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Free Wifi Tether for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II on Jelly Bean

Developer TrevE has finally gotten wireless/wifi tethering going on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2.  I know many have been waiting for this, so I have went ahead and uploaded the file and made a video showing how to get tethering working! Download the APK below and transfer it over to your device!

DOWNLOAD (Credit TrevE)

T-Mobile users might want to try the latest beta from here IF the above link doesn’t work (uninstall above link beofre you try this one):

If it doesn’t work, you can also try the Wifi Tether APK’s here:   (Uninstall previous ones before you install a new apk)

Galaxy S III:

Galaxy Note II:


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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

  • nemo7174

    Cant find trevemod anymore. Do you have any idea why

    • qbking77

      Fixed the link. Sorry about that!

  • I am running cm10.1. Wifi tethering loads with ap errors can’t get it to work is their away I can manually fix this

    • qbking77

      cm10.1 has tethering natively built into settings

      • Dang I just now noticed the little yellow thing telling me you answered this…thanks I give it a run

        • Its running thanks.. But only open if I put a password I get (on the device trying to connect) unable to join


    Only issue I am having is when my phone sleeps and I go to wake it up, I get the “what the hell…” message, not really a huge issue, but I was wondering if there’s a way to correct this, otherwise fantastic

  • Alison Rubin

    As an avid fan of Qbking77, of course, I rooted my new delicious Galaxy Note 2 immediately in November – and have been using the wireless tether feature since then. But over the past week, it’s been dropping and not connecting – and yesterday, died altogether – despite all of the reinstallations (of various versions, based on feedback in forums), nothing worked. So I simply unrooted my Sprint Note 2 back to stock…updated it…and then rerooted it…and installed the wireless tether – and now working perfectly! When in doubt, sit back…restart…and try again. And if you need help, Qbking77 is always here to help!! THANK YOU TIM.

  • Works great Tim, thank you! 🙂

  • Gary

    Anyone else having a problem with the WIFI not being able to be turned on after using the tether? I have to reboot the phone to get it to turn back on.

    • Messy

      yes, i have had the same problem… also now it seem lik eth ephone has issues sending emails and text messages.. where as before I had no issues

  • deadheadland

    The download link is not working…

    • qbking77

      Now it should be… sorry about that

      • deadheadland

        no worries! very grateful for your help, it works GREAT now!!!

  • marcor

    its not working for my s3. phone says ” the hell phone taking over shutting down tethering please help

    • Charles

      Try this worked for me on the trevemod version galaxy s3. Device profile to samsung galaxy s3. Setup method to Netd-Ndc, Wirless channel 5, wifi driver reload 2, mss claming checked and routing fix checked.

      • Scotty

        This worked for me thanks!!

        • Charles

          Glad it worked..

  • Skeeredfitless

    My phone also said about wireless being taken over by the phone in standby but only after connecting a second time. I also could not connect to wireless on the phone after turning off tethering. I had to manually reboot the phone.

  • julio

    Hey man im having a problem wen my phone goes to sleep wile tethering my and i turn it back on it give me a what the hell can u plzz corect this

    • qbking77

      Did you try the different apk’s mentioned above?

  • rick

    this worked for me, thank you so much!! disregard my support email sorry about that, i sent that before i saw this video!

  • rick

    i spoke too soon…i am getting the following error, i am rooted on stock rom.
    ” Wifi Tether Issue: What the hell. Your phone takes back control over the Wi-Fi” and then it stops connection?

  • rick

    my last question went away? I am getting the following error after wi-fi connects (probably 30 seconds to 2 minutes later) “what the he@@ your phone took over the wi fi connection immediate tethering shutdown NOW” and then it kicks me out. Any idea what is causing this? I disabled sprint optimizer as well and no luck

  • hi there thx for the great website but for this i get errors: Activating WIFI interface, Setting AdHoc Mode, Setting essid, Setting Channel – all other items in the log are green. Any ideas? I am on a note 2 with 4.1.1

    • qbking77

      uninstall the current app and try a different apk file

      • tried them all but the Tmobile one, same errors and no joy – thx for trying however!

