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How to Unroot/Unbrick the HTC One to Stock

This video will show you how to run an RUU on your PC to return your HTC One back to stock. This video shows a Sprint HTC One, however this method should work just fine for other carriers once an RUU becomes available. I will link to all available RUU’s at my site in the link below.
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RUU files:



Developer Edition: DOWNLOAD

Unlocked/International: DOWNLOAD

All others, see here: LINK

Please leave a comment and let me know if you know of any of the missing RUU files!


For those that need to, here is the video to set up the Android SDK tools, ADB, and Fastboot on your PC:


Otherwise you can navigate to the Fastboot folder of this download and right click and hit open command window here:

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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • Allen Edmonds

    Please add the T-Mobile RUU soon, I really need it.

  • Sudeep

    hey I have just bricked my Htc One !!!!!!! I want to get back to stock rom but the recovery it is not able to flash any rom (even if it does the system does not boot into it)

  • Anthony Bannister

    any News for the RUU international Telekom

  • Suhas gummadi

    I am really thankfull to QBKING77 for finding a way to Unbricking the HTC One…….I am really gratefull to you THANK YOU..!!



  • soc462

    Any update on the Tmobile RUU? And is there any way to get the tampered to go away?

    I need to take mine into the store for a replacement…

  • Here is a download link to the AT&T RUU File. This will work on your standard 32GB AT&T HTC One


    • qbking77

      Thank you.

      • I have learned so much from your videos since I was a former IOS user I wanted to share this important find with you and your users.

    • Frank

      I used that file to try and unroot my standard ATT HTC One and appears to be bricked. The cingular in the file name worried me but I reasoned that Cingular got eaten by ATT so I trusted the link. The installation went for some time until it determined that it cannot update my device. Black screen with htc in the middle, and exclamation point triangles in the four corners. When i hold down power button it makes the screen go blank for a few seconds and same screen keeps appearing

    • Yunes

      hi please please please give me the link for 1.29.401.13 ….. my phone is down now and can not do anything

  • Marque

    I am also desperately looking for the T-mobile RUU. My phone has to go in for a warranty replacement and I seriously need to unroot it again!

  • Ray

    WOW where is RUU for Tmobile? BS!

  • Kenson

    Im trying to get my HTC one back to stock after unrooting the phone, but my edition is the unlocked/international. What is the worse that can happen if I use either an AT&T or Sprint RUU file?

  • saini

    can anyone help me to find ruu for htc one s locked to wind model no pj40110

  • Jrod

    Where is the T-Mobile RUU file? We all could really use it!!!

  • Chris

    I am getting an
    Ruu error [132]: Signature error

    when I try to install the AT&T RUU–it happens after it starts to flash the stock RUU.

    how can I fix this? Thanks fellas/gals!

  • luis rafael galvez

    T-Mobile has to be dropping the RUU soon…….right?

  • Johan Andresen

    I really need the international RUU, please add it soon

  • Evans Anthony Remo

    Do you have an idea if this ruu file would work for my “HTC one V”? I downloaded another ruu file and I’m not liking the format as much as something similar to the original.

  • Scroll990

    Where can I find RUU 1.28.771.6 Tree UK??? 🙁

  • AndroidUser97

    What about the Vodafone variant?

  • Michael Millington


    Thank you so much for your step by step guides to unlock, root, gain s-off and then to take the One back to factory. I wanted to add that if you lock the boot loader using revone, my phone now says “locked” after unrooting, but how do I regain s-on? I have to return this unit to Sprint because the battery is defective and want to know if this is going to be a big deal?

    Thanks again for all you do!

    • Michael Millington

      Found the answer to my own question:

      FYI to regain S-ON

      1) ./revone -l
      2) Re-boot to bootloader > fastboot
      4) Connect HTC ONE to PC
      3) (on PC) open command prompt in OneDrivers_Fastboot/Fastboot folder
      4) Type “fastboot oem writesecureflag 3” & hit enter

      This method worked for me. I have a faulty battery and needed to return my handset to get a new one. Coupling this with the “How to Unroot the HTC One,” I was able to return my phone to factory settings so as not to “void” the warranty and swap out my faulty handset for a new one.

      Thanks Tim!

  • absynte
  • Emilio Upari

    Please Ruu for Htc One International ???

