Published on March 19th, 2014 | by Tim Schofield


Android Wear: Google’s Android Platform for Smart Watches

Google has announced a new Android based Platform for smart watches – Android Wear! They have partnered with various manufacturers to bring great new watches to you!
Let me know what you think.

I have made a video talking about Android Wear and all the various OEM’s and Chipset manufacturers they will partner with.



Will you be buying an Android Wear watch? Vote below.

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4 Responses to Android Wear: Google’s Android Platform for Smart Watches

  1. Christopher Kerwick says:

    I read up on this the other day and I was quite excited until I saw your review, lol. I thought the concept behind “Google Wear” was suppose to be by itself and not rely on bluetooth-tethering? Something like the “Neptune Pine”.

    • qbking77 says:

      How exactly would it receive data though?

      • Christopher Kerwick says:

        Well, like the Neptune Pine (NP)…its basically a watch-cell phone. If you haven’t looked into that device yet, here is the link for the specs..

        I just assumed that Google was going the same route as NP. As for the standard smartwatch, I don’t see the point in having one. However, I do agree with Google’s “relevant information”. I believe that is the only info someone needs for a device of that size.

        • Christopher Kerwick says:

          I recently saw a few videos of the NP (I only saw pics before). Its massive. Half the size of a iPhone. Anyway, if Google can convert their watch to a smartwatch-phone, then I would definitely buy one. Otherwise, why would you want a remote for your phone?

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