  • jfire

    Everything worked great! The only issue is that after I’m done tethering, I can’t turn on my wifi at all without rebooting. Has there been any updates that fixes this problem? Thanks.

    • Nimbus

      I found the fix. You need to UnCheck “WiFi-driver reload”. and You need to Check “WiFi-driver reload 2”

      • jfire


      • I found the fix. You need to UnCheck “WiFi-driver reload”. and You need to Check “WiFi-driver reload 2”

        • B.P

          where do you find wifi driver reload 2? i cant find none of this, please help

          • This is found in the settings. This worked for me too! (on my Sprint GS3, rooted stock rom)

    • B4G3L5

      I have the same problem.

  • Tim

    Works like a champ! Thanks! BTW, I’m on TMO, and I downloaded and am using the first downloadable apk.

  • brandon

    ok so i installed everything as you said but when i start wifi tether i get “wifi teather started with errors” so i checked the log and :

    1) activating WIFI interface failed

    2)setting AD-Hoc mode failed

    3) Setting essid failed

    4) Setting channel failed

    everything else is showing done. Any help is appreciated

    I have the galaxy note 2 from sprint running everything stock. The phone is rooted.

    • yay

      Did you 3ver fix your problem??

      • brandon

        No I didnt if you figure it out please let me know

        • the3dguy

          I have the exact same errors and problems. I have a rooted AT&T galaxy note 2. I’m not sure why there are errors, everything installed fine and I granted super user permissions

    • Mamoon Alrameeni

      Have the same note “started with errors” any ideas yet

  • I am have problems using the wifi tether. I have GS3 with stock deodex rom, android version 4.1.1. When I turn on wifi tether a message show up for about 2 seconds that says : What the hell. Your phone takes back control over wi-fi interface. Then the wifi tether stops, I have tried unchecking the sprint connection optimizer and searched for solutions but I couldn’t find anything… Need your help!

    • Dexter Calvillo

      i have the same problem grrr, ive tried all the versions of the apks with uninstalling and clearing data in between, but i still get that same error and then the tethering turns off.

      • F-!6 Tech

        Try turning off “Use wireless Networks” in settings>>location services… seems to have worked for me.

  • I am having the same issue as many people below, but nobody seems to have any answers…I get the app to work using the modded build, but when I exit it, I cannot get my wifi working again without a reboot.

  • looni

    Fookin fantasic! Works on the Wicked Jelly Bean Rom (Super SU installed by default)

  • TD

    Can’t turn wifi on after i stop tethering. Anyone figure out a fix?

  • Tammie

    When I try to connect to tether connection my computer does not connect….
    What do I do to get my computer to and iPad online through the tether?

  • Tammie

    I’m sorry, I have rooted my phone and got the tether app on my phone. I do not have any error messages in the log file…… but my iPad nor my computer will connect….????? WHY? How to fix it?

  • sam

    Im on tmobile first one got blocked I don’t know how to create the access point on note 2 currently using the app for tmobile users please help

  • I’m having trouble getting my hot spot to work on my note 2. I’m using the T-Mobile version. I used all the wifi apks and all gave me errors. Can you help?

  • CCHpounder

    Works GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone find a solution to the “started with errors” message yet?

  • works great for me on 4.1.2…but now my adroid wfifi will not turn on…slides to on and just bounces back to off. So when home I can’t connect to my home network. Not sure if it happened during root or trevmod but assu,ing trevmod. Any ideas?

    • seems checking wifi driver reload 2 as suggested above in settings did the trick. Great work! This was my 1st time rooting something which I did to get this hotspot capability! Thanks well done!!!

    • David Ross

      Since I updated my Sprint Galaxy S3 to 4.1.2 a few days ago Treve Mod tether no longer works. It acts the same, as if it is broadcasting, but my TF300 can no longer connect to it-any ideas? Did you do anything after upgrading to 4.1.2?

