I am on windows 7 ultimate with zero luck tried every port every new cord & just seem to have no help thanx in advance LG G3 Sprint

  • Richard Ayala

    Hi..tried rooting my g3 (sprint) installed the drivers,installed the one click application. Everything went good..til it read to go to download mode which I did. So it recognized the device,but got stuck on 90% I don’t know what I’m doing or it has to do with switching to ptp instead if mpt. Would that be the case?anyways hope to hear from you..thanks!

  • Kelby Kennedy

    I have a sprint G3, Lollipop 5.0.1. Tried the GUI, but it failed with a registry error. Used the script, and it got to where it found the phone on com3. Said it was rebooting the phone, but the phone didn’t reboot. The phone is stuck on the Firmware Update screen. What do I do now?

  • miko noam

    seems to work fine but device ends up being not rooted

    • Ant Stephenson

      Exactly the same for me unfortunately – did you manage to figure this out?

      • miko noam

        Dose not work for v20i verg on lg g3. I flashed v20h and it worked.

        • aouas

          hello, where did you got v20h

  • cooleskimo

    Neither GUI nor script work. Have swapped usb ports etc etc. Software version is V20i-EUR-XX. Have LG blocked the exploit.

  • cooleskimo

    Forgot to say earlier. Script does not enter download mode automatically. But when done manually phone freezes on download screen and have to remove battery to get device to restart.

  • Corey Pyle

    i keep getting this

    ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

  • Ramesh Rachuri

    Just rooted lg g3 using root script 1.2 and extended ram to 6 gb using roehsoft. Awesome. Many Thanx. Version 1.3 did not work on my international lg g3.

  • Prithvi

    Not rebooting!

  • MD S

    freezes at 90% with 0% on the phone for very very very long time, LG G3 Lolipop 5.01

  • Ethan Stearns

    If your using Verizon V985…They sent a patch out so you will not be able to root your phone. Your phone will freeze at 0% and 90% on your computer with the one-click method. The other method your phone will not root or it will freeze. So what you have to do is down grade to a earlier version of android. Plenty of tutorials on line to help you out. Hope this information works for everyone who is having issues!

  • Destin

    Any update on the rooting of android 5.0.1 on G3 with Sprint? tried it twice with no dice.

  • Khizar Arshi

    Sad… Tried several time with the method; even reset the phone to factory settings, but no luck… my device lg g3 d851 T-Mobile with Lollipop 5.0.1….
    The console shows root done, but when i check with root checker…. Fail!!! please help what to do…. I really want to root my device.

    • caro

      Same thing happens to me…

  • Vladimir Galeano
  • Emmanuel Mabindo

    hello I just tried to root my lg-d851 by using your approach but still isn’t working and am using androd version 5.0.1 what should I do because I need to root my phone.

  • Emmanuel Mabindo

    if you know please contact me

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