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Free Wifi Hotspot for the HTC One (Wireless Tether)

This video below will show you the method to get free wifi hotspot on the HTC One. Keep in mind that all devices are slightly different when it comes to the Tethering applications, so you may have to try out different applications and try out different settings (all explained in the video below). Thanks to TrevE for getting this application working for us over at XDA. 

If you did have to change any settings, leave a comment and let everyone know what worked for you!

You must first be rooted. See HERE to root your HTC One.


How to video:



Hotspot APK (Latest):

If above doesn’t work, uninstall that APK and try out a different one found in this thread:

Again, you may have to play around with the application settings. It can be a process, but it’s worth it once you figure out the right settings for your HTC One!

UPDATE: To get security to work, change device profile to Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)



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23 Responses to Free Wifi Hotspot for the HTC One (Wireless Tether)

  1. Alex Nesto says:

    This are the steps I followed on my device and it worked, hopefully it helps some of you too.

    1.- DL Latest wifi tether :

    2..- After install, switched Device – Profile to: Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)

    3.- Enabled WiFi-Encryption

    4.- Change SSID and Passphrase

    5.- Change Channel : Channel 06 (2437 MHz)

    6.- Select WiFi-driver reload

    And that was it, finally worked, I noticed that with this setting, it was the only way to make it work with my Nexus 7 as well.

    Hopefully it helps, and QbKing77, thanks for all your work. I’ve learned a lot. Wish I had that GS4 to play with as well.

    • Tim says:

      THANK YOU!

    • guest says:

      Thank you!!! Couldn’t get the instructions in the video to work, but it might be because the TrevE mod isn’t up to date enough for my device.

      Got this working on my HTC One on Sprint, Viper ROM and TWRP.

    • Jorgie Pacheco says:


    • Seth Hoke says:

      Thank you good sir. I was looking for a way to get infrastructure mode working without the application using the native WiFi tether and activating the subscription check, only other option I had was to use FoxFi, and I don’t want to go back to that. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, thanks again!

    • Tyson Rexroat says:

      Hey Alex,

      Thank you for helping the small number of us looking for a solution to this problem. I too have a HTC ONE but (Sprint) “the no network”

      Ive tried your setting config on my HTC ONE tethered to a nexus 7 without any luck. Works on any device but my Tab.
      You didnt mention anything about the SetUp Method setting within the app. should they be “Auto” ?

      Are the instructions NULL on android 4.2.2 ?

      My Build # is KOT49H.

      Thank You Sir, & QbKing77

  2. Chaim Halberstam says:

    +Tim Schofield, I’m not sure how many non rooted phones this app
    Works for, but I just installed and checked it on my unrooted At&t Note 2 stock JB 4.1.2 and as long as 1 uses their toggle to activate (it appears @1st to just be a simple shortcut to the inbuilt locked down tether app) but it actually allows 1 to bypass the network lock an gain full wi-fi functionality for free (usual caveats apply of course in regards to network discovery of use) maybe you could check into this as other subscribers of yours may be interested in a working free wi-fi tether 4 the At&t Note 2 an GS3 (maybe even S4 but I haven’t tested it cos I don’t have 1 😉

  3. Pgerb4486 says:

    I don’t know much about rooting, the HTC One is my first smart phone. Yes hard to believe. Are there any negative effects?

  4. Leo says:

    I was able to unlock and root with your videos and followed the steps for tether but when I start tethering, my device Nexus 7 does not see that there is anything to connect to. Ive followed the steps exactly, but no idea what to do next. Help? Thanks!

  5. sri says:

    Great video, did exactly as you told and it worked. One caveat though,the connection speed is really slow,any ideas to fix this?

  6. david says:

    Installed it on my HTC One. I’m on Art network. I used the settings from Nesto’s comments. It turns on with no errors but it isn’t visible to any devices. Please help.

  7. 3mperator says:

    Thanks A lot, had like 2 days testing wifi Apps, This one works just great!!

  8. john says:

    I did almost the same (all except #5 – Change Channel). No more errors.

  9. John says:

    I have HTC One from Sprint. Got notice of Software update 3.04.651.2 (Android 4.3 update, Sense 5 enhancements). When I installing, it says incompatible so I quit.
    I am wondering if I will loose all the work for the tethering if proceed and install the updates.

  10. Taeryn McM says:

    does it work with the ps3?

  11. bjus4fun says:

    this method works with super su only superuser gave an error and was connected with no internet access. thnx for everything.

  12. aedahh says:

    Hi got same sprint htc one as you. client connected but no internet access. Already tried ics/jb(wlan0) profile too. What else can i try?

  13. Hunter Coleman says:

    Does anyone know how to get this working to tether to the Nexus 7? The comment below did not work after updating the devices.

  14. aaron says:

    yes it works!

  15. Brian Donahoo says:

    I’ve installed this on my HTC One M8 on Sprint and it works great! The device is seen and connected using the Generic Profile. The one caveat I’ve seen is that the Phone can no longer turn on and connect to a WiFi network when you’re not wanting to use tethering. There is an easy fix for this. Reboot your phone. WiFi works again. When you restart the WiFi application you get tethering again. The other option is not to use your phone on a wifi network, which is how i mostly use my phone. There may be a setting somewhere that controls this, I will be digging through the app to see if I can find it. If someone else has that information would be grateful for any share.

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