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Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by Dan Barbera


Falcon Pro 3 or Fenix? Which One Do You Prefer? [Poll]

I use Twitter a lot. It’s my go-to social media site. I primarily use it to stay up on news (mostly tech and sports related) and occasionally share a 140 character thought about what’s going on in my life. In this article, I am going to focus on my two current favorite Twitter apps: Falcon Pro 3 and Fenix. I will provide a brief rundown of each app and reveal which one I like the most. Although these are Twitter clients of choice, I am always looking for new Twitter apps. Please feel free to share with us what YOUR favorite apps are.


Fenix is one of the more popular Twitter clients available right now in the Google Play Store. With its latest update, it offers a fresh UI with all the Material Design goodness that we have grown to love. The app adopts the Google card motif for each tweet with standard light and dark themes to round out the design.

Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-29-35 Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-29-22 Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-29-41

Swiping from left to right will bring you to your profile options, giving you the ability to navigate to your Timeline, Mentions, and a few other various Twitter activities. The app is well designed and very efficient however I feel that it bogs down my processor and battery with it’s real time updates. There are loads of settings to play around with including the ability to turn off real time updates (although this disables notifications), swipe to compose, and inverted tweet gestures.

Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-30-01 Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-29-56

When scrolling through the timeline, a feature that I have grown to love is the ability to see every picture without having actually to click a link or the tweet. This works with Instagram uploads as well. The search bar in the right-hand corner is convenient but it’s not great. When going to search for a particular user, you have to type out the full name and it has to be exact. It does not try to guess what you’re looking for or give any user suggestions to save you those extra seconds of typing. This is a huge bummer for me. I like to search a lot in Twitter, and I appreciate predictive text.

Fenix is a great app but comes with a hefty price tag of $4.49.



Most Android users don’t know about Falcon Pro. It is not because it’s not a good app but because the app was not allowed in the Google Play Store until now. For those nerdy like me, there was a workaround in order to get the older version of Falcon Pro on your Android device. It was annoying to set up but once you do get the app, it was unlike no other.

The most recent update, which now takes on the Lollipop design, is finally available to all in the Google Play Store. It  has Material Design throughout and is also beautifully designed. In my opinion, it has limited, but useful features that make the experience a great one. Falcon Pro 3 offers a column theme, which allows you to view different timelines with as simple swipe to the left or right. I divide my Twitter users into tech and sports lists, and everyone else gets left in my typical timeline. Whenever I want to read tech specific tweets, I can swipe to the right and get to that “column”. You can also make different columns for specific users as well as mentions or favorite sections.

Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-32-59 Screenshot_2015-02-01-14-33-24

Another great feature is the ability to view and interact with links within a tweet. For example, in the image below is a tweet with a link to an article on the Verge. On the bottom, you will see different tabs for Media, Link, and Replies. Media shows you the featured image or video that’s thumbnailed to the tweet. The Link tab opens up the link within the tweet so you can read the article right underneath the original post. You can even go full screen with a tap of the full-screen bottom in the lower right. Finally, the replies tab will show you all the interactions with that tweet from other users.


Like Fenix, you can swipe from left to right on the “home screen” and reach your navigation menu. Falcon Pro will show you your profile icon, your followers, following, and all of your recent interactions/notifications. Speaking of communications, one thing that drives me crazy is the inability to see who has favorited one of your Tweets or any tweet, in general. Hopefully, this gets fixed in a future update.


The biggest negative about the app is not design or function-oriented but price related. This app will run you $3.99 for your first twitter account to be used on the app and an extra $1.99 per additional account. If you use Twitter as much as I do, I do think its worth the money to download this app.

So which one do I prefer? It’s tough. I bounce from app to app quite a bit. If I had to give the upper hand, it would go to Fenix. However, I strongly recommend trying out Falcon Pro 3 regardless.

Which one do you prefer? Falcon Pro 3 or Fenix? Know a different or better Twitter client? Share with us your thoughts!

Falcon Pro 3 or Fenix?

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