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How to Root the Sprint and International Exynos Samsung Galaxy S4

This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root the Sprint and International Exynos Samsung Galaxy S4. Sprint pushed out an MDL update to the device which has blocked the previous root exploit motochopper. I also promised a video for the Exynos variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to root.


Sprint Download 

International Samsung Exynos GT-I9500 Download




To Unroot your device, see here:


Thanks to Chainfire for this awesome root method!

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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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91 Responses to How to Root the Sprint and International Exynos Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. sayitisntsoh says:

    Okay, I have the verizon version. And following your instructions I cold not get ti to root normally. Will this method work for me?

  2. v says:

    wifi tether is not working with Sprint after rooting on S4

  3. Rob Cash says:

    Easiest root ever! This video was so easy to follow that it actually took me longer to watch the video than it did to root my phone. 2 thumbs up!

  4. j says:

    how do you download drivers

  5. Gary Willis says:

    Hey I have done this a few times and it has not worked. I am on the md4 version S4 from sprint. I go through everything and it appears to work, but I am not rooted and there is no superuser app installed. I tried a fresh download of the zip file from this site today. Am I missing something? Is there a new file since Sprint pushed the md4 version?

    • Gary Willis says:

      I also noticed that in the video, the file was dated 5/30, yet the one I downloaded is dated 5/21. Is this one out of date?

      • Gary Willis says:

        After continuing to fool with this thing, I did a factory reset, then stepped through qbking’s video, and all is working now. I must have had something on my phone blocking it. Note to community, if its not working for you, and all else fails… do factory reset, then go through the rooting instructions.

  6. Daniel says:

    Hello Tim
    I tried the first root method (w/o odin) and it did not work I used this one and it worked great. My question is how do I remove those files from the first one I you recommend?

  7. gb says:

    I just tried and it still did not work on Sprint no SU icon, tried twice. Will factory reset and try again. Just got phone 6-15-13

  8. Meeechull says:

    Hello Tim,
    I have an the international version of the gs4 which has been updated to the latest firmware available at the moment. Because you said that since there was an update, the previous versions won’t work, so I was wondering if that’s the case for me?

  9. Becky Fangmann says:

    Tried motochopper first, (because there is nothing in your video or the description stating that it isn’t working) – then I tried the Odin method and I have SU (as well as SU from the motochopper method, which I have uninstalled) -when asked to update the binaries, it says “installation failed” and root checker says I don’t have root access. I’m afraid to reset – what have I done wrong?

  10. Butch says:

    I meant to send my comment here instead of the earlier video which failed to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. But I meant what I said there. QBKing you are the best! Thank you. Long live the King!!

  11. Daniel says:

    Will this work with the newest OTA update ending in MF9? I had rooted the previous version, but the updated removed root.

  12. 1SASSYSARAH30 says:

    Dude, U friggin’ Rock my man! *SUBSCRIBED WITH 2 THUMBS UP!!*

  13. JustSomeGuy says:

    You DEFINITELY need to edit this page and the youtube video with a disclaimer, similar to the UNBRICK one, about how doing this without decrypting your device will fuck it into the nine hells of cellular oblivion.
    I know that I should have done it, but I cannot give you any positive ratings for overlooking something that you put on the “oops, I already fucked up” page.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all.

  14. Newton Fcb Fernandes says:

    will it work with the bmg5 update on i9500

  15. Nicola Columbine says:

    Hi I am trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 so that I can access data off the phone that may have been deleted. I am not with any US network. I see the link to drivers but not to the root files… please advise soonest if poss where I can access these. Thanks in advance. Quite urgent

  16. Chris says:

    I get database error when trying to download..

  17. AHMED says:


  18. Felix says:

    If I am rooted and on MDL build how can I update to MF9? Do I have to unroot then update to root again?

  19. Felix says:

    If I am on Rooted MDL build to I have to unroot to update to MF9 then re-root the S4? Or is there an update I can apply to get to MF9??

  20. Andre McBride Sr. says:

    I followed the instuctions and my s4 is in recovery rooting for a while. Is this normal and how long should it take to reboot?

  21. Johnsquarewater says:

    im trying to root on a mac. can you help me? i keep getting this message at the end. i have a at&t galaxy s4 16GB base band 1337ucuamf3.

  22. jason says:

    i recently tried to root my s4 but it fails and i have to use a stock tar file to recover my phone please advise im on mf9

  23. andy c says:

    wheres the root files download option like in the video

  24. singh says:

    i have wifi problem when i do on wifi then not on .. does not on or work .. if you have any solution then give me mail this adress thanks..

  25. fadi abi khalil says:

    Does rooting with this method will keep my s4 receiving updates?

