How to Root

This page is a complete list of the how to root tutorials I have done for Android phones and tablets. I have categorized them by carrier and included international/unlocked devices as well. There is also a section for tablets. Check it out and find out how to root Android phones and tablets!


Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Epic 4G Touch
Motorola Photon 4G
Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Nexus S 4G


Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Nexus S


Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Nexus





Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Google Nexus 4

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Nexus S




Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S4

Google Nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Nexus S 




Google Nexus 10
Google Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


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45 Responses to How to Root

  1. Waiting to see if you do the Sprint LG Optimus G

  2. sunil s says:

    Hello sir,

    this site awesome
    i cant find my device on root.i have searched aall android site but no response
    can you do root for Celkon A85
    Android version:2.3.9 (gingerbread)

    Linux : V (Gcc :V 4.4.0)
    Platform :V MOCOR_19A_880XG_W11.49_Debug
    Base: BASE_W12.18
    HW Version : C909

  3. Bill says:

    I found your directions to root a Samsung Galaxy SIII but will this same procedure work with a Samsung Galaxy SII?

  4. Steven John says:

    bro! i have an asus memo pad ME172V and it is currently running 4.1.1. can u show a video of how to update it to 4.2.2 please? 🙂

  5. Nahzion Tonge says:

    can youshow to root sprint lg optimus g

  6. Mark Friedman says:

    You pulled me out of a big hair puller with your unroot procedure and for that I thank you! I have the Sprint Galaxy S 4 (non-international) and used your rooting procedure. It appeared to work flawlessly then I found that text messaging was inoperable and that the root checker worked once as I used it to check to see if the phone was rooted and found that it was. I noticed though that after using root checker the “colorful” icon displayed a very dim color (basically black and white) and that I was receiving messages that parts of the phone had been stopped due to an error. Did any of this happen to you or any other users that you know of. You are doing a tremendous job for us die hard Android users!

  7. technical_difficulties says:

    Will this work for Three for Htc one?

  8. FTB says:

    What are the rooting steps for the Verizon SIII?

  9. Dustin says:

    How do I root the Canadian rogers S4? I know there are many sites showing how but you were the only one that helped me unbrick so i would rather know the proper way from you. thanks 🙂

  10. CraigH123 says:

    Can you tell me how to root the SGH-i987 Galaxy tab from AT&T

  11. asb1 says:

    Does this method work on the Cricket GS4 SCH-R970C ?

  12. trellion says:


  13. bjus4fun says:

    what about boost? its sprint right?

  14. ebrahim says:

    why there is no root for galaxy s4 zoom ?

  15. alen says:

    how to root samsung galaxy grand?

  16. darrin55 says:

    anyone no know how to root sprint sg3 on 4.3,tried a few different methods still getting no super user, binariery problems , had root before update loved it , help me please!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Shak Skull Fearless says:

    do you know how to root the alcatel one touch pop c3 4033a……..

  18. lifestohack says:

    thanks man

  19. sarvesh says:

    can we root samsung galaxy s duos 2 with same procedure

  20. Dude says:

    Will this work with a new Galaxy S5?

  21. Moe says:

    Whats up with the how to root video for the sprint galaxy s5?

  22. bulwyffe says:

    I need to unlock a Samsung galaxy II sgh-i777. Do you have a video showing how to do it??

  23. Vicente Berrizbeitia says:

    Is there any way to root an international Samsung Galaxy SIII Neos (GT-I9300I)? I followed the tutorial for regular SIII but the phone type is not supported, nor in TowelRoot. Any thoughts?

  24. Craig says:

    can anybody out there I explain how I would root my galaxy s4

  25. Michael Lansang says:

    do you have any advice for rooting a samsung galaxy fame duos (gt-s6812i) ?

  26. Gwuatman says:

    I was considering buying the Note 4 today and selling my Note III to a friend. On average how long does it take for you to have the root procedure for a device like that? Do you have an estimate on the Note 4?

    The procedure for the Sprint Epic 4G and the Sprint Note III worked like a charm for me in the past. Thanks QbKing77!

  27. sjb says:

    is any chance I can upgrade my Alcatel Idol mini from 4.2.2 to lollipop? its being a pain, the phone too slow ..

  28. joakin2k says:

    Hi man, if you have time for a Nexus 5 stock lollipop 5.0.1 root & bootloader, custom recovery video, greets man, a big fan, kudos 4 u

  29. Gil says:

    I have samsung galaxy s5 AT&T version 4.4.4! How do I root? Need help!

  30. riro says:

    how to root Samsung s-m g7012 jellibean 4.3 thanks

  31. terrance williams says:

    is there a way i can root my lg volt LS751 5.1.1 HW rev.1.0 kernel 3.10.49 LS751ZV3 baseband

  32. talon1812 says:

    Any solution for rooting Galaxy Note Edge for AT&T with 5.0.1???
    It’s a nightmare with massive upon massive amounts of bloatware. Tried to root, no solution. Tried flashing back to KK. Bricked the phone. Took it to Best Buy. Samsung Experience tech re-flashed the phone and got it working in 2 minutes!!
    Still no root. It’s driving me nuts with the ads in apps, massive amounts of apps you can’t uninstall, mostly AT&T apps.
    Someone help with rooting this $1,000 nightmare!!!

  33. Joey_5 says:

    native wifi hack S6 Edge?

  34. Gordon Kirk says:

    I don’t see any information about the Galaxy S5 (Sprint) any thoughts or am I missing something.

  35. Franklin Vitorio says:

    ere is doido

  36. Dan says:

    Have you stopped doing rooting videos? I haven’t seen you do any for new phone. If so, why?

  37. mido lorfi says:

    how to root lg leon h324t V10c
    king root not work
    lg one click root not work
    plz help me

  38. Jody says:

    After I root my phone am I able to uninstall the app from my phone? Or how can I make it not visible

  39. Martin Fernquest says:

    I have rotted my S6 phone but it says, it’s not Rooted in Root Checker ? It’s running much quicker but, not sure if it’s Rooted.

  40. Jef says:

    pls help me im running 4.4.2 kitkat on lg g2 i want to update it on 5.0 lolipop version (srry for my bad english)

  41. Elise Reece says:

    I was wondering if you could please try to do a review / unboxing and root tutorial for the ZTE ZMAX Pro.

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