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How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S4 (All Qualcomm Models)

This video will show the latest and easiest method to root the Samsung Galaxy S4! This will work for any Galaxy S4 with the Qualcomm processor (QUAD-core). If you have an Exynos Octa model, I will try and get a video up soon. Just download the file linked below and watch the quick tutorial video and you will have full root access on your Samsung Galaxy S4, whether it be Sprint, AT&T SGH-i337, GT-i9505, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

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Root files:
DOWNLOAD (mirror)


How to install a custom recovery:
Coming soon (not available yet)


How to get free wifi hotspot on the S4:
Coming soon (not available yet)


Source: XDA & djrbliss

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87 Responses to How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S4 (All Qualcomm Models)

  1. Thanks Tim. As always, you pull through with the device support.

  2. Thank you! I was waiting on you to say this works before I tried. Also, have you checked out the wifi in the XDA forum yet?

  3. Tehk17 says:

    Does this work with the latest OTA update?

  4. Manny Ulfe says:

    Great vid Tim… Assuming you’ll be doing an unroot video for the S4 as well?

  5. opzfosheez says:

    Yo qbking, when you plugged in the s4 and those drivers automatically installed, are those drivers any different from the ones on your download link? And which ones would you recommend using, the auto install ones, or the ones in your link? Thanks man, you got me started rooting with my n7.

  6. jason says:

    nice video as always tim. does the s4 have a locked bootloader as reported on the tmobile version? Kind of odd considering its never been locked on previous Galaxy S devices.

  7. Discerning.USer says:

    Hi. Thank you for the totally awesome root video…Great Job. It totally worked seamlessly. Just wondering if you were planning on posting any videos for the Galaxy S4 Sprint Version for force roaming (there is no PRL write option on the new system)? Thanks again!

  8. sergio says:

    my phone keeps restarting, it stays on for like 15 sec. help!

  9. sergio says:

    i fixed it! it was an app i downloaded called LBE PRIVACY GUARD, i uninstalled it and my phone stopped restating itself. thanks for the root!

  10. GIV says:

    Hey, thanks for the video/files. Just throwing this in here for maybe other people that have the same problem. I wanted to try this but my phone couldn’t connect. Also did not have acces to the files on the phone via explorer (windows). I had the drivers installed etc etc and my old phone (S2) connected just fine. I installed Kies and ran the USB troubleshooting mode and after a few minutes the phone was detected. I think my phone needed a newer driver or some files weren’t installed correctly or something. About the root, I didn’t do it yet. Either way. +1 for you QbKing77 you make ace vids :).

  11. bajry says:

    My Galaxy S4 is the Korean version SHV-E300S Snapdragon and I perform the rooting just as you said but after it restart and try to perform Root Checker Basic and try to “Verify Root Access” it says “Sorry this device doesn’t have proper root access”
    and when I exuecte SUPPERUSER this message comes out “The Supperuser binary (su) must be updated. Please choose an installation method …..” and if I choose “Install” this message comes out “There was an error installing supperuser please send a log of the error to the devloper”

    Is there any solution for this problem??
    Thank you alot for every thing you are doing.

  12. Aaron says:

    My messages app forced closed after rooting. Had to do a factory reset. Any ideas?

  13. opzfosheez says:

    We have an official custom recovery!!!! Twrp by dees troy

  14. Kingchris10 says:

    Thanks for always helping been following you for a long time and you have even responded to instant messages when I had problems.

  15. Ross Storey says:

    Yo, just came home tonight with the Galaxy S4 (sprint), watched your tutorial on rooting it, worked like a boss!!. much love! Do have one question though, Can we wifi tether once its rooted? I’ve been hearing conflicting reports on such, and ofc my Barnacle refuses to work 😛

  16. joe cool says:

    first would like to thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice just rooted GS4. my question is can I still install flash on GS4 using the same method you posted earlier in the year thanks

  17. lightiv says:

    When will by S4 tethering video be up?

  18. espylber says:

    Wifi tether, is it working?

  19. JP says:


  20. Denny says:

    Hello! I rooted my S4 about a week ago, this morning (9 May 13) an update was pushed to my phone that took my root access. I used motochopper again but it won’t work after the update. Any ideas on how to get root back? Thanks!

  21. Derek Kerton says:

    The Root doesn’t work. Perhaps that’s because AT&T pushed out an update to my phone today, May 9. Thanks for the video, though.

