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How to Root the HTC One (International, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile)

This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root the HTC One, whether it be an international/unlocked variant, Sprint, or AT&T. This root method will show you how to install a custom recovery (TWRP) and also flash a superuser zip file to gain root access.


You must FIRST unlock your bootloader on your HTC One. To do so, see my how to video HERE.

Once your bootloader is unlocked, you may follow the how to video below:

Files (Same as the ones used to unlock the bootloader):


Use this SuperSU zip instead:


TWRP Recovery (Use M7 for T-Mobile, AT&T, and International):



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Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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103 Responses to How to Root the HTC One (International, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile)

  1. will the updates to the phone be available after the root?

  2. DaLarr says:

    Any luck rooting on a Mac?

  3. Cam says:

    Link is down for the sprint TWRP

  4. rmond6 says:

    hi. i have small problem when i root my HTC ONE. i followed all steps and it worked very well. ‘Unlock Bootloader’ appeared on my ONE’s screen and i selected ‘yes’ and pressed power button. my device rebooted successfully but my device is still locked. i tried to follow once more but ‘Unlock Bootloader’ screen doesnt appear anymore on last step. i have re-installed HTC BMP driver and USB driver, rebooted my computer and device, got token ID once again. but it still doesnt work on last step. can u help me???

    • rasklat says:

      mate could u help? when i was rooting my device i downloaded wrong recovery image and when it got to that swipe part i couldn press anything and it’s just stuck 🙁

  5. rmond6 says:

    i re-locked my device. re-lock command ‘fastboot oem lock’ works well. when i have done re-lock, device shows ‘RELOCKED’. ive tried to unlock again following same way, ‘Unlock Bootloader’ appeared but my device is still ‘LOCKED’ after the process all finished.

  6. Todd Chiang says:

    “unable to mount data” backup failed …what happend

  7. Todd Chiang says:

    after i install the supersu , my phone is not root …why … and the supersu file didnt include the “zip” …

  8. Joseph Kwong says:

    After rooting the phone, the bottom icon dock on the home page can no longer be edited.

  9. Dan A says:

    Just followed the video and my HTC One is fully rooted!!!! Thank you

  10. Diego Rocha says:

    Thank you, great tutorial!!

  11. jonessl501 says:

    Hello, I am having problems with the unlock_code.bin file this is saving as notepad, and giving me an error please advise

  12. Lu says:

    Where to download the

  13. Peter says:

    Great tutorial. Very nicely made. Even for dummies.

  14. Alex says:

    it doesn’t let me copy to internal storage

  15. kellooz says:

    thank you, great tutorial

  16. ronaldo says:

    this is not working for me… i am not getting to install super user in twrp… been a whole day and still not rooted

  17. sunny says:

    my friend i unlocked the bootloader with your help but couldnt root the phone properly. i tried with both the SU files one after another but failed. it doesnt show anything in the SU. pls see the image. pls help.

  18. Xploit says:

    Really need help.. when i try to make a backup it says my internal storage is 0mb!

  19. expertrooter says:


  20. Crunk says:

    where is the

  21. Shaco says:

    first and foremost thanks qbking77 for showing me how to unlock, root, and install a free tether program; (donation is on its way). Question once I installed SuperSU does the program update on its own? is updating just a matter of going to app store and updating or do I have to connect phone to the PC and and watch more videos on how to update SuperSu? Also I keep getting “reset notify” message I dont know what that means or what to do w/ that.

  22. rich says:

    i have an htc one from vodapone can i use this method to unlock and root?

  23. Eknath says:

    Thank You for the video..

  24. Jacqueline P. says:

    help it didnt work.

  25. Gary Shook says:

    After I unlocked the bootloader I have been having trouble connecting my phone via usb to my pc. I get this message….”One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.”
    Basically it’s not recognizing my phone. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks.

  26. Clint says:

    I can’t update anymore?
    It downloads the update and reboots but it reboots on the Teamwin Recovery menu.