  • elivalle

    whats an adb sideload

  • Joeny217

    I have the unlocked HTC One and I rooted it following your instruction(thanks for that) but if I wanted to unroot which is the correct RUU? When I clicked on the link you provided I couldn’t figure out which one is the correct RUU for my device…and thanks again for your help and the great work you have been providing…

  • joshua

    How do I find the ruu for the HTC one T-Mobile edition in the USA?

  • joshua

    i need help i have what i believe to be the correct ruu for the t mobile variant htc one. i have the onedrivers_fastboot files fresh lost ones when i rooted. and i have the android-sdk files like u got in this video. what do i do? how do i get my pc to see my htc one do i need the folder like u have in this vid where u lock the bootloader? if so how do i get it if i dont have it? basiclay i need to unroot my tmobile htc one with nothing can u post how to do that. ty

  • HassanA98

    I have 1.29.401.12 rooted and i want to unroot but i cant get the ruu plzz help

  • Usama Javed

    Can anyone please tell me where I can get the O2 RUU i am worried please guide me if u can :'(

  • Lin

    Is there still no RUU for T-Mobile HTC One USA?

  • Joel

    I have no idea if this is The T mobile RUU but I found this and if you see the 4th one to the bottom you would see Tmous So it maybe the t mboile RUU

  • Joshua Nickens

    i need you to show which t mobile us ruu i should use and what to do since i dont have the files inside my onedrivers_fastboot folder

  • Joshua Nickens

    thank you im stuck in rthe bootloader i can not do anything because i have no idea which ruu is t mobile because theres 50 of them in your link

  • Joshua Nickens

    and what the hell is is this stupid bugsy thing thats offline?

  • pako

    im on a different rom version, how do i get back to the rom version on this fix??

  • Ishraq



    • Abir Chowdhury

      I also need this RUU for T-MOB101 Germany

  • salehvrx

    i live in kuwait , which RUU should i download plzzzzzzz replay quickly .thnxx man

  • Justin811

    What if the image versions aren’t the same? The RUU is image version 1.29.651.10, but 1.31.651.2 is one my phone – will this be a problem to unroot?

    • Seth

      I’m having the same issue.. Anyone have any tips

      • Justin811

        I ended up following the thread here,, and it worked perfectly. Took me back to stock with “locked” bootloader (not “relocked”) and S-On.

  • Rosh

    What do I do, when I keep getting this message
    “FAILED (remote: 12 signature verify fail)finished. total time: 88.871s”

    I made sure i downloaded the correct zip file, ive tried looking for the exe within the zip file but there isnt any….someome please help :9

  • Dan

    I’m having a problem with the setup ruu. When I get to the step where it shows “select from below” with the image version above at around 6:06 in the video, I click update and it closes the window and doesn’t open the next screen to verify image version.

    • dan

      Must have been my laptop. After about 30min of waiting it finally came up.

  • Parul

    qbking, the website for downloading the RUU is not working. Do you have any other links?

  • Justin811

    Once the phone has root, unlocked bootloader, S-OFF and TWRP recovery, can it still accept OTAs?

  • Emilio Upari

    please could you tell me which of these is the international version? could get the direct link … I’d appreciate

  • rgg

    The sprint RUU is outdated, does anyone know of a way to get the most recent one? It’s not working with the older file

  • Gilbert Lugo

    I need the RUU for Sprint. ” 1.31.651.2″ the version that you have for sprint doesn’t work. Please help..

  • Thanh

    Help! Im using a htc one with the optus carrier in Australia and cant find a RUU. What RUU can i use or can you provide me with one? I would appreciate it very much.

  • jlaholton

    my numbers didnt match, where do i get the right ones?

  • aulakh

    hi . .. . . when i relocked the bootloader it showed a message “security warning” beneath relocked . . .
    after that when i ran RUU, the version it was going to update was lower than the current version
    plzzz. help me out

  • George Iashvili


    The ROM Update Utility cannot update your Android phone.
    Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again”

    Using Sprint RUU file for my SPRINT HTC ONE.

  • bjus4fun

    my bootloader keeps trying to find where is that supposed to be on this boost one phone?

  • georgie

    hi Tim great job but as you can imagine some of us dont know where to find image version 1.31.651.2 for htc one sprint …if you could help ….it will be greatly apreciated…..

  • Amon_ra

    Now i have no OS, my Bootloader is locked, and the ruu setup gets an error every time i try t tun it. help.

