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How to Gain S-OFF on the HTC One with Revone

This video will show you the necessary steps to obtain S-OFF on the HTC One with Revone. This Revone exploit is said to have worked on the latest WWE & EU RUU, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint HTC One’s. With S-OFF you will be able to flash radios, lock your bootloader, and many other modifications. S-OFF will allow for SuperCID, which will allow for the user to flash any RUU on their device. I will make a video in the future explaining this.




Revone Download:

Big thanks to the Revolutionary dev team. The original thread can be found here.

Written instructions:

  • Download the Revone file above and transfer it to your phone (or download on your phone)
  • Use a root file explorer and paste the file inside the /data/local/tmp folder
  • Open a terminal emulator and type of the following:

su (enter)
cd /data/local/tmp (enter)
chmod 755 revone (enter) (IF revone doesn’t work, type revone.bin)
./revone -P (enter)

  • Reboot
  • Open terminal again and type:

su (enter)
cd /data/local/tmp (enter)
./revone -s 0 -u (That would be a ZERO) (enter)

  • Reboot
  • That’s it! To get rid of the tampered, or relock, follow instructions below

To remove “tampered”

open terminal

cd /data/local/tmp
./revone.bin -t

These are other commands that you can fill in above to 

-u – Unlock the device
-l – Lock the device (as if it was never unlocked)
-r – Relock the device (mark the device as relocked)
-t – Reset the device’s tamper flag.


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About the Author

Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • joshua nickens

    Will locking the device or bootloader or any of these things help with play movies and other apps that require an unrooted phone to work?

    • Darryl

      If you have movies that need root to play, i’d be VERY wary. They are most likely malware.

  • Rob

    Thanks for the great videos Tim! I have used them to unlock the bootloader and root my HTC One dev edition and will use your s-off method as soon as there is a flashable T-mobile radio for my phone. I’ve had the HTC One for 3 weeks and with no available LTE in my area and no 3G freqs on the HTC I have been suffering with EDGE 2G. Love the videos they are informative and simple to follow! Keep up the great work!

  • Michael Millington

    FYI to regain S-ON

    1) ./revone -l
    2) Re-boot to bootloader > fastboot
    4) Connect HTC ONE to PC
    3) (on PC) open command prompt in OneDrivers_Fastboot/Fastboot folder
    4) Type “fastboot oem writesecureflag 3” & hit enter

    This method worked for me. I have a faulty battery and needed to return my handset to get a new one. Coupling this with the “How to Unroot the HTC One,” I was able to return my phone to factory settings so as not to “void” the warranty and swap out my faulty handset for a new one.

    Thanks Tim, you’ve made my life easier!

    • Amil

      Hi, I just recently got an HTC One a week ago. I want to know something just for future reasons as my HTC One (ATT) is currently rooted. This comment you posted… does it mean that your HTC One is back to “LOCKED” and “S-ON”? Also, you have gotten the “TAMPERED” to go away right?

      • Michael Millington

        That is correct. I had to remove the tampered flag first though, then I was able to lock the bootloader with Revone and enter the fastboot command to gain back s-on.

        • Amil

          Ok, unfortunately, I see 3 stuck pixels on my unit; I just noticed it today when working with max brightness on a black background (when viewing wallpapers). My understanding is that when you “LOCKED” the device with revone, you are still rooted right? In other words, revone just changes the flag/mark I am assuming. I am saying this because if it was actually “LOCKED” at that point, then you wouldn’t be able to go back to the rom you are in and turn s-off to s-on again.

          • Michael Millington

            That’s right. The phone is now Locked, but still rooted. I wanted to unroot it, just in case there might have been an issue with my carrier not replacing the unit. It is up to you what you want to do. I unrooted my device first and found that even after rooting it said “S-ON” and that freaked me out a little because I needed to get a new unit and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that so I spent a day re-rooting and figuring out how to gain S-ON before I Unrooted. There is a great video on how to unroot the One right HERE on this site . Make sure you use the right variant for your carrier! Tim has doen a great job of making it easy for guys like us!

          • Amil

            So I followed this video (including the removing the tampering). The, I did the following:

            1) used to command to lock the device to how it came out of the box (./revone -l)
            2) rebooted into the bootloader, went on fastboot, and turned s-boot off
            3) Then I rebooted, it said LOCKED (that’s good), but I couldn’t proceed to my Android revolution (cause it was locked?)

            Then, I was stuck in an infinite bootloader loop.

            I unlocked the device again, and I’m safe now. But I am back to where I was in the beginning (tampered, and unlocked)

            I really want to have my device so it says LOCKED and have no TAMPERED flag, and be on official stock factory OS, basically 100% factory default.

            Where did I make the mistake? Sorry, I’m new to rooting and all.

