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How to Unlock the HTC One Bootloader [All Models]

This tutorial video will show you the easiest method to unlock the HTC One bootloader. You must first download a zip file containing a folder that has necessary files including drivers and fastboot files.
Keep in mind unlocking your bootloader will COMPLETELY wipe your device. Data and internal storage will be completely wiped. Unlocking your bootloader on the HTC One will allow for you to install a custom recovery such as Clockworkmod or TWRP and then root your device. Once the bootloader is unlocked you may root your phone here.


How to unlock the HTC One Bootloader:

Drivers and Fastboot files:



Once finished you may now root your phone HERE



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62 Responses to How to Unlock the HTC One Bootloader [All Models]

  1. when installing a custom rom and you wipe your data, will that wipe everything like this unlocking process did or will it just wipe the contents of the current rom?

    • HotInEER says:

      No it will not.

      • I never flash dirty on my note 2 but since I have a lot of things saved on my sd card, I don’t have much to backup other Than a few apps. And I can just move certain things to my sd card which helps a ton.

        But since there is no sd card on the One I’m kinda skepticle about wiping absolutely everything each time and having to restore things between completely different roms…I’ve heard that can cause problems sometimes.

        Maybe I got too used to having an sd card on all my phones between the desire, electrify, and note 2. Lol

  2. Tee says:


    I’m new to this….iI noticed that several of my stock apps are missing now that I have unlocked and rooted the phone. Is there anyway to get those back?



    -Ringtone Trimmer

    -Sound Recorder


    • Fearafter Thought says:

      You realize that the main reason to root in the first place is that it grants you the power to install whatever the hell you want afterwards….right? You don’t have any need for restrictive stock anything after root. thats what root is.

  3. halmat says:

    i am using mac can u show us how this can be done using mac!

  4. marcus harris says:

    the bin file want install, i give up

  5. Okuley Glover says:

    tried rooting my htc one but i am getting tampered.i tried to relock the bootloader and now i have tampered and relocked. how do i get my phone to original mode

  6. co0kie says:

    can you please show how to unlock the bootloader on mac! that whould help a lot!

  7. Peter says:

    Great video. Thanks a lot. You really helped me out a lot.
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

  8. Curt says:

    Any help with the MAC, bro?

  9. YoungDouja says:

    Does this work for the HTC ONE SV ( WITH “THE BEATS” AUDIO)?

  10. mitch says:

    will not let me backup and it says that i have 0 mb of internal storage in twrp

  11. Strel_ka says:

    Please maaaaaaan, everybody has got Mac now! please fastboost for mac noow!!

  12. FrankR3644 says:

    Anyone having issues getting the unlock_code.bin file from HTC? I have my HTC account, get the “Successful” message when submitting my identifier token, but I do not get an email message. Confirmed email address is correct in HTC account. Tried three times now and nothing. Worked when I had my HTC 4G LTE…now nothing.

  13. Alfonso Estuardo Bejarano Zava says:

    fastboot flash de unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

  14. Alfonso Estuardo Bejarano Zava says:

    error: cannot load ‘unlocktoken’: Unknown error

  15. mounier says:

    can this work on htc onex
    i am on my way to do it
    till me if not

  16. bbjay351 says:

    Having problems using the shift+right click to open command window. I have windows 7, sticky keys are off, but still won’t do it. Is there something I’m missing in settings maybe? Or, what is the path to the file to enter manually?

    • bbjay351 says:

      I figured out to move the files to desktop. But now, TWRP recovery won’t do anything. Can’t tap any icons, and when I hit the power button, it gives the swipe to unlock but can’t swipe. Have to reboot to phone. Installed Goomanager, and tried to update there but no luck. Any ideas?

      • brandon haynes says:

        right click on the fastboot file then click open file location…I know your already there but that’s how it worked for me… o and then shift+ right click

  17. addo20 says:

    i did everything you said and it worked thanks alot. but one more question i sim unlocked this sprint htc one and it working fine, now my phone is telling me there is a new sotware update, will i lose my unlocking if i update my phone, i know for rooting i will lose it, not sure about the unlocking .

  18. joseph says:

    can we use he’s Unlock_code.bin file? the one from the .zip

  19. jatckas says:

    I have problems with the unlocked pincode it says: unloock token failed! What i can do??

  20. Cory says:

    Even though my boot mode says Tampered and Unlocked is there a way to verify I did it correctly? I’ve tried to do the root procedure at least four times and the Root Checker app keeps saying “This device does not have proper root access”.
    Please help me.

  21. micha says:

    beim video bei der zeit 5:45 so sieht das bei mir nicht aus da fehlt ein fastboot …bei mir in cmd.wen ich es öffne

  22. nawjin says:

    the driver doesnt work on htc 32gb help plz

  23. Ahmed Ismail says:

    Hey please my phone htc wildfire i need to install software and i cant he didnt update for mop and when i make press power pooten and choose roecovry it doasnt work and update software it doasent work what i do and my country is egypt The Language what i shale do ?????