    • Derek Kerton says:

      Found my problem. I had installed Bluestacks Android emulator. This confuses ADB which only wants to see one device. Um…I also had a Nexus One and a Motorola from Republic plugged in too. I stopped all Bluestacks services and processes, and then it worked. Root Checker app verified it. Thanks again!

      Now I can finally install Ti backup, and restore my apps from my prior AT&T SGS2. Thanks, AT&T, for making it so hard to migrate from one of your phones to another and remain a loyal customer. 🙁

  22. Worked perfect for me on my Sprint S4 with MDC firmware. Thank you very much!

  23. This did not work for me. I got a message saying “There are currently no Superuser app policies.”

  24. I downloaded these files and i followed the instructions as you said on the video.
    When i did the root checker basic, it said not rooted and when i tried to run the superuser program it says “The superuser binary (su) must be updated.
    Please choose an installation method.
    Recovery mode installation is recommended for HTC devices.

    I choose install, when i click on install i auto get this message, There was an error installing Superuser. Please send a log of the error to the developer and gives you the options to hit only ok. Logging is checked in the settings but it does give me an option to send to developer…

  25. Ross Storey says:


    I rooted my stock phone (pre-OTA update) with the motochopper way, If i run the OTA am i able to re-root the same way after? Or does it not work.. heard different things.

  26. Kel 켈빈 says:

    Hi Tim, I found out that some of them experiencing the camera not working after rooting.. How bad was it? Or maybe I should wait for another exploit? I just want a very basic root to gain access to certain apps like GMDgesture control, GoPower, etc. Any advise?

  27. bfrancling says:

    No longer works on Sprint

  28. MT says:

    Tried to root a few times but the results were “Failure”. This is AT&T S4. Please help.

    • tazdnunder says:

      I have att and the root worked but I get the same update message in superuser and photon browser keeps crashing. Do i need to be use my mobile data or can i use a wifi connection?

  29. MT says:

    I did exactly in the video, but still failure.

  30. Jhill110 says:

    Tim, as usual great video. I have the S3 drivers installed on my PC. Do I still need to download the drives file? Or are my S3 drives good?

  31. Robert Sud says:

    i finished this instalation but, at finally when open root checker basic, when push “verify Root Access” (sorry this device does not have proper root access.” why?! 🙂

  32. aaron says:

    will this work with the us cellular version sch-r970

  33. BIG DAVE says:

    Do I save or run downloaded drivers and root files to my PC.
    Also will my software version be an issue?

    I am using this on a S4 stock sprint rom..
    Here is the information of my device.
    Software version: L720VPUAMDL
    Hardware Version :L720.08
    Model number: SPH-L720
    Android version: 4.2.2
    Baseband version: L720VPUAMDL
    Kernal version: 3.4.0-529760
    [email protected] #1
    Sap Apr 27 18:12:21 KST 2013
    Build number: JDQ39.L720VPUAMDL
    SELinux status: Premissive

  34. rob says:

    hi..i have a new (4 June) ATT I337 S-4 32g…android 4.2.2… baseband I337UCUAMDL….build JDG39.I337UCUAMDL…as of today, no software update available

    i have watched the video and read the comments and it is unclear to me if the MDL or some recent (9 May) update (which i assume is on the phone already) are issues? is this phone rootable using this method? thank you

  35. BIG DAVE says:


    It installed the super user app but root checker says SPH-L72, NO ROOT ACCESS

  36. Matej says:

    Thanks. It works perfectly 😀

  37. James says:

    My s4 says superuser must be updated im on tmoblie . and I used root checker basic and it says the device does not have proper root access

  38. Matt Waits says:

    To any people not able to get this to work, I found an alternate approach that worked for me. Check out this article from Tomsguide (all due respect, no disrespect, I fully respect the good folks at QBKing and expect they’ll retain that respect throughout a respectable amount of time):

    As for my particular issue with this approach, after running the motochopper app and pressing any key to continue, the program hangs at the point where I’m supposed to allow the pc access on my phone. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’d already chosen to always allow my desktop to connect in this manner, so perhaps motochopper is waiting for me to acknowledge a dialog box that no longer pops up. *shrug* Anywho, Tomsguide’s Odin approach was straight forward, easy, and worked, so mission accomplished. Hope this helps.

  39. chaos.atl says:

    Im having the same issue as Michael. Please help

  40. Butch says:

    QBKing you are the best. Long live the King!!!