  • Shah

    Hi, I just want to check, I have recently bought a without contract used HTC One (AT&T) from USA…I will be using it in Singapore and India and hence I understand I need to activate it…the issue is I am not really tech savvy to activate it… can you please help me a simple process of activating it?

  • Marvin Dyers

    Please add MTN South Africa, really need it. Thank you

  • Luisra

    I need the RUU image version 1.31.651.2, please help me.

  • grifter

    Followed your video and thank you for making it so easy to get out of a jam. I really thought I bricked my phone for good.

  • Mpsya

    Hi there, great video. Please could someone point me in the right direction for the UK O2 RUU? Thanks in advance.

  • Michael Collins

    Hey guys, I bought a HTC one for Verizon, it was already Unlocked, rooted and had S-off, so I am completely new to all of this (as far as HTC things). I am tryin to go back stock. At least Stock image, idc if its rooted still. (The 4g doesnt work so this is my last resort to get it working) Can anyone Help me?

  • Shaikh

    RUU 2.24.707.3 cannot fid it plz help for d same……..!!!!!!!!
    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Shaikh

    RUU 2.24.707.3 cannot find it plz help for d same……..!!!!!!!!
    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Sotharith Thav

    HI, I cant find my RUU htc one ruu 2.24.708.4

  • Prince

    hello sir i m from India
    plzzz tell which one is the better for me…

  • Keshab

    I’am having problems with my phone, when trying to boot up phone I keep looping and I am unable to get into recovery mode. I am unsure which version is for international? I am based in the UK on T-Mobile

  • Keshab

    I am having serious problems and tried everything, my phone stays frozen on the HTC start up and then when going onto clockworkmod the phone restarts and then freezes. I am from the UK and on T-mobile can someone please offer a suggestion and help me please

  • Keshab

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me. I have a HTC One M7. I am from the UK and mobile network is T-Mobile. My problem with the phone is once I try to start the phone the screen is frozen on the HTC logo. When I try to go into recovery on cwm the phone goes into recover mode but for a split second and then loops back onto the frozen HTC logo page. Please can someone offer some kind of suggestion, would really appreciate the help.

  • Pat Fitzpatrick

    why is it
    every time i relock my boot loader it does not reboot to the phone it
    just reboots to fastboot and i have no way to get back into the phone

  • Otis Myrie

    hey i need ruu files for bell canada htc one

  • Anthony AZ

    I cannot download any of the international RUU files! I want my phone back to stock 🙁
    any help?

  • speeder

    I need the telus carrier rru

  • edgar91

    what if i dont have an image version, i accidently wiped everything

    • tom

      Hi, I’m also have this very same problem. Has anyone addressed this?

  • Gopinath Biswal

    thank you ……..very much

  • Bjbeats31

    I want to change the software since my HTC One is a AT&T and I dont leave in the USA how after doing the:
    unlock bootloader

    How should I proceed to so that I can have the lastest international software: 5.13.599.101 with HTC Sense version: 6.0

  • oana


    pls help me with this…

    what is the ruu for ot-6.09.401.10?

    thank you very much!

  • Gzetoz

    I don’t find any RUU for three carrier… 🙁

  • StuarT Gamer

    someone has the ruu the htc__332 , I need for my because I do not think on any site .

  • Naaz911

    plz any one tel me how to convert my m7 AT&T to International

  • Amador Camacho

    I errased my Baseband, If I return my HTC one M7 Sprint to Stock, Will be it fixed?

  • Deathcommand

    Is there a chance you can upload the “Root HTC One Sprint” Folder? I think it has a 404 page.

  • LaKente’ T Wallace Brown

    my phone rom is not matching the update from update to then it tell me that the ruu was not successful then it take me back to beginning my phone will not reboot the black screen with the silver HTC does not have the bar while in the 10 min process.

  • Kameshwar

    what if the image version is not same???

    please provide a link for htc desire 816 stock Rom

    image version 2.34.720.2

  • Napoleon

    Hey I followed your instruction and I am stuck on the boot loader. I think that I am bricked. Can anyone help my phone is M7 for AT&T.

    Thanx Nap

  • Joe

    Hi i have a htc m8 that is stuck in boot loop. I have followed this guide however now would like to try and flash and install new software. How do i go about this?

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