  24. gage56 says:

    anyone having problems with the touch screen while in twerp mine is not working on my htc one from at&t

  25. thoams says:

    i got FAILED (remote: unlock token check failed) for step 9 please help

  26. Melcolm says:

    i updated my HTC one to Kit Kat 4.4 and now my wifi do not work at all. when i try to turn it ON i just end up with my wifi ” ON” button grayed. PLz PLZ help me.

  27. remoj says:

    there is no su binary installed.. i follow to root htc one.. but my phone is m7 sense 6.0 6.0 its say root maually

  28. William Heinrich says:

    Will this work with the M8 variant?

  29. Rick says:

    When i get to the command window and enter fastboot deivces it says fastboot is not a rec command

  30. Paul Sanken says:

    I never recived an email for my key…

  31. fort minor says:

    pplz help me….im trying to unlock my htcone x bootloader and it fails there when checking the token…and also a solution for the tampered flag…my device is locked and also tampered…….

  32. ayub says:

    i have a problem when i create the account of HTCDEV in last name plzzzzzzz help me

  33. ayub says:

    if any one have a account plz give me this …or send me the new username or password of new acccount

  34. kabir says:

    i have a HTC t528t that fails to work. It gets stuck on the welcome home screen and failed to proceed beyond that stage.

    I had tried to download the RUU and bootloader for it but I can not find any link to the RUU and the stock ROm file.

    Please if you can assist in getting this files and give the instruction on how to get the phone fixed back to life.


    Akolade Abdulkabir

  35. Paulina Santillan says:

    How can I download the Fastboot File into my phone? I already have it downloaded in my computer

  36. Victor says:

    Does it working for HTC 22 AU Japan

  37. massim says:

    hi! i have HTC one 7 . I did all the steps that you indicated but when i connect my phone with the computer (windows7). I get a message that i have to have the permission of the producer . It is not connected with Windows 8 also . from when can be the problem ?

  38. erik.xcb says:

    I´m doing everything like you in the vid, but in the last command window it says: FAILED (remote: unlock token check failed)
    what is the problem?
    please help 🙂

  39. greg says:

    does this workwith htc desire 620?

  40. Dhvl Aarya says:

    I can’t register at htcdev.. eevery time it shows activation invalid.. help me with solution pls..

  41. Juan Mendez says:

    Does this work with a HOX ATT?

  42. Glenn Joseph Franada Ramiscal says:

    hi,,, do you have bootloader for nexus 6p ? my phone was stuck in android loading animation … please help thanks

  43. Haidar Rubei'y says:

    Having problems using the shift+right click to open command window. I have windows 7, sticky keys are off, but still won’t do it. Is there something I’m missing in settings maybe? Or, what is the path to the file to enter manually?

  44. Emre Yanar says:

    Thank you, thank you master opened my htc one m8 you grateful

  45. Sammy says:

    Please, how to enable OEM unlock, when its not in the developers options menu? Thanks

  46. Seth k says:

    am confused…can you guy pls tell me if this process with allow me to use any sim card with the phone after doing this procedure?

  47. JTPhoenix says:

    my Screen does not give the fastboot option at all

  48. Mburu Steve says:

    I have a HTC one Max which has ‘Encryption Unsucessful’ message after booting and once you reset it still showing the same message after booting. Again when i try to connect it with my pc with window 7 OS to perform the unlock bootloader it fails as it is unable to install the MTP Usb Driver. How do i solve this issue?

  49. Vikas Goel says:

    I am facing some issues. Please have a look into below.

    1. HBOOT and FASTBOOT is only shown. When i press power button, FASTBOOT and BOOTLOADER doesn’t come.
    2. In command prompt, When i enter fastboot devices and press enter. It doesn’t show me alphanumberic code e.g. FA33WS901230. It just move to next line.

    C:UsersgoelviDesktopOneDrivers_FastbootFastboot>fastboot devices


    3. Once i enter code it only specifies, waiting for device, nothing else.
    C:UsersgoelviDesktopOneDrivers_FastbootFastboot>fastboot oem get_identifier

    4. Even if i use same code which is provided by you Unlock_code.bin in OneDrivers_Fastboot via command prompt also, same waiting for device message gets shown.
    C:UsersgoelviDesktopOneDrivers_FastbootFastboot>fastboot flash unlocktoken

    Please suggest what should i do to resolve this issue

  50. Abdelaziz Bediri says:

    hi Tim Schofield thanks 1st for your helps and i want to tell that i have HTC Desire 620 one sim-card and i can’t unlock it and root it could you help me in that my e-mail is thanks a lot

  51. Wellington Tinashe Davira says:

    some relative in UK sent me an HTC desire 626s but its network locked T-Mobile

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