  41. ken says:

    is there updated root
    video for t-mobile may 7 ota

  42. Matt says:

    This did not work for Galaxy s4 I9505 running baseband version i9505zhubmf4

  43. Mateen Harrington says:

    Qbking I follow everything in the video it said done it rebooted my phone but when I went to the super user app it ask me to install but it wont allow me to it keep saying error what do I do I have a mf9 model

  44. Fred Spoon says:

    Did not work on verizon s4 they updated it before I left the store would not allow me to leave with out updateing

  45. Rickey says:

    QBKing, I cannot get my Tmo S4 to root using your instructions. Is there anything else I can try?????

  46. Paul Forster says:

    nooby question but what do you gain from rooting? what can you do once its done?

  47. Emilio Santiago says:

    Failure. Followed your instructions and it did not work. Any help?

  48. Daniel Danny says:

    Yep, I’m getting the same as everyone else. My T-mobile S4 is not rooting. Any ideas why?

  49. John Evans says:

    Downloaded drivers and root for qualcomm version s4 and the SU binary is out of date so I am not able to access Superuser. Please provide up to date root. Thanx sincerely.

    John Evans

  50. Manni Figueroa says:

    Same Issue here, With AT&T S4 Version. I have a Sprint S4 and that root process was flawless. The AT&T Version however didnt fully root the phone. I Have SuperUser but No Root Access (verified by Root Checker). Says My Binary is Outdated. When Asked to update binary, I received an Error Code.. Is this root process outdated?

  51. Latisha says:

    Nop didn’t work for my GT-i9505, also the Superuser app does not work?

  52. Henry says:

    i attempted to install super user on my samsung galaxy s4 and installed files from dowmload site went to settings saw super user tag , opened it in settings and recieved this error message-there are no current superuser apps policies.

    super user binery (su) must be updated

    note: recovery mode installation recommended for htc devices

  53. jar14 says:

    Procedure worked flawlessly on Sprint SPH-L720. Returned to stock to flash to Page+ and have full flash with 3G. Can I root the phone after the flash and not screw up the Page+ functionality?

  54. KHALED says:

    it’s not working 🙁

  55. Red52012 says:

    Does not work with 4.3

  56. robert says:

    I have a criket galaxy 4 will it work

  57. CADANI says:


  58. orlando thomas says:

    hi my name is orlando thomas i just rooted my samsung galaxy s4 it keep telling me that due to security concerns google bans applications from providing root access what,can i do i can be reached at

  59. Slugger says:

    Likewise. No disrespect to qbKing77. His video and file links for rooting my T-mobile LG G2 running android 4.2.2 worked flawlessly. BUT I had the same problem as many users on this page when using his files and method for rooting my T-mobile S4 M919 running android 4.2.2. It would push the root tools and say “success” for that first part but then when it says “rooting phone” shortly after it said “failure”. I went to and followed this tutorial using the recommendedOdin the CF-autoroot program by chainfire. That method worked for me afterwards. For reference I attached the “failure” message below:

  60. Kevin says:

    Thank you it worked like a charm! the easiest way to root an android !!!

  61. Houston says:

    sorry QB, been a fan for a long time but ya really disappointed this time.. Doesn’t work, no responses to your youtube followers, no responses to posts on your own website… you let us down …last post from you on this was 9 months ago…

  62. Aximay Sosa says:

    Will this void my warranty? Because when the windows command processor popped up I noticed that it will most like void your warranty. Is this true?

  63. hans says:

    i did exactly in the vid. but when i open the root checker basic it says Sorry! This device does not have proper root access. and i opened the superuser and it says The Superuser binary (su) must be updated. Please choose an installation method and i tap install and it says again that there was an error installing superuser. please send a log of the error to the developer i use GS4 T-mobile SGH-M919

  64. diana says:

    i did all the steps but when nothing came up on my phone

  65. Mac says:

    hey so im getting messages that the su is out of date and its wanting me to intall the new one every time i do it i get an error any ideas thanks

  66. Dan says:

    Before I go ahead and root this new at&t s4 I would like to know if the binary for the root has been updated. It does no good for a root programs binary to be out-of-date.

  67. aha says:

    I do all that the video say. but the program said: roothing phone, later say failure.
    What I need to do? Please I need help

  68. MikeAnthony says:

    When I download the zip file.. I get a pop up saying File Not Found..Any help??

  69. carlos says:

    doesn’t work. The root checker said that this device does not have root checker????????

  70. crumbum says:

    At least I’m not alone (at&t) root failure

  71. Ramiro Castillo says:

    I did just like the video and I have this error

  72. Eminent says:

    please i want to root my samsung s5 verizon. i want to know if it is POSSIBLE?

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