  26. Sergio Romero says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks a bunch for the Sprint Root download and instruction video. I just moved to Rome, Italy and want to know if after having rooted my phone via your download (which was successful!) Will I theoretically be able to use my Galaxy s4 via an Italian sim card using the Italian networks? Thanks in advance.

  27. jon says:

    I recently had Sprint unlock my SIM card on the S4 so I can use it over seas. Do you know if I root the S4 now, after begin unlocked, will it affect the unlocking of the SIM card?

    Thank you.

  28. Stephen Wentworth says:

    worked perfectly after i changed micro usb to usb cable…follow it to a T and ur gtg….thanx so much

  29. Tim Slager says:

    I did this, after I did the MF9 and get an error saying something about a Kies please help

  30. Tim Slager says:

    Strange, did my msg disappear?

  31. Alex Phong says:

    I have the S4 and is with Sprint. I plan to use a local sim card when I travel to Asia, so rooting would be mandatory in order for the sim to work? What I would also do is suspend my phone service with Sprint during that I am traveling. Thanks

  32. clueless says:

    does this root or possibly another root i can do work on at&t phones?

  33. James Everington says:

    So I followed the directions but my phone was encrypted and the password no longer works, any ideas? Or did I brick my phone?

  34. neko says:

    It worked for Sprint Galaxy S4 and it was much easier than I thought. Thank you for the instructions!!!

  35. Steven Suess says:

    Thank you for making it so easy to root my Sprint Galaxy S4. It was as if you were using my phone in your video, everything worked flawlessly. I was anxious doing this, especially knowing it voided my warranty (2 months old). I am glad you have a video showing how to unroot my phone, just in case. Worth a donation. I found this site using Google, and am very pleased with your information.

  36. Ronald Shannon says:

    how long after daemon started successfully does it take to root? thanks, ron

  37. Ram says:

    Thanks man..

  38. sagar ghimire says:

    hey king!i hav my base band version as SC04EOMUAMF1 and tried many times to root but it says failure(INSTALL _FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS).So what’s the solution of this?Will u please find me the solution.I will be very thankful if you would help me….plz plzz plz find me the solution and email me at

  39. JD says:

    I easily got all the all the way to the point of putting my phone in the download mode. When I press the volume down, home, and off button I don’t get anything. I’ve tried several times and sometimes the phone shuts down and others there is a quick flash but it remains on the home screen. The phone is only a few weeks old (I got it mid October)……any suggestions? Has there been an update on the phone? Phone says Android version 4.2.2 and version and model are SPH-L720. Thanks!

  40. JD says:

    Worked great! Thanks.

  41. jEYE says:

    same process for the recent 4.3 update?

  42. Ylla Qtie says:

    wil this work on the new update jelly bean 4.3?

  43. Alexander Evans says:

    will this work on the newest OTA update MJA??

  44. Scottster says:

    Just received the latest OTA update to 4.3 and lost root. Will running this restore root again?

  45. Scottster70 says:

    Will this work with the latest jelly Bean 4.3 update? Need to know as I’ve lost root. Please advise

  46. trueaho says:

    just got sprint s4 4.3 will this work , iam new to samsung moved up from rooted photon 4g thanks

  47. David says:

    root works on MJA?

  48. Dan Hughes says:

    Doesn’t work on 4.3

  49. josephmcn says:

    will it work on the MJA version, i tried it and it seemed to work but once i did the tether where you change out the services files and restarted then the phone was bricked and i had to crush to do an insurance swap. when it powered back up it showed write protection and that warranty was void.

  50. Travis Young says:

    Will this root work with the Galaxy S4 Mini?

  51. tom says:

    my samsung s4 has a build number ending in MJA. Can I still use your procedure?

  52. Jeff says:

    Will this work on Android 4.3 MJA?

  53. Joseph Catalanotto says:

    For some reason this method does not give me root access. The SuperUser app does not appear in the app drawer. Any help?

  54. Jesse demott says:

    went thru the proccess saysit passed but after reboot i dont have su and root checker says i dont have root

    • dave says:

      I’ve been getting that same error. i need to know how to fix it. been trying for days and i can’t get it. I’m about to give up and just leave my phone alone…..

  55. Andrew says:

    Thanks man. I’ve been following you for years. you’re the least confusing!

  56. Mark says:

    is there download for the mac

  57. Stephen says:

    Hey, so I just allowed Sprint to do a Firmware — then a Software– update that resulted in an unrooted Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy S4. Prior to that, my S4 was rooted.

    So, QbKing77, can you tell me whether there is a root process for my S4 on Kit Kat? Any help/thoughts about it are appreciated!