  27. Sravanth Polanki says:

    on my device the TWRP is not able to touch, help me

  28. Sravanth Polanki says:

    after verifying root access it is saying sorry, this device does not have proper root access. But in boot loader it is showing tampered and unlocked, i installed both supersu, superuser and verified, can anyone help me please!

  29. Carolina says:

    Twerp is installed on my phone but the touchscreen does not work. Please help.

  30. Clint says:

    Cannot complete. I get right up to the recovery screen… and my touchscreen goes out. I cannot select anything.

  31. Salman says:

    Thanks a lot and I did my HTC One AT&T Unlocked, Android 4.3 Rooted with the help of your tutorial but the supersu is outdated for Android 4.3. I download it from and it works. Bravo….

  32. garbeth says:

    my touch screen doesn´t work on the recovery mode

  33. Morg VanGogh says:

    i have followed your steps up to running recovery from bootloader. the
    device loads the htc screen with ‘entering recovery…’ displayed at the top
    but never loads twrm recovery. the device just resets itself and boots the

    phone back up.

    i was using the files recommended in the tutorial when the problem first
    occurred, so tried using openrecovery-twrp- and SuperSU-v1.69…
    same result.

    my device is an htc one mini international (australian) from network
    provider telstra. any help would be much appreciated

  34. angel says:

    does it work for the htc one mini for att

  35. osher says:

    its not entering recovery

  36. osher says:

    its not enteting recovery i need hlep

  37. EzK says:

    Does anyone know if this process works for the HTC One Max as well?

  38. Elwyn Easter says:

    my htc one does not back up in TWRP does not swipe nothing happens., what should i do so i can be rooted?

  39. mdgomez82 says:

    Twerp is installed on my phone but the touchscreen does not work. Please help

  40. mdgomez82 says:

    openrecovery-twrp- so that touch screen will work

  41. Emerson says:

    touch screen not working. Download the latest SuperSU 1.80 and download the latest open recovery. For me with my sprint phone it was openrecovery-twrp- @ the latest version is at the bottom of the list, not the top. I also extracted the Super SU file and than put it in my internal storage. Simple as that. Took me 10 mins of trouble shooting to figure it out. Hope this helps.

    • Danny Molinar says:

      I got the same problem with the touch It is frozen on the recovery menu, So How can I put those new files in my phone? since the touch screen doesnt work I can not get into the reboot menu on my phone, Im kinda new on this so It will be really nice if you help me

  42. masonthecouch says:

    For those who are having problems with 4.3 you need to find the newer version of supersu .zip

  43. Rudy Campos says:

    You Are Awesome! I tried other sites and yours is by far the best! It took me very little time to root my Sprint HTC One. Your video and precise instructions perfect. Thanks!

  44. ili says:

    Where to download the

  45. Cristian says:

    I have problems with the team win when he entered the application will not let me precionar nothing and stays on that screen

  46. Richard Abramson says:

    I completed your video but when i checked if it was rooted it says “sorry this device does not have proper root access”

  47. Toby says:

    I tried it and had the same problem as all of you, so I deleted the files and started again from scratch (as much as I could) It still said tampered at the top but I tried anyway, re did all the steps that he showed and the problem is fixed, this may not be of much help but it was simply all I did. Rooted as shown then used root checker but did not work?! Retried rooting again, rebooted, this time it came up with a notification telling me that it wasn’t full installed, didn’t click on the Play ling (Google Play) clicked the other one, rebooted, went to twrp installed, rebooted again, I installed root checker, granted use, and finally!! It worked! 😀

  48. Ernesto says:

    The process does not work on HTC One with 4.3 stock rom. Your other video was able to unlock the bootloader. This one doesn’t root my HTC One 4.3.

  49. Dustin Neal says:

    My phone is stuck with no touch.HOW DO I RESET THIS?

  50. when I try to root it, it said ( unable to mount’/cache’ )
    can’t open destination log

  51. Spongo says:

    Worked great. Phone shows Tampered and Unlocked but Root Checker says the phone is not properly rooted. Any advice?