  • Nimbus

    Now I am having new issues. Now It will activate but not be visible to anything so nothing can connect. or if I switch back to WiFi Driver Reload checked only then I can only connect for a few seconds before it stops tethering with a TOAST message

  • mallory

    can someone please help me. I have it all installed and it connets properly but I have 0 connection speed up or down. .01 is the fastest I get it. im on sprint note 2 4.2.1 any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

  • Vance

    Upon startup I get these errors in the showlog.
    Activating WiFi interface: Failed
    Setting ad-hoc mode: Failed
    Setting essid: Failed
    Setting channel: Failed

    • Vance

      Any Idea how to fix this?

  • ToddL

    OK. There seems to be a consistent issue that has been mentioned on several forums… The “WTH” or “What the Hell” message appears anytime you try to wake up your display once it has dimmed. I have not seen any solution to this.

    Tim (@qbking77:disqus ), if you could represent the SGS3 masses out here, we really want a way to let the phone’s screen dim and then wake up while maintaining our tether session without interruption.

    • qbking77

      Go into settings… more… and go into sprint connections optimizer and make sure its off

  • andres

    i can’t get it to work.. im unsing liquidsmooth 4.2.2 but nothing…
    i try all kinds of setting but not luck..

    please help….

  • Alex Gomes

    I got a Samsung galaxy S3, working on T-mobile. I got the app to work perfectly, but after maybe 30 minutes, I tried to change the page on the browser and it showed me a T-mobile page, asking me if I wanted to turn my device into a Mobile Hotspot. Do you guys know how to fix this? Please help!

  • Will not work on any version on SGS3 MB1 closest I got was auto/auto force 1 just for the wifi to even show up before it failed. Also no longer have a factory tether.

    • Tim I hope this helps if you dont clear data before uninstall it wont work. TrevE said the SuperSU is more compatible.

      • Douglasazo

        works perfectly now (I still needed to check the WiFi driver reload 2) I was using SuperSU before but I just went through your steps and now it works. Thanks.

  • Mike

    Got my 1st DROID phone (Note 2), rooted and installed wifi-tether. Just wanted to say thanks for all that you do.

  • eldudester

    I got it installed I have the supersu I did everthing posted on here had to use a different profile to get it to download and upload but it wont brodcast the signal help me plz

  • lappdog

    where do I get the apk file to download to my note II for sprint

  • For all those people getting that “error” do this: GO TO SETTINGS… UnCheck “WiFi-driver reload 1”. and You need to Check “WiFi-driver reload 2″…

    • mrcampbell06

      This doesnt solve my issues that says ” Error in logs”, but when i click show logs, it says phone doesnt exist.

  • chamucoliz

    this is how i set up wireles tether app and is working great for me hope this help
    device profile auto
    set up method netd-ndc (master)
    send netd max client cmd checked
    wifi driver reload uncheck
    wifi driver reload 2 checked

  • Root worked great on my and my wife’s phone so I donated but i can’t get the wifi to work on either S3. Any help?

  • Tried 3 different SGS3 and none work. I can’t find wifi driver reload2 in options on the menu to try that. I unchecked wifi driver reload.

  • Ron

    I’m using a rooted galaxy s3 and followed the instructions. I am able to get the tether to work, however after 5 min it says your phone has taKen control and disconnects the tether. I also want able to flash a rom yesterday to my phone, any ideas what might be wrong? I’ve downloaded a root checker app and it says my phone is rooted.

  • mk

    If you have a Galaxy S II, this version also works after you update to Jelly Bean

  • DaBears

    Does it matter what network you are on? I’m on Verizon

  • jdpremo 89

    Im having trouble getting my s3 to work. It says its on but I cant find it anywhere on my other device’s that I want to tether on to.

  • tom

    guys, t-mobile, not2, I rooted the phone, did the busyboxfree, installed many different versions of wifitehter, and I am getting the same note Activating WiFi interface: FailedSetting ad-hoc mode: Failed
    Setting essid: Failed
    Setting channel: Failed

    PLEASE HELP, I was googling and nothing

  • espylber

    Is it working with mc3 or md4 updates for gs3?

    • shade

      i cant get it to work with md4, it definilty works on mc3. I have gs3 rooted stock

  • Alex

    Settings that worked for me >

    1. Set Profile to Samsung Galaxy S3
    2. Set Setup-Method to Netd-Ndc
    3. Check Send Netd Max Client Cmd
    4. Enable WiFi Encryption
    5. Channel 01
    6. Check WiFi-driver reload 2
    7. Check Routing fix

    • espylber


  • Shadeed Ameer

    Everything working on this end, super big thanks, you guys rock!

