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How to Get Free Native Wifi Hotspot on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4

This video will show you the necessary steps to get free native wifi hotspot on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. This will allow for the hotspot option in the settings menu to work without being charged for it. Again, this is for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 only. You must be rooted. To root your phone, see here. 

HUGE shoutout to Crawrj for getting this mod going for us. Go thank him in his thread here.

How to:


It is HIGHLY recommended that you go the route of flashing the zip through a custom recovery. I am not responsible for any problems that occur with your device.



MJA Deodexed zip:

MJA Odexed zip:

MF9 Deodexed zip:

MF9 Odexed zip:

MDL Deodexed zip:

MDL Odexed zip:

MDC Deodexed zip:

MDC Odexed zip:


If you have a custom recovery such as TWRP installed, just put the zip on your phone and install it via your custom recovery. If you DON’T have a custom recovery, watch the video above for simple instructions.

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90 Responses to How to Get Free Native Wifi Hotspot on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. o51r15 says:

    Worked perfectly.

  2. Christopher Young says:

    how do i get the latest rooted rom? mdc to mdl? galaxy s4

  3. sinister says:

    operation failed

  4. sinister says:

    what im doing wrong

  5. mellisa michaud says:

    so i rooted my s4 and now im trying to get this mobile hotspot working . i downloaded the files to my sd card and downloaded the rom toolblox app and im following the steps but when i go to sd and then the bottom those two files r not there? what can i do to find those files ?

  6. turtlkky says:

    I’ve noticed on the S4 there is a group play app. Using the stock ROM (not rooted), I am unable to use this app unless mobile hotspot services are active on my account. I can not find anywhere on Sprint where it says these services must exist in order to be able to utilize group play. Any thoughts or suggestions where I may have missed something?

  7. Robert G von Giebel says:

    I’ve dwnld’d the MDL file. it opens 2 framework & then shows a zipped services file & a services.odex file which wen the zipped file is extracted becomes a Meta-INF file. Not wat shows on ur video & yes I have already installed ROM toolbox lite on phone. Wat gives? plz advise. Thank you!

  8. terry says:

    works perfectly, take your time, pause the video, double check your steps before engaging.

  9. Isaac says:

    Does it work for the T-mobile S4?

  10. Markski says:

    Great tutorial, WIFI hot spot works great. I had one snag, couldn’t drag and drop the two services Odex files to my phone. I needed to copy them to a microSD attached to my PC then put the card into the phone. After that all went according to plan.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      I had the same problem when dragging the files – I just moved the files out of the zip onto my desktop – solved problem.

  11. clewluss says:

    worked gr8 with mf9 odex after recent upgrade thanks u da man

  12. uhhmazing1 says:

    awesome! worked first time!

  13. SPH-L720 says:

    Got it first time and in under a minute. Don’t know if it’s operating environment or what, but Root Explorer had the file management steps done in eye blinks, not minutes for me :).

  14. Dean Day says:

    Thanks, now my phone will not boot up, stuck at the Sprint screen.

  15. Dan Comp says:

    The mf9 download has the services.odex file but
    the services.jar file is a winwar file, and after opening that there is no services.jar file
    So what do I do about that?

  16. eriji says:

    Hotspot does not show up on my Networks Settings, and I cannot find it anywhere else. Have SPH-L720 with stock ROM, rooted. Any suggestions as to where I can look for it and/or what I might have done wrong?

  17. Malcum E Malveaux says:

    I can’t copy the two files from Framework folder to my phone or sd card – help? Have i missed a step?

  18. Dan says:

    How do you know what mf9 file to download. what is odexed and deodexed mean??

  19. czcz says:

    Bricked phone can’t flash stock rom Odin has a fail. Started with MF9 rooted phone. Used MF9 Odexed when rebooted stuck at Sprint yellow screen. Any suggestion?

  20. Robert G von Giebel says:

    Firstly, rooted per ur video. NP. Secondly, Installed this programas video instructed. Was using Titanium 2 bak up everything & I did a reboot. Now screen freezes at Sprint. Wat gives? Please advise. TY

  21. Robert G von Giebel says:

    Thnx Dean. Wrked perfectly. Guess there’s a bug in this wifi instruction or program.

