Published on November 11th, 2012 | by Tim Schofield


Multi-Window Mod on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II

This video will show you the correct steps to get the Multi Window Mod on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This mod will allow you to have every single application in the side bar to use with the multi window feature.  You must first be rooted. Once rooted see the video below!


Multi Window Mod:


LJC Deodex Rom (credit JoshBeach):

Multi Window Mod (credit Viperboy):

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12 Responses to Multi-Window Mod on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II

  1. Mark Bencze says:

    the multi window mod link doesn’t work??? i am rooted but want the multi window . please help me? i have the 1317m with rogers

    • arosas says:

      Hi, All; I have the same problem, one day my multi window just stopped working, it does not pop up any more. It did work, not sure what happened?

  2. synister says:

    Rooted and updated to custom rom.just running stock.

  3. Saul Wells says:

    Do you know if Netflix will work in this multi-Window mod? I know you and vevo work.

  4. Troy Hammond says:

    How do you get the deodex stock rom because this wont work for me. I get the loop and it seems to be because my stock rom is odexed? Thanks

  5. Andre says:

    I have the L900VPAMA7 build, will this mod work for my build?

  6. Khim Juan says:

    Hello, i got my phone contracted to Australian mobile provider.
    I have did all the rooter test and having a backup before starting this MOD step.
    When I was finish “STOCK DEODEXED L900PALJC” installing and press reboot system, it came to next page whether to fix some error regards rooting….

    Then I press ignore….
    After system had rebooted, it started with asking me to reset my system….
    I press it and then it rebooted again and this time,
    as usual it shows “Samsung galaxy note II GT-N7105T” then the mobile contractor logo, but this time it showsnot my contractor but sprint or something else (american provider)..

    After this it keep rebooting automatically……

    Do any1 have the same issues? please help here…..

  7. Khim Juan says:

    Even i click recover to my first backup before installing all this….. it doesnt work….. it keeps rebooting…..

  8. Nima says:

    Will thick work with cm10.1 ?

  9. Nima says:

    I mean this

  10. Joe Delgado says:

    Stuck in a reboot loop 🙁

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