          • Amil

            Nevermind, I got everything working now. Back to 100% stock.

          • Michael Millington


          • sagarsamtani

            Guys thanks for help.. Just a question…
            After locking the bootloader to origional factory state as it was never unlocked , can i run AT&t RUU to get back to out of the box stock locked , unrooted 4.1.2 ?

          • wymers24

            Yes. The RUU is basically HTC’s failsafe to unbrick it’s phones. The only way to brick your phone is with s-off.

          • Veillantif

            But how? You just kept trying?

  • Okuley Glover

    hi qb. using the HTC one. and my network is 3 in the UK. I have the tampered and relocked on my bootloader screen. want to update to android 4.2. how do I go about.

  • dhsteiner

    I do not see a data/local/tmp directory on my phone via file explorer. Do I need to create this specific path in order for this to work?

    • Antonio

      you have to enable root access on the options of the file explorer

  • anon

    error = -6
    what to do
    on -P command

    • Connel Hooley

      I just fixed it,

      run after you run the chmod command

      chown root:root revone

      • Farai Dunduru

        Sorry dude would you care to explain a bit more. I am still getting error 6 on the -P command.

        • Connel Hooley

          I ran that command and then it appeared to work, so I left you that comment. Turns out it didn’t work 🙁 This exploit doesn’t work with recently sold models of the phone as it has newer version of HBOOT. Neither does Moonshine (another exploit that used to be able to S-OFF your phone) I’ve asked on XDA but it doesn’t look like there’s a way to S-OFF them anymore

          • Farai Dunduru

            Yeah…too bad I hope they do crack it soon. Thanks.

    • Hai

      so doing a search on Google “rootzwiki xboarder56” should give you a link to the [S-off/downgrade]

      on xda, download the One all in one kit for HTC One.

      relock the bootloader, run the RUU from factory can be found in the unbrick video here

      Then run the RUU to downgrade

      Then start over again, with unlocking the bootloader, flash recovery, SU, revone (which should work now)

      Hope it works!

    • Jemmas Dad

      Anyone know if this is fixed yet?

  • Ryan Moraes

    Hi there, I am using Easy File Explorer to move the revone file, however there is no /Data/local/temp file on my phone. I get to sdcard/data but I either see com.keramidas.tita and flixter or device/data/ its empty. Do I have to create the local/temp folder and then paste it in? What the dilly….yo?

    • Antonio

      you have to enable root access on the options of the file explorer.

  • Greg Stark

    i got an error code =2
    help plz

    • Sam

      Me to, on command -P

  • Connel Hooley

    I am also getting the -6 error. Is there anyway to fix this? thanks

  • dahhyk

    how do i gain s-on again?

  • AJ

    I’m getting the following error:

    /data/local/tmp # ./revone -P
    revone v0.2.1

    revone failed (error code = 1)

    • Jwtiyar Nariman

      me too , any help?

    • fida

      I am too getting the same error after doing ./revone -P please help

  • Anirkhe

    I am also getting the -6 error. Is there anyway to fix this?

  • Kao Vang

    error = -6, please help.

  • You are an ass hat

    Way to literally take my post from xda word for word and make it your own.

  • tech_difficulties429

    error code = -1 🙁

    • aulakh

      same trouble

  • Felix Cedeño Febus

    How to gain s on to HTC one sprint

  • Felix Cedeño Febus

    How to gain s—off to s—on sprint HTC one

  • Veillantif

    Revone can’t get rid of the **TAMPERED** flag on bootloader. Every time I try the -t command, the response is “Revone failed. Error code=-2”

    All the other commands work: -P, -l, -u.

  • Sam

    error= 2 on -P command, what do I do? Please and thank you.

  • Joseph Chagan

    When I run the ./revone -P command my device freezes for a second and the screen just goes black. I’ve tried it a few times and it just stays that way. I have to eventually hold the power button down till it reboots. Seems like no harm done but it’s not working either.

  • Sravanth Polanki

    hey, i am getting [email protected] instead of @android…..its ok or its not ok
    please help

  • Valupaq

    Hey Tim, love your stuff. I recently tried to install the maximus hd rom and hadn’t realized it was for a different variation of my HTC one m7. I soft bricked it stuck in Stock bootloader screen and had to run the stock ruu to get it back. My bootloader now says I am “relocked” not locked, and still s-off. Twrp isn’t there anymore, and neither is root privilege. How can I get this back to normal or what is the next step to achieve my final goal of the wifi tether that will hopefully work.

  • rar1994

    i can’t find the /local/tmp folder in /data to paste the revone file

  • baushaus

    error code = -1 please help

  • adhamncheese
  • sokka

    How do I get S-on again?
    I got rid of the tamperd flag
    device is locked
    but still S-off

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