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How to Install Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on Nexus Devices


As many of you have been waiting, Canonical has now released the Ubuntu touch developer preview images for Nexus devices. Not all Nexus devices are supported, however. Only the Nexus 10, 7, 4, and GSM Galaxy Nexus are supported at the current time. Sorry CDMA Galaxy Nexus owners, do NOT try this. You must have a custom recovery to install this and follow the video below for install instructions. You may also install this if you have Ubuntu on your desktop, see here. To get back to Android, you can TRY and restore you Nandroid backup, but that may not work. I recommend watching my how to unroot videos found here. Any questions or comments, just leave a comment below.

How to Install:

How to Root your device (to get custom recovery):


Downloads (Source):

EVERY device needs this file:


Nexus 10 (Manta):

Neuxs 7 (Grouper):

Nexus 4 (Mako):

GSM Galaxy Nexus (Maguro):



Ubuntu Review:

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20 Responses to How to Install Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on Nexus Devices

  1. charles eastman says:

    Hey Tim I’m having trouble getting this to work for my nexus 7 I have the WiFi version I down loaded this on my computer and transferred the file to my device and tried to install it and I only get a blank screen when I boot up my device do u know what may be happening thanks

    • qbking77 says:

      Not positive… restore your nandroid… try and redownload and flash again

      • charles eastman says:

        I did and its not working I keep getting a black screen that’s back lit right now I’m on the cm10 ROM do I need to go to a stock rom? Do I need to wipe data and cahce before installing this isn’t making any sense I need help lol

  2. Hey i have a problem 2..i want to change back on my previous rom but it seems the installation of ubuntu wiped my restore folder on now im stuck with ubuntu and the os doesnt connect with pc like a media tranfer so i cant place any rom on my tablet..what shall i do..?thanks

  3. jose says:

    I know that cwm recovery let’s you connect your device via USB in the settings. Try it from there instead of in the phone . Im pretty sure twrp does too.

  4. Cskater55 says:

    XDA Senior Member kdb424 made it possible to boot Ubuntu on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) “”

  5. where do i put those zip files?
    do i have to create new folder?

  6. a says:

    hi i want to change back. but none of those ways worked. what so i do?

  7. Rishikanta says:

    I like ubuntu so, can I install ubuntu on my Samsung galaxy tab 2 310, plz, tell me how to do, I like ubuntu as well as I like you so much, plz tell me how to do I an waiting for you

  8. Hnaiel says:

    IS a ROM available for Galaxy Note II ?

  9. Rafael says:

    works on Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus I9250, Samsung Google Nexus 3 ?

  10. ihoruhe says:

    hello Tim, trying to install on Nexus 7, in recovey mode show me one message: no commands….do you know why? this is because lock state is locked???

  11. Tom says:

    Any updates on the above files or are we still in developer preview?

  12. Knockout3D says:

    I have the clockworkmod on my galaxy nexus is that ok????

  13. mohdrafi says:

    please sir me tel us how to install stable version now
    and where are the files available for stable ubuntu..

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