  58. Stephen says:

    OK, so Sprint pushed a firmware update yesterday, to VPUFNA7 (Build Number KOT49H.L720VPUFNA7), which I allowed it to do even though my Galaxy S4 was rooted — I was betting that the Firmware update was precede a Software update to Android 4.4.2 (I was right!) Anyway, after the firmware installed, my WiFi would no longer come on. I immediately took the phone to the Sprint store, and they could not figure it out. They then factory reset the phone, installed the updates, and now I have Kit Kat as my Android OS. Wonderful. OF course, I lost root. Now, I’m wanting to know what kinds of advice/comments/guidance that you may be able to provide in again rooting it, but maintaining Android 4.4.2?

  59. Tommy Wong says:

    After I run the motochopper and my phone is rebooted, I press the superuser, it said ‘The Superuser binary(su) must be updated.
    I want to know the reason that why I can’t root my phone?

  60. someoldguy says:

    I just updated to the kit kat using your method. All seems OK. Thanks. Will you be doing a root and hot spot for this version of software?

  61. Rager says:

    I didn’t get a yellow box, what do I do now?

  62. Alex says:

    Hey Tim, they came out with an update again. L720VPUNAE Android V 4.4.2
    I’m still on MF9 v4.2.2
    Would like to update it. But everything still works. Though I have had problems with it bouncing back and forth between 3g and 4g. And when it goes to 4g the Hotspot that you helped me with seems to not really want to work. No errors or anything. Just the internet on the tablet that I have connected stops working. But phone still works itself. When it jumps back to 3G. Everything works fine. Could just be sprints towers yet too. Where this happens there’s a sprint tower one my side of the street that’s been upgraded to 4G. on the other side of the street it has not been updated. The towers really don’t work good together passing the information. So could possible be that too. But just wanted to see if I could do the update also.
    Thanks for what you do!

  63. David Pocasangre says:

    i got a massage “secure magiccode check fail: recovery” what it that? odin show fail in red

  64. raym says:

    after i click on “PDA” i notice that the “F. reset time” box is checked, and can’t be unchecked, is this ok?

  65. Nottabrat says:

    Tim, Have been following your posts for a long time. Great work BTW. Something to note, at least on my SGS4 running CM11 (and every other ROM). The wifi and usb tethering no longer worked. It was fine on Android 4.1.1 but an update killed it. The only way I got it to work is with ISWAT Tether Unlocker. I have tried a lot of other fixes but this is the only one that can get the WiFI tether working. It’s free if you start it each time. I bought the paid version bc im

  66. SD says:

    Hey Tim, I have a new S4 4.4.2 NAE version. Odin wont recognize the connection to the computer for the MDL version you released. Can you point me in the right direction so I can obtain root? Thanks!

  67. Sophie Stoeckl says:

    I’ve downloaded the drivers and tried 2 different cables, including the one that came with my phone and all the USB ports I have and Odin is still not recognizing my device.

  68. Sarkawt says:

    please i rooted my device but when i want to swich on dSploit i t says this application can run only on rooted devices. by the way i rooted mine and the checker said rooted successfuly. please ur advice

  69. B'Rian says:

    Will this work on NG2?

  70. Bob Randolph says:

    Thanks Tim! Got root on my SPH-L720T with NG5. Yes it does trip the Knox counter, but oh well, I got some root now! Been following ya since the E4GT days, thanks for everything!

  71. Bill W. says:

    I get a light blue status bar where is should be yellow. Drivers installed, different cable, different port. Is this normal?

  72. Brandon says:

    just rooted last night with this method.on android 4.4.2. At first root didn’t work, I had clicked the cancel button on the pop up that wanted to disable KNOX. I managed to get the pop up again and I let it try to disable KNOX and it sat there for a few minutes. I then just restarted the phone and root was working after that.

  73. Jordan Legendhunter says:

    I have a galaxy s4 from sprint with andriod 4.4.2. First of all will this root method still work? and why can’t i uncheck the “F. Reset Time” under options when I open the odin file and run as administrator?

  74. Tiffany Evan says:

    mines not working what do i do

  75. Robert G von Giebel says:

    I AM using Odin 3.10. It recognizes L720 but when I run It FAILS everytime.0 BTW. This is a replacement phone 4 the defective one that was reurned 2 sprint just this Thursday 5/28/15. Any suggestions?

  76. Fran Nie says:

    I tried this method several times on my Sprint galaxy S4 and it keeps failing. I do have the latest update shot out by android. Is there another way to do this? I want to use my phone to tether to my computer and from what I understand this root process must be completed first. Is that correct?

  77. Chuck Mccray says:

    Have I just bricked my phone? “firmware encountered an issue, please select recovery mode in Kies & try again” is all I get now

  78. Chuck Mccray says:

    I was having issues with “not enough space for updates” & tried your easy root, now I need a phone.

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