  22. Hungry for wifi says:

    Worked perfectly on Sprint S4 rooted JB4.2.2 with Odin. Followed instructions and used MF9 Odex. Many Many Many Thx!

  23. Alexander says:

    my phone is stuck on the sprint screen and i’ve even tried going back to factory settings, im lost please help V_V

  24. michael says:

    computer does not let me drag files into phone

  25. SamsungGungHohoho!!! says:

    Use Clovckwork MOD NOT TWRP–does not work with TWRP

  26. TK says:

    I have build number AMF9 as my last 4 digits which one do I download

    • TK says:

      How do I know if mine is the stock rom or not?? Only thing I done was root my phone from the rooting technique shown here??

  27. VDZ says:

    Is there another program besides ROM toolbox lite? I tried to rename my service files but ROM Toolbox Lite but I’m getting an error.

  28. Stacey D. says:

    The step about checking the last 3 of your build number before picking a download should be emphasized. Anyone with the latest 4.2.2+ firmware should choose MF9. I watched and read 3 times and still either missed it, or it wasn’t discussed. I saw it in the comments after bricking. I got the latest firmware stock ROM and used Odin to replace it. I haven’t lost any info thus far and am now re-rooting. I will attempt this again with the MF9.

  29. Guest says:

    Worked perfectly with my MF9-Odex, thanks alot! Oh but if the links above are broken (as they were for me when I tried to use them), use the links below, worked great for me.

    Alternate Dowload Links:

    I was a little nervous when rebooting after seeing all these reviews and once i made it past the sprint screen and the hotspot started right up, my heart started beating again. haha thanks again man.

  30. Cody Shane says:

    Please update your video with a warning and instructions to check if you are MDC, MDL or MF9. I used MDL when I was suppose to use MF9. Now I have to install the stock ROM. Downloading it right now. 1.5GB download. Not fun at all.

  31. Brad says:

    I’ve got 4.2.2 and both the MDL and MF9 files bricked my phone. ugh.

  32. Cam MacGregor says:

    What I find frustrating is that Schofield does not respond to any of these postings. He is either a dildo or just irresponsible

  33. Justin811 says:

    Hotspot turns on and is visible from laptops, but I can’t get a connection and not even prompted to enter the configured WiFi password…any ideas?

    • Ryscrilla says:

      You have to connect your laptop to the Hotspot Wifi; then go on your device’s hotspot settings and add your laptop to the “Allowed Devices” list by selecting the Plus next to the laptop name while connected.

      • Justin811 says:

        Thanks for responding. I tried your suggestion, but still wasn’t able to get the connection to work. Actually, I didn’t need to add the laptops since they were already listed as “Allowed devices”. What’s strange is the app once worked for a Windows laptop, but not 2 Macbooks now.

  34. DollUnit says:

    Will this method still work after updating to 4.3?

  35. Smitth3132 says:

    OK, keep the updates coming! Looking for Hot Spot for 4.3.

  36. JD says:

    I used your video to root my phone (it worked great, Thanks!) Now, how do I know if I need to download the MDL or MF9 Odexed file you have above. I purchased my phone from the Sprint store on October 10th and from what I’ve been reading I’m thinking MF9, but I don’t want to screw up after doing so well with the root. Thanks again.

  37. JD says:

    I’m unable to move the files to my phone. I’ve tried dragging and copy and paste with no luck (they move easily to other files on my computer) I don’t yet have a an SD card. Any ideas? Thanks.

  38. hedone77 says:

    Awesome video!!!! It worked like a charm!!!! Thanks QBKING77!!!!

  39. Nate says:

    Can someone give me steps to undo this? I did this on my MDL Galaxy S4 (Sprint) and want to go back to stock to get new updates. I am clearly a novice so step by step advise would be hugely helpful. Thanks for any help!

  40. Felicia Pechenuk- Mcclew says:

    can anyone confirm if u do the 4.3 update will you still have native wifi?

