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Install CyanogenMod on your Android Device with the CyanogenMod Installer

The CyanogenMod team has now released their newest app – Cyanogenmod Installer. This automates the process needed to install the custom ROM on your Android device. You also need software on your PC as well to get CM installed on your phone or tablet.

For your convenience, I have put together a video tutorial showing how to install CyanogenMod on your Android Device with the CyanogenMod Installer. Be sure to double check that your device is supported.

Supported Devices:

CyanogenMod PC Installer app:

CyanogenMod Installer Android app:

NOTE: This may void your warranty. Check the how to unroot section of my site to see if I have a tutorial to get back to stock on your phone. Or check over at XDA Forums. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device.

How to install CyanogenMod with the CM Installer:

As stated by the CM team:
“Installing CyanogenMod has never been easier! Our interactive installation tool makes replacing your current Android operating system with CyanogenMod a breeze.”

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Tim Schofield

Tim Schofield is the owner of and the YouTube channel QbKing77. He has a love for all things tech and Android!

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40 Responses to Install CyanogenMod on your Android Device with the CyanogenMod Installer

  1. Ali Elzanaty says:

    GT I9500 is coming soon ?

  2. Cristian Campos says:

    Hey Tim, I used the installer on my HTC ONE sprint, everything went fine but I don’t get phone signal or 3g, I’m only on 4g LTE here in las Vegas. Know a fix or some quick suggestions.

  3. Joe Reese says:

    Does this play nicely with the MJA update and the Knox bootloader?

    *edited. Stupid autocorrect tried to replace Knox.

  4. James Maher says:

    the pc file keeps comming up with and error, saying it cant read the file and for me to verify that the file is there and it wont load on my pc

  5. Chris Peterson says:

    You installed CM on your Galaxy S3 Sprint- do you know of any issues? It looks good, I used to have CM on my EVO 4G (original) and seeing your video makes me want to install it on my GS3 Sprint.

  6. Guest says:

    Is there a way to remove this after it is installed?

    • Andre Woodson says:

      I used the installer on my Galaxy S4 and then wanted to see if I could uninstall CyanogenMod using one of QbKing77’s unroot videos that uses Odin and it did not work.

      • Rene Aponte says:

        I unrooted my sg3 from sprint using a video from QBKing77 on how to fix a brick mobile and was returned back to stock 4.3.

  7. Jose P says:

    Norton keeps reading as a virus and doesnt let me install

  8. Rene Aponte says:

    By the way QBKing77 the installer app is no longer in the play store….one much go to Cyanogenmod website and sideload it….

  9. Robert G von Giebel says:

    Hi Tim. Have followed u 4 awhile now . even rooted my phone with ur utube instructions & also installed CM 10.2. Did an update of CM nightly & got into boot loop. Finally cleared , Did factory reset & used Odin 3 , etc 2 re-root phone. Even with Norton AV disabled, It shows a pass but phone is no longer rooted. confirmed with root checker. Anysuggestions?

  10. Robert G von Giebel says:

    OH. It’s a Sph-l720. – r

  11. Tamer Alshebli says:

    It won’t support the HTC one Verizon 🙁 you guys suck

  12. Robert Aguirre says:

    Do you know if there are any plans of the LG G2 joining the CM world?

  13. Greg Porter says:

    I used the installer on a Sprint HTC One, and it never finishes completely and is missing the gaps (no Playstore) Does anyone have any suggestions to get it. It is kind of a bummer not being able to load all of the goodies that rooting and CM allows. I also had to keep turning on the debugging on the nag screen to even get as far as I did.

  14. Dman Man says:

    would this work for s3 min

  15. AsadMunster says:

    Any chance this will be able to support samsung galaxy ace 2 (GT-18160)

  16. FRMTX says:

    the link to the app is dead i guess.

  17. dallascowboy23 says:

    I have a galaxy note 2 N7105 with the latest firmware (4.3) it gets to the “downloading” part 5:20
    in your vid then says that it cant connect to my phone…ive tried
    everything its telling me to do but its not working… in
    Australia……is there anything you can think of that would be stopping

  18. Peter Alvin Cayetano says:

    Does Gt N7000 supported by this?

  19. Shadow says:

    QBKing77, you can upload again the app installer? because Its not anymore in the play store ! thx.

  20. Sangie Nativus says:

    Just to note that this won’t work if you have stock Android 4.3 as Knox will block the app :<

  21. someone says:

    My huawei is not supported;(

  22. micah4232 says:

    Hello…I have cwm v5.0.2.7 with out Rom, on my sph-d710, what is the best way to get it to functionality? Please and thank you for your assistance in this matter….

  23. Richard Neita says:

    it would seem my sghi777 is not supported

  24. Usama Agha says:

    I flashed my device but it doesn’t play videos, music or any sounds :'(
    please help if you can….

    • Usama Agha says:

      I have Samsung Galaxy s3 SGH-I747 (At&t) I can launch the camera but can’t take a video. Also, I can’t record voice and worst of all, the phone won’t recognize any sim card

  25. Ebrahim Alwani says:

    Dear Tim,
    I install Cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 after seeing your video and now I want to return back to Samsung Stock Rom is it possible to do so, If so please can you give details so I can perform the installation process on my device, You can mail me the details on my ID

  26. alver gallano says:

    help me for rooting my SAMSUNG GALAXY V SM-G313HZ..sorry for my english

  27. Cathal says:

    i cant get the software to talk to the phone. tried it on all the pots. it start the connection then comes up with the error cannot find phone, after it detects it???????

  28. Afzal Khan says:

    Hello..If anyone listen to me please help me root my xperia Arc with CM10

  29. harish12345 says:

    can i install it on my micromax unite2

  30. David Sorrells says:

    Does the cm installer work on verizon lg g3

  31. Nawaz Ahmef says:

    Why it is not compatable with yu yureka plus 🙁

  32. Sahil Inamdar says:

    Can i install it on Motorola Moto G 1st Generation

  33. Jimmy Barns says:

    The installer has been withdrawn. From Cyanogen website: “With the vulnerabilities disclosed in Stagefright, we are working towards revised builds for affected users. Until then, we have opted to disable further downloads of the installer.

    Users currently on installer releases are advised to disable automatic MMS downloads (this will not stop the issue, but does help address the most impacted attack vector).

    To fully protect yourself immediately, we encourage you to flash the community releases of 11.0 and 12.0 (if available) made on August 31st through September 2nd, 2015. Do note that this upgrade to community releases will require a data wipe and separate installation of Google applications.”

  34. roberto junior says:

    is not available in my country…WTF!!

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