  • iDabuimsu

    After install everything and turn on the wifi tether, other wireless device can’t detect the phone, im on rooted international version note2 at&t, android 4.1.1, thanks for any help
    device profile generic ICS/JB (wlan0)
    Set up method Netd-Ndc (master)

  • Anton.d09

    When I’m tethering, I can’t get incoming calls. Is there any fix for that?

    • Guest

      I’m on TrevE Mod by the way

  • Douglas Peterson

    HI, I LOVE your site! Been very useful. I had soft bricked my phone but got it back with a 1-click Odin file “SPH-L710_MC3_1095534_Rooted_Restore.exe” downloaded from

    It is rooted and when I load this app, it loads fine but I never see the SSID name on other devices.

    Phone info is Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, Android 4.1.2, Baseband version L710VPBMC3, Kernel version 3.0.31-1095534, Build number JZO54K.L710VPMMC3
    Hardware version L710.14

    • Kathy Rice

      Having the same issues – did you find out how to fix it?

      • Douglas Peterson

        Nope, never heard back from QBKing77!

      • Douglas Peterson

        LOL. I just tried this and it WORKED!

        1. Set Profile to Samsung Galaxy S3
        2. Set Setup-Method to Netd-Ndc
        3. Check Send Netd Max Client Cmd
        4. Enable WiFi Encryption
        5. Channel 01
        6. Check WiFi-driver reload 2
        7. Check Routing fix

  • jon

    I have a gs3 on virgin mobile and I have tethering working but my pc cant connect to the android tether signal because it is busy?…help

  • mikev

    it worked. however my carrier (T Mobile) detected I didn’t have mobile hotspot service so it blocked it 🙁 how to go around this?

  • Chad

    Awesome clear instructions that worked great on my Rooted Sprint S2! Thank you Tim!!

  • kronos

    My settings for 4.1.2 Note 2: Setup-Method: Netd-Ndc (master), check Send Netd Max Client Cmd, Device-Profile: Generic ICS/JB (wlan0), uncheck WiFi-driver reload (if checked), and check WiFi-driver reload 2. Enjoy.

    • poncho iram

      thanks!!! i love u LMAO

  • Lalo

    I’ve done all this and my data is still being used from my phone. Really confuse at this pt. Please help.

  • Mikey Dormens

    This is wonderful Guys thank you, You help me root and now I’m able to create a hotspot for free.
    Shout out to all those who work to create those magic.

  • wayne

    does this work with the Samsung galaxy S2 virgin mobile Gb 28 rooted?(SPH-D710VMUB)(Android 4.1.2 stock rooted) btw I used your method of odin one click to root

    • wayne

      which one do you pick epic 4g touch or just Galaxy S2?

  • justmike

    Can you post a video on how to hack the unlimited data plan tethering block?

  • Brandy

    I have the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. I have tried every setting I can find but there seems to be nothing strictly for the mini and I can not get it to connect with my ipad.

  • Krazy Birde

    Used the newest version on my Samsung GS3 (SPH-L710) – jelly bean, stock rom, 4.1.2 Build MD4

    Used v3.3 beta2

    Followed what he said on his video

    Could not get it to work, then changed my device-profile in setting to GS4 and it now work.

    Dont know why, but it does.Cheers!

  • darrin55

    i have a sprint galaxy 3 / 4.3 update kicked in knocked out my root, tried to re root, it wont take, only use root for wifi tethering, is there a way to get free wifi , without root or a method to root the 4.3 properly, thanks

  • Mark Joseph

    my laptop cannot detect the “androidtether” what can i do to solve this ?

  • Rajma

    This actually works on galaxy s2 (sprint)

  • lou

    I have a glaxay note 2 unlocked under go smart network and every time I try to use the mobile hotspot it tells me number not found what should i do

  • john l moody

    I used the WiFi tether and my phone said I’m not subscribed to hotspot. Help please

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