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Published on May 9th, 2015 | by Tim Schofield


Root the Galaxy S6 (Edge) All Variants, No Knox Trip

You can now root the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge without tripping Knox!!! The Knox counter will void your warranty with Samsung so now you can root without tripping the counter. This also works for all variants INCLUDING Verizon and AT&T! This is using PingPongRoot.

Root the Galaxy S6 (Edge) All Variants, No Knox Trip:


Supported Devices (Beta 5.1):

Samsung Galaxy S6 with following ROM versions:
***new*** Use Download Data!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with following ROM versions:
***new*** Use Download Data!


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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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73 Responses to Root the Galaxy S6 (Edge) All Variants, No Knox Trip

  1. Lakh Jhajj says:

    Tim, Can u pls do HowTo video on Xposed for Lollipop 5.0 and up for any Android phone. Need to learn how it works from you. Thx a lot!

  2. shawn says:

    Thanks. Does this root not have the deep sleep issue anymore? And also can i get officals ota updates after this root?

  3. Arthur says:

    FPTAG SU Binary not installed on Sprint S6 v5.0.2

    PingPong Is failing after installing SuperSU. I press Get Root! and
    receive error message: Device not found. Your device data is still not
    supported. Stay tuned… I assume my ROM is not yet supported? I
    tried “Download Data”, no change. My software Version is G920PVPU1AOE2.
    Can you help? Arthur

  4. Joey_5 says:

    Rooting has negative affect on reception. I’m not sure if anyone has ever noticed. I just got the phone rooted this morning on the way to work then noticed the places i normally have GREAT reception, I now only have mediocre reception. Has there been a method to unlock the native wi-fi?

  5. Anton Kaluzhanov says:

    G920FXXU1AOE3, can you add for this build root?

  6. Marc Clooten says:

    If ive already updated my S6 to 5.02
    Will the pingpong root still work? Or do i need a differeent file?
    G920 W8VLU1AOE1

  7. angelito Vazqz says:

    I have tmobile s6 build number G920TUVU2COF6, and this method can’t root says su binary not installed

  8. Fady Smouni says:

    can you add G290FXXU2BOFJ

  9. Daniel Espitia says:

    Can you add G925IDVU2COF8 PLEACCE

  10. Gustavo Kruger says:

    Plz add G920IDVU2COF8 (Galaxy s6)

  11. Valentin Hartmann II says:

    please add this build number: G925FXXU1AOE3

  12. matt mcnamara says:

    just bought an edge last night… *SPRINT* -PVPU1AOC9 doesnt seem to be supported by ping pong 🙂 just fyi

  13. Nacho Abril says:

    can i still use “my knox” interface after rooting the device?

  14. Kevin Calderon says:

    Please add G920FXXU2BOGE

  15. Danny C says:

    I have G925PVPU2BOGA Please add if you have time. Thank you so much for reading my post.

  16. aaron says:

    Hi, is it possible if you could add the G920FXXU2BOG8 model please

  17. David Delong says:

    How soon will you add the G920T1UVU2COFB by METROPCS? or will this root work?

  18. Christine P says:

    I have G925FXXU2POH7 version. is it possible to root it ?
    thanks …

  19. alonzo says:

    Please add g920aztuu2aofa

  20. Stacy Pilon says:

    Verison galaxy 6 edge please help me root..

  21. Stacy Pilon says:


  22. Ramshung says:

    Please add my G925IDVU2COGA

  23. disqus_tS6wD4Sp7c says:

    pls add G920FXXU2COH2

  24. Alex De Corte says:

    When will it work for the G925AUCU2AOF4

  25. Darryl DuBose says:

    please add this build #G925TUVU3DOI1…ON VERSION 5.1.1

  26. cjhlee says:

    please add this as well: G9250ZCU1CO17

  27. Andrew Woods says:

    Please add G925TUVU3DOI1 Thanks! *Galaxy S6 Edge*

  28. xXFalseProphetXx says:

    Please add this build number: G925TUVU3DOI1 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ASAP. Thanks!

  29. Pierre Boire says:

    Please add this built number: G920W8VLU2A0G2. Thanks

  30. Robert Smith says:

    This might sound stupid but what does everyone mean when they say please add build number and then they go on to show their build number what ever it may be?

  31. Kelly Tate says:

    I need G925VVRU4BOG9

  32. Michael A. Morton says:

    My entire build # is
    I have the s6 edge from sprint. Can you please add this?

  33. Tyler Stendara says:

    Please add G925AUCU3BOI2

  34. Joahny says:

    G928TUVU2COJ5 please add galxy 6 edge

  35. johany Hernandez says:

    Can u add mine it’s G928TUVUC ON galaxy 6 edge+ please

  36. Alejandro Villa says:

    Please add G920VVRU4BOK7


  37. lootboy91 says:

    Ad lmy47x.g920w8vlu3b0j7

  38. Philly Jim says:

    How about the G928T or the t mobile edge plus on 5.1.1….?
    any help would be greatly appreciated…THank’s

  39. NaTiOnZ ReBoRn says:

    Please add SM-G925VVRU4BOK7

  40. Kevin Joung says:

    Can you add G920TUVS3DOJC Samsung S6? Thanks!

  41. itachi says:

    Please add G920IDVU3DOJ6 galaxy s6

  42. Kevin Z says:

    Can you please add G920FXXU1AOCZ!

  43. DOUBLE D says:

    can you please add G925AUCU3BOJ7

  44. Pierre says:

    Is it possible to add G9250ZCU2COLB?
    Thank you

  45. Вячеслав Яковлев says:

    Could you please add G925TUVS3DOJC if possible. Thank you.

  46. Jonathan Barry says:

    Can you please try to add G920VVRU4CPC2. Would be greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

  47. Sarah Padrino says:

    Please add G925TUVS3DJOC (T-Mobile S6 Edge)

  48. Taryn Mishamigo says:

    Can you please add G920W8VLU3CPC8

  49. Dejr Bostick says:

    Do you have anything for the G920tuvu4epf1 ?

  50. Fabrice Laforest Jean says:

    Can u please add G920TUVU3DOl1

  51. edz leal says:

    Please can you add this G925W8VLU5CPI4…thank you if you accept-samsung galaxy s6 edge

  52. Kash G says:

    please add mine G925PVPS4CPI3

  53. Abe More says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 MMB29K.G920AZTUS5CPG5 If you could please add :)) Thank YOU!!!

  54. Kevin says:

    Could you please add my build number G928FXXU3BPJ3

  55. Johnny says:

    G925VVRU4CPKZ is my Verizon S6 Edge Build Number, With Marshmallow 6.0.1

  56. Furkan says:

    Please new developers..

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