  41. scott leathers says:

    I have the MF9 build.when I go to transfer the two files to my phone it wont let me.what do I need to do.please help.thankyou scott

  42. Guest says:

    As for the most recent (MJA) firmware update, here’s the dl links.

    MJA Deodexed:
    MJA Odexed:

  43. trueaho says:

    did just as u did now iam stuck on sprint screen is there a fix

  44. Matt A. says:

    I rooted my S4 (sprint) and downloaded the MDL files and pasted them to The ROM tool box lite… renamed just as the video suggests.. rebooted and when I go to turn on WIFI it shows password then screen comes up and says that I need a subscription and shut the service off. First attempt did allow me to configure computer but that was it… Any suggestions?

  45. Matt says:

    what if my build number ends in MJA? I have rooted phone as video says and hotspot keeps telling me Im not a subscriber

  46. bob says:

    odin3X is no help. it fails every time.

  47. bob says:

    Wish I would have read these comments first.. boots to the yellow screen and the unroot fails. hope we get a fix soon…

  48. bob says:

    MJA V4.3 gets a yellow screen.

  49. Jam3s says:

    Does this work with MK2?

  50. rlwark says:

    So mine is mk2 so what do I use

  51. Philly Joe says:

    I can’t pull the Services Odex over to my phone. The Services Jar went right over. The red circle with the line through it appears. What am I doing wrong?

  52. Uglymutt says:

    Does the mja hotspot mod work with the newest mk2 4.3 jellybean…????

  53. NicolasT says:

    where can I find simple step by step instructions on how to get WIFI to work on the new MK2 4.3 build for Sprint?

    Are there any videos?

    These are the only instructions I found and they don’t make much sense to me: Any help would be appreciated–Thanks

  54. load says:

    I have mk2 odex is there a mod for this?

  55. redbeard says:

    Is there an update for the MK2?

  56. Ishi says:

    Anything on MK2?

  57. Rob says:

    Will this work on kitkat?

  58. Slater says:

    Are you working on the 4.4.2 NAE version?

  59. dwise919 says:

    how do i get wifi with NAE update?

  60. cant get past sprint screen

  61. greg lamm says:

    have build number KOT49H.L720VPUFNA7 so which file can I use for native hotspot.

  62. Jam3s says:

    This no longer works with KitKat. Anyone find anything to get it working? When you install or update an app it keeps popping up saying the app crashed making the phone unusable until you uninstall that app and then change the services files back.

  63. reizo says:

    Which service files can I use for the L720TVPUBNAF build?

  64. imuscle says:

    I needed to update my sprint phone and so I did the unrooting as described with no problem. I was able to root again with more difficulty than the first time. However, as far as getting my free hotspot back…been using it for 9 months….no go…just as the people below…gets stuck on the sprint screen and I have to unroot it again…

  65. Ebassett says:

    Had to go elsewhere to find the right zip file since i am Currently using MK2, with 4.3 but i followed the instructions and its working flawlessly. even renamed the files .bak just in case but haven’t had to worry about it.

  66. westhomas says:

    skydrive links are dead.

  67. Farid Kader says:

    Terrible video instructions. You bricked most of the peoples phones here including me. Stuck on the damn Sprint screen!

  68. Sangie Nativus says:

    Your tutorial videos are usually awesome and easy to follow. This one wasn’t. It wasn’t clear at all which odexed version to download. You were clear on the difference between deodexed and odexed but not so much on the three digits. I didn’t know what that was. So I downloaded what you downloaded in the video as you said you had stock root and I had stock root.

    Hello yellow screen..

    Hello 1.5 GB download to unbrick my phone :<

  69. kakedog says:

    I don’t know which zip file to choose. how do i know if I have MJA or MF9 or whatever? Is there a way to check?

  70. md shakib says:

    the last three letters of my build number says NAE ……..what do i do??please help

  71. Sean Mccarthy says:

    Last three of my build is. OA3. Are there files for me????

  72. Dave K says:

    Can you please update this video for the latest build? L720VPUFNG2. if this video is outdated and obsolete, can you please say so? I read all the comments without any replies, so it leads me to believe this is an abandoned vid. Thanks.

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