  52. sprint HTC one user says:

    Hey guys, if you have 4.3 on sprint at least, the touchscreen wont work if u do it this way. What I did, was download cyanogen installer on my phone and PC. this was a easy process once the phone bootloader was unlocked alrdy.

  53. sprint HTC one user says:

    also, guys. If your touchscreen does not work after u try all of this, google philz touch recovery. fastboot it to ur phone and then load the .IMG. philz gives u back touchscreen and u can revert back to ur stock rom if u backed it up

  54. is it possible to copy apps to my phone through fastboot

  55. JW says:

    Omg! you are simply awesome! I’ve been trying for months to root since my OTA FW update, Thank You! Thank You! 🙂
    Great video, very easy to follow

  56. thelyon says:

    i want to return my Sprint HTC One to factory. I have the TWRP on there but there are images backed up to it and I can’t get RUU to work. Keeps giving me Error 155 unknown error

  57. Doug L. says:

    Does this work with the att Kitkat update?

  58. adam says:

    is is still possible to root the international at&t version of the htc one m7?

    i tried to do it but when i run root checker it says:

    “sorry! this device does not have proper root access”

  59. ChrisB says:

    Hey, I’m on Verizon. Will this work, or is there a different set of instructions somewhere? Thanks!

  60. John Garnica Jr says:

    cmd window stuck at waiting on device

  61. John Garnica Jr says:

    cmd stuck on waiting for device. help?

  62. Jay says:

    Really need help!!!!!
    I have tried rooting twice and this problem occurred.
    In the video, all you had to do was click the folder and the flash option comes up, but it’s different for me.
    When i go to my SD card to flash the folder where the rom is located, it just opens up the folder continuously leading to more sub folders which are intern empty. This happens for all roms.

    -Please need immediate response

  63. melcolm says:

    my screen got frozen , i can’t do anything.. need help

  64. Vasilis Raptis says:

    I have the HTC One Mini..does this tutorial also works for my device? I can’t find such a good step by step “how to unlock the bootloader and root” my smartphone..please help!

  65. iceover06 says:

    Is there one for the HTC one M8 HArmon Karmon ?

  66. NJK says:

    How to fix MTP Driver

  67. Yassinefilip says:

    I have an HTC One 802t
    I followed all steps until getting
    but when I start the recovery I get a black screen and no twrp menu shows up.
    I have to maintain the click on the power button, the home and previous buttons starts to flash around 15 times, then I have to click on the power button to restart my phone.

    Any clues guys?

  68. Hassan Ameen says:

    hi how can i download the fastboot in my pc

  69. commenter says:


  70. Vivek says:

    thank u so much friend

  71. Vivek says:

    my phone some problem …i m useing 1st stup but they are “signature verify fail ” how can fix up plese help me sir…may mail Id

  72. Robert says:

    i do the recovery then i go to hit backup and it seems to be froze it wont let me swipe anything. have no clue what to do now.

  73. azrael says:


  74. Howard White says:

    Hi, I’ve got a HTC One M7 with ATT. I completed all the steps in your video without fail. But at the very end when using the Root Checker, I get the message “Root Access is not properly configured or was not granted”. Further down it says SU binary not found, I not sure if that is helpful. Please advise. Thanks

  75. kai says:

    my phone dont start after “recovery” pleas help

  76. Listrum Dannel Brooks says:

    hey Qbking i used philz and i want to know how long does it take for it to finish cause im stuck here im doing it right now

  77. Ali İzmir says:

    hi,I have a problem.I have a htc one mini and I do all of things but there is a message when I get a backup message is “E:unable to mount ‘/cache’ ” what can I do with that ?

  78. zeek says:

    how do we get out this mannn!!!
    but u did a good job thanks but please fix touch screen problem

  79. Kar says:

    Twerp is installed on my phone but the touchscreen does not work. Please help.

  80. LaKente' T Wallace Brown says:

    i can not function the twrp when it pop up the phone is no longer touchable until i hold the the power button and the back on the phone, not the teamwin. what is wrong?

  81. Kelly says:

    Ive followed all the steps, everything worked out fine, just like the video. However, the root checker app says “Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device